Jim Balsillie’s choice words help explain makeiteighteh’s current direction

Jim Balsillie: Likely knew the answer would be spiritual in nature

Jim Balsillie’s frustrations had led him to use the term “angels”. Could he see a much bigger picture for the reason he could not land an NHL team for Hamilton?

It may seem extremely strange to some regular readers of this blog to find a new direction.

The focus has turned from hockey to what you might seem as a spiritual, “wonder why the world is messed up” investigation, complete with conspiracy theories, 9/11 rehashing, climategate thrashing, and on and on.

Why in the world has makeiteighteh.com gone “rogue”?, you might be asking. For the same reason why Jim Balsillie figured he was looked as a rogue.

The answer lies in the roots that this web page has had.

If you noticed, the direction we took from the beginning was support of Hamilton hockey, but the underlying root was injustice – the injustice to Jerry Moyes and to Canadian Hockey.

Jim Balsillie knew something was wrong in the NHL when he decided to take a shot at the “side door”.

Without putting words in Balsillie’s mouth, my interpretation is that this was going to be a war, and the victory would be as much in exposure of corruption as it was in acquiring an elusive team.

Perhaps Balsillie knew that a team under the circumstances was unlikely – but perhaps Jim Balsillie is still searching for the ultimate reason there is so much resistance.

Makeiteighteh.com delved, and will continue to delve into the complicated world of how professional hockey in the NHL seems to have meshed with the very infrastructure of America. We might just see that it is bigger than America.

Reliable sources have advised us that there seems to be a monopolization of sport, and without being able to prove global ties and strategies, there is proof that the “players”  in the monopolization efforts are gaining large in the bigger, global  (new world government) strategy. Much like with climate change, cap and trade legislation that will lead to government appointed “golden boy” organizations getting the “green” contracts, squeezing out the competing industries, jacking up prices of goods, and reducing jobs.

Jim Balsillie used choice words when he said:

“I know what side the angels are on and the entrenched interests don’t like it,” he said last May.

You see, Jim Balsillie is indeed a man of integrity with roots in fair business practices, and looking at industry with an eye to fairness. He can likely see where unfair business practices have taken away from the ethics of industry, in this case the NHL.

The monopoly powers of MLSE may only tell a small story compared to the bigger picture the “globalization” of the world, which would include sport would entail.

We contacted the Competition Bureau only to be assured that they would be monitoring the situation, and if the MLSE issue became a factor they would be all over it. Great fellas, thanks. Maybe you can promise that level of involvement when you know full well that with the way things are structured, it would never get to that phase anyhow. Easy to look good when you have little to prove in the end. That would be consistent with a Canadian Government that had talks with the U.S. authorities, that in all likelihood said it will never get to the MLSE issue. Clever fellas, clever. We in Canada wondered why the Competition Bureau wouldn’t go after MLSE anyway, and the fact is they didn’t. This to me suggests a close link to the powers that be in both countries working together. For whose benefit is the big question. Perhaps two country heads that are working for a common cause could explain the situation. What if they are both henchmen for the global elitists, the Bilderberg Group, and the bigger picture?

The heads of countries are necessary, but so are other key players in this world game.

In the “global”, new world government strategy, giving power to a few in monopoly efforts is the key. We saw evidence of this in our research and investigation into the NHL.

The bankruptcy court was enraged at the apparent pushing of Jerry Reinsdorf at the expense of fairness, and we were off to the races to find out more.

Suffice it to say, when you are reading about current issues in this blog, we have not delved too far off the path. We will return to answer the question of why in the world we are discussing world events, power struggles, and the like.

In short, there is method to our madness. Until we can tie the New World Order to the other evidences of World Government and Corruption, I suggest you keep an open mind to a much bigger picture, that at the outset we realized was transcending hockey and sport.

We are going to start to look at world leaders and question how their actions fit.

We will be keying in on Stephen Harper, and why he seems to be running the Canadian arm of the New World Order, instead of listening to the democratic process of his country.

No watchdogs will howl at how Canadians are being denied the right to know what the ruling party is doing in their name and with their money; what generals and ministers aren’t saying about Afghanistan prisoner torture or how an unreformed RCMP polices much of the country without civilian oversight.

The argument that the so-called conspiracy theorists have is that the politicians have been promised something in the new World Government. Has Harper had his price met, and is now a patsy of the global elite? Well, we will certainly monitor his behavior closely from this point as he takes on the “dictator” role. Sure fits. His persona is closely matching his good buddy Obama from the U.S. Branch of New World Incorporated, isn’t it?

Don't let the nationalism fool you: The new flag these gents support is likely not linked to our national identity

That nasty little thing called the American Constitution and the Canadian Charter are just getting in the way, and they must find ways around them.

Our pledge from this point is going to focus on exposing how the “actions” fit the global elite puzzle. The rhetoric will likely not match the actions, and perhaps it’s time for the opposition to call for a serious look at the “new” motives of the Bilderberg’s golden boy in Canada.

Yes, if you are listening Mr. Harper, we are going to be on your case – you can bet the climate change hockey stick graph on that!


One response to “Jim Balsillie’s choice words help explain makeiteighteh’s current direction

  1. Well my friend, youve’ certainly got your work cut out for you in morphing from the commercial investigations of the NHL to the Global scene. Evolution. A good thing. Thank you for the fantastic work on the former & best of luck with the latter. Happy New Year!.

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