Pre-requisite to the New World Order: “Gangster Government” in country and sport

In the NHL we had Jerry Moyes stripped of his rights, and served a proxy to relinquish any remaining rights in hope that he would not put his hockey team into bankruptcy. 

An asset that Moyes had was virtually proven to be worthless to him as far as gaining anything from the “fire sale” situation he was put in. 

In our attempt to tie in the problems in America and the world, to that of the issues in the NHL, there are parallels that do indeed transcend the NHL with similar issues. 

Look at the issues of the bondholders of Chrysler that were messed over compared to the union, that Michael Barone eloquently described with the words that now stick, a “Gangster Government”. 

Yes, a  Gangster Government is underway in the United States, and the politicians and powers that be are hoping that the public blindly trusts their elected officials to do what is right by them. 

If enough confusing legislation is rammed to Congress at the last minute the hope must be that the politicians will not have enough time to pay attention and will, in essence give up, succuming to the “numbing” of the barrage of tyranical rule. 

In the youtube video below, pay careful attention to the parallel situation as described of the unfair treatment of some GM dealers over others. Who you know, and Monty, let’s make a deal comes to mind. What happened to fair and equitable treatment? 

Pay attention to a GM dealer that was slapped a piece of paper, relinquishing her of her assets in the dealership; having to give up the service contracts; and not being able to sell off pieces of her asset- Jerry Moyes’ situation, but in a different industry. 

Does this not sound like the “rent a turkey” franchises that the NHL imposed on Jerry Moyes, as he tried to maximize the value of his NHL team by selling to the highest bidder? 

Does it not bring back the issues that some owners were treated better, without proxy, not by due process of circumstances, but by relationship, and possible power plays? The comparison of Jerry Moyes’ NHL imposed proxies to the NHL helping of Tom Hicks when he decided not to pay his bills. Six months of takeover planning behind Moyes’ back compared to the treatment of Hicks, that had the NHL bending over backward in his defense. 

Sorry if I'm so tainted I don't just see a fan of the Sox in this picture !

How about the concession demands of Jerry Reinsdorf, chosen by the NHL as the suitor for the team, when Jerry Moyes could not get concessions on the table with the City of Glendale? Does that not sound like one GM dealer being favoured over another, and given another chance for redemption? 

We could go on and on, but you get the point. 

Whether it is the government buying off or otherwise making side deals outside the law, or the NHL interpreting and abusing its constitution, the reality is the gangster nature of both are meant to help one at the expense of the unfair abuse of another, and that is not acceptable. That truly is tyrannical and gangster in nature, and the sooner we all see that the picture is being painted both in industry within, and country, and world as a whole, we will never be able to stop it. 

It’s time to wake up to the reality of the little and big picture, and tell the powers that be that the jig is up!


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