Swallowing the big pill: Don’t get mad at those that don’t see it “quite like you”

Editor’s Note: Glenn Beck was first believed to be a supporter of truth. Upon further investigation and evidence, a different conclusion is now apparent. Supporting the tapping of pension plans and breaking unions, Beck is a threat to the security of  the average American.

Being sincere is good, but there is always the element of not being completely right…..you can be sincerely wrong too! There is a bigger evil than the one in front of you boys….

There is one thing we can likely all agree on – the world is definitely changing. But how much and for what purpose? Who is “controlling” our future, and the future of our children? Should we be comforted or afraid? Should we allow it, or should we stand up and object?

And what exactly should we do to show our displeasure?

On yesterday’s Alex Jones radio show, Jones ranted for a substantial time against Glenn Beck. I cannot say exactly what may have set him off, but I can tell you what disappointed me. You see, Glenn Beck was talking about the friends of the White House on his show yesterday, and he mentioned one of Obama’s men as a 9/11 truther.

Van Jones years before his entering his White House role, was reportedly willing to sign a petition on seeking truth on the events of 9/11

Van Jones was to be the green czar in the Obama administration but in September 2009 stepped down amid complaints about his thoughts on 9/11 as an inside job.

Van Jones has had wild political views , and I don’t think many would argue he is a “means to an end” kind of guy when Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman said:

What Van Jones decided was that the agenda of this president was bigger than any one individual.

And this is where Beck sees a clear and present danger. Because Van Jones would be willing to step down, sacrificing himself so to speak for the “cause”, would he get angry at a President that decided to go to the “center” as Beck would say? Is he radical enough to not be able to accept a “soft” President?

Beck takes it to an extreme when he says he is a danger to the President. That’s a pretty bold statement. Equally as bold, Alex Jones blasted Beck for not being sincere, even if we can all hope he was at least “sincerely” wrong.

Is this what “infighting” looks like? Having the people who are seeing the light shine brightly and those that haven’t got the bigger view yet attacking each other? Should we condemn those that may not see it exactly as they do, but there are signs they are coming around?

There is a saying that makes a lot of sense. Reformers need to bring the truth, but they must bring the truth in love.

I appreciate both views – Jones’ and Beck’s, but what I find hard to appreciate is “attacking” and assuming that there is always some form of manipulation going on. I believe Beck is sincere in his beliefs, but not at Jones’ level. The reason Beck is not seeing the bigger picture is evidenced by the facts, and the common denominator  between Beck and Jones – Lord Christopher Monckton.

Monckton, you might recall, had appeared on the Beck show and is a regular contributor to Jones’ show. Monckton sat across the table from Beck when he explained the Climate Change legislation as a “global” scam that is designed to create a global government.

Here is where I believe Beck is shy on the bigger vision. As Beck continues to look at the “progressive movement” in the U.S. as the enemy, he may have forgotten to investigate into the bigger, “global” issue. In short, where Jones explains it all, Beck has developed tunnel vision.

If Alex Jones is right, then the federal reserve is controlled by the Bilderberg Group, who are in turn working with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank. The presidents are “puppets”, controlled by this offshore criminal cartel, and whether it is democrat or republican, they are bought and sold politicians.

The fact that Obama is pro Wall Street is a strong counter to what he should stand for, which supports Jones’ broader picture. The “global” in Global (World) government also supports Jones’ views, where again Beck has not delved. No Beck, has remained contained to the United States. Where I thought he might have been heading in a “global way” is abruptly halted where his views of 9/11 come in.

Glenn Beck, in short needs to now study 9/11 to get the important link. When Silvertein in the video below makes mention that WTC building 7 was “pulled”, he in doing so admitted that there were explosives in place to take the building down.

This alone gives strong evidence to support pre planning and intent. With 9/11, the Patriot Act was instigated, and the victims of the Patriot Act are the people of America. Glenn Beck needs to look at this in order to understand how the government can control the people of America better with the Patriot Act.  And, he needs to dig as deep into this area as he has in the study of the Progressive movement and communism.

Van Jones is a human being with thoughts. We may not agree with his seemingly radical leftist views, but he was also able to assess the events of 9/11 and see that there was something tremendously wrong.

