A somber reality: It’s getting serious now!

If you are radical and communist enough, you might want to call President Obama. He will likely have an important, power- filled office for you to fill. And if you doubt that, just talk with Cass Sunstein, the appointed regulatory czar.

Censorship gone wild. That is the issue we are facing, or should I say the poor people of the United States are now facing. But will we in Canada be next?

The Obama administration is making George W. Bush look like the nice uncle that brings a toy every time he shows up. The level of insanity is breaking new, disturbing ground.

I remember where I was on 9/11, speaking with my wife as the news and image of the burning tower was on the television. And, as we were discussing how bad it seemed, we watched in horror as the second plane hit the other tower. 

We all know that three buildings all falling “straight down” was met, understandably so, with many questions as people questioned the coincidental nature of many aspects of the day.

It is understandable, all things considered, to have a lot of questions as to who was ultimately to blame for the events of 9/11. The questions are very valid, and the concerns are real, including why the evidence was kept secret, and why an official investigation didn’t start for hundreds of days after that historical, law altering day. The sad result was thousands dead, and the Patriot Act, which means the end of liberty.

The Patriot Act, among other things has allowed the federal U.S. government to detain someone  indefinitely without reason. The government would not have to prove a case or provide evidence against a detainee under the terms of the act. Goodbye habeas corpus. And, for this reason, 9/11 continues to surface as the single most impactful and questionable in history. People should have a right to discuss it, investigate for themselves, and have the right to question the “official story”. Enter liberty death part two.

Cass Sunstein: Obama continues to parade radicals to offices that will mock America

The American people have now another nightmare to swallow – the removal of ability for free thought and free speech. And the man who will be responsible for this is the appointee to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The man’s name is Cass Sunstein, and he has had some crazy ideas over the years. Watch this video from Michael Savage to start:

Paul Watson, a writer of Infowars.com has done an incredible job bringing this article to readers, outlining the new “censorship” model that will effectively end any verbal opposition to the federal government. For this, I am in shock and feeling very sad for the people of America.

It is so obvious to me that the Federal Government in the U.S. has gone absolutely insane with power, and more scary, the direction to communism is obvious.

May sanity rise in the nation of the U.S., and people take the necessary steps to take this madman and the rest of the administration out of power.

And this is not a “conspiracy theory”, it’s a fact. Perhaps my dog should take Mr. Sunstein to court. I guess he couldn’t argue with my dog’s right to do that now could he?


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