Did you know ‘they’ consider us “cannon fodder”?

George Washington Hunt in his younger years

We know who George Washington was, but do we know about the mission of George Washington Hunt? His is a story worth telling. What would drive a man to dedicate his life to a cause he considers worth risking his life for?

George Washington Hunt had just lost a son, and was on a mission years ago to get his other son a job in the environmental industry. What happened to him was a prophecy fulfilled. He was allowed into a meeting with the Global Elites’ – a  meeting that  would change his life forever.

But, according to Hunt, he  was prepared and already knew  about the “mission” he would eventually be destined for after an encounter with God.

In this encounter decades earlier, God advised Hunt that some day he would be put in the path of the “ravenous beasts of the world“, and when it actually happened, Hunt knew his role, and his life mission from that point forward.

As a very brief overview, George Hunt describes the Global Elite he was involved with as eugenists, looking to reduce the population of the world by at least two billion. They were to work toward the complicated system of removing bank competition, and eventually reduce the banking system to one world bank, responsible for everyone. All the while, doing the equivalent of “rape and pillage” – taking without compensation all that represented wealth.

If one was to challenge the bank, they would be cut off, and would not be able to buy or sell anything. Creating masses at the mercy of the few in power would be the goal, and as we are seeing in the U.S. this is a process that is well underway,gaining ground at an alarming pace. In fact, if what Hunt was told years ago by this group comes true, the monetary system of the world is to collapse by 2012, and the system of “buy/sell” control would be in full swing.

If this is sounding like Biblical scripture, it is. It is supporting the bigger picture that world events are supporting.

Here is an excerpt from George Hunt’s website:

My name is George Hunt and I was an official host at the UNCED 4th World Wilderness Congress. I am educating the public to understand that a secret bank was set in motion by international financier Edmond de Rothschild. The bank will eventually be the only bank to exist as banks merge with one another into a larger bank. As the large and small banks topple toward large banks, where will it stop? The ultimate bank may be the Bank privee Edmond de Rothschild which was created in Geneva, Switzerland, a month after the aforementioned UNCED Wilderness Congress was held. It is presently known as the World Conservation Bank.

The bank will promote conservation but judge the hypocrisy of UNCED’s Maurice Strong, Rothschild’s right hand, as he brazenly attempts to circumvent Colorado water laws and ruin valuable farmlands. The bank utilizes the media to spread environment fears too. Spreading these fears will justify monstrous, inoperative, greenhouse effect projects for the greed rich and fat contracts. Some scientists have stated that they have serious questions concerning the lack of scientific methods and false or inadequate presumptions may have been used in the environment studies.

Please keep an open mind when you watch these video series, starting with an overview of the Climate Change (Global Warming) movement and what it means. From the show, “Conspiracy Theory”:

And, yesterday, Hunt was interviewed by Alex Jones:

Parts: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

On yesterdays Glenn Beck Show, Glenn discussed the “redistribution of wealth” disguised as the Health Care Bill. Could it be really the stripping of wealth so mankind is equally poor and at the mercy of the powerful?

Beck also criticized the other “plays” the government is making to strip wealth and equalize the people. All profits are subject to taxation it would seem, except the Federal Reserve’s. This would be in keeping with the “conspiracy fact” as Hunt would put it, to channel wealth to the global bankers.

In Australia we have farmers that are losing their farmland to the environmental movement. This too would be in keeping with the theory that the global elite want to take over assets. Much like Goldman Sachs was able to kill the competition of banks in the U.S. after the housing bubble. Goldman Sachs “shorted” the housing market because they knew the bubble would bust, and leave many banks in trouble. Consolidating the banking industry in a move to eventually get to the elusive “one” ?

Here is a clip on the Australian farmer Peter Spencer on a hunger strike. Remember, the climate change carbon taxes are in deep question, after the leak of emails from researchers who blew the whistle on the scam, known as ClimateGate.

We briefed on the issue of “eminent domain” in our previous discussions on how many sports owners made lots of money from the obtaining of land. One of these owners was George W. Bush, when he sold the Texas Rangers Baseball team. Now however the stakes appear higher.

Lord Monckton, former adviser to Margaret Thatcher and Climate Change opponent for many years has argued that the carbon scam will allow the governments of the world to take over farm land from farmers with taxation and land use laws, similar to the issues that are now affecting the farmers of Australia.

The effect will be fewer farms, creating a food shortage that Monckton advises will drive up global food prices and create death to third world countries by the hundreds of millions, and billions of people.

Incidentally, these people appear to be viewed by the elitists as “cannon fodder with bloated bellies”.

What seems to be happening right now is the process on steroids. The U.S. is invading countries more numerous than any time in the past, which would appear in an attempt to cut off the oil routes to Russia and China. Could the ultimate goal be to use the Saudi oil as a sanction to these countries to make them comply with the global government model?

The U.S. has more job growth in government jobs than manufacturing as Glenn Beck has pointed out, and eventually the unions that are being favoured, as well as the public employees will have no trough upon which to feed. There will be no manufacturing left to create the money for taxation. Eventually, as Beck would say, the machine will have to start to eat itself.

And, on that note, Northcom, it has been claimed, is awaiting the violent revolution of the American people. This too is expected from the global elitists, that know, according to George Hunt, that it will take more tragic events and “infighting” to shape the masses – the “cannon fodder” to where they can be handled easily.

To further support the notion of global eugenics, we can see evidence in the U.S. health care bill. It would seem the support of abortion and euthanasia principles  are attached to the current bill. The point that needs to be made is this power in the wrong hands could be devastating, from forcing abortions, to cutting off health care as proposed. The “cutting off” of care is found in the bill under when the “medical board” will decide if an individual will be allowed to be treated for his or her condition. There will no longer be a choice to get the best health care. Apparently, the patient’s physician will not have a say either, only the panel. So, what if the panel for cost or other reasons gets more sticky, and makes more decisions to cut off care?  The power of God in the hands of man is a scary thought, isn’t it? If there is no alternative that can be afforded anymore, the state will have full control whether a man has an opportunity for life. Where does the government think they have the right to decide whether someone lives or dies?

As an investigator I look at various sources and paint a picture. I did it for the Phoenix Coyotes case, and now, the investigation of hockey made it clear there was something more sinister in the bigger picture. We will continue to see how current world events fit this model. You might agree there seems to be much at stake for us all.

And, I don’t know about you, but I prefer to think of myself and others as children of God. Where we are assured that God loves us all so much, that He has even counted the number of hairs on our heads.

And for those people who think they can decide who gets to live and who gets to die I would say one thing to them.

Why do they think they should be superior to us?

And finally this needs to be said.

No matter how difficult life is, we all deserve to be treated equally. This should not be confused with taking from the rich and giving to the poor. For in a generous world that cared for those less fortunate, we would not have a situation where there is a chance a very few can dictate who lives and who dies.

If you are struggling in any way as an honest person, you already have much more than those that have monetary wealth, but have lost their souls in the process.


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