Glenn Beck has said that a year ago he would not have envisioned himself doing what he is doing now to challenge the White House. Alex Jones it would seem has viewed this as a right wing focus, where he is not getting it, or he has been set up to drive the right wing agenda.

Despite it all, I only see two men. One sees the bigger, global picture, and the other has drifted with tunnel vision, focusing only on the United States.

But I do see two sincere men. And I do wish they would not “judge”.

We need to unite and share information to make the cause succeed, and I believe Beck may see the bigger light with the proper nurturing. That is, if he can handle it.

Beck is doing okay but needs to keep a more open mind. When he says kids go to school to learn how to think, then they should be free to be critical thinkers about 9/11. Don’t label them “9/11 truthers” as if being a putdown designed to tell us all how to think.

Same goes for Alex Jones. He says he brings us the information so we can decide for ourselves, but then tells us what to think of Beck.

Which is it boys? Don’t demean your messages – just bring them. We will decide.

Should we think we are safe in Canada? No Patriot type act? Really? Is  Bill C-6 the “foot in the door” to fewer freedoms in general?

  • Video: Bill C-6 discussed, part 1, 2

2 responses to “Swallowing the big pill: Don’t get mad at those that don’t see it “quite like you”

  1. The Glenn Beck Deception film that Alex Jones is going to release shortly may continue to reveal more and more about the both of their positions.

    As for BILL C-6, it was an unconstitutional bill as it was written in its original form, without the amendments. Illegal. The Health Minister never mentioned this, did she?

    BILL C-6 without the amendments, should have been thrown out of Parliament if any of the MPs actually read the bill rather than taking the name of the bill at face value. You see, the trick of nomenclature was used. This Bill hid behind the noble name The Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act. The Senate took action thank goodness. They realized that BILL C-6 was going to be a legislative and Constitutional disaster if passed without amendments.

    The Health Minister is furious that the Senate was sending BILL C-6 back to Parliament to accept their amendments. This is why I am convinced Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament; to drop the bill and reintroduced it in March. Harper is under pressure to harmonize our health and consumer product laws with the EU and Australia and New Zealand amongst other countries under the direction of the World Trade and World Health Organizations to name a few influential global bodies.

    If BILL C-6 was passed, we would have had a Health Canada STASI. Health Canada’s department would have had the right to enter any home and business any time of the day or night based upon suspicion from a neighbour/ informant that they held information and/or products that were related to the “endangerment” or “safety risk” of Canadians.

    Under BILL C-6 in its original form, no warrant to enter in or on property (commercial or residential) was necessary from a judge. Health Canada’s would have been allowed to go to any “peace officer” or official to have this search and seizure warrant issued.

    If BILL C-6 was passed in its original form, then anything removed from the offending site would have been in the inspector’s possession until Health Canada felt they were ready to be returned to the owner.

    One’s company information could be shared with “foreign governments” and one would have had no right to defend oneself with a lawyer or court within the court of law for any of the above actions taken by Health Canada. Worst yet, the alleged “offender” would not be allowed to apply for an Access to Information Request.

    Now how Unconstitutional was that?!

    It was an illegal BILL because it infringed upon our Constitutional and Charter Rights and Freedoms.Consumers who did not read BILL C-6 or the draft discussion paper about it that was available on nhppa.org, disregarded it because the name of the bill sounded reasonable.

    Also, those citizens concerned about natural health companies coming under fire who wrote their MPs to complain, were dumbfounded by the MPs response. Members of Parliament would argue back that natural health products would not have been included because the bill exempted food, natural health products, alcohol and tobacco.

    However, few Canadians understand that Ministers can change Acts by using an Order in Council a.k.a. Ministerial Change!
    it can be changed on any given day by simple regulatory changes ordered by the Minister of that department, in this case the Minister of Health. BILL C-6 did not clearly exempt natural health products as long as it was not exempt from an Order in Council! Sneaky stuff.

    Unfortunately, we are going to have to listen to Health Canada and media rhetoric about dangerous baby cribs and toys all over again and how child safety is more important than human rights to privacy, security and the court of law. Can we not have all forms of protection under the one bill? Of course we can! Sadly these days, it seems governments are afraid of freedom. It is easier for them to control freedoms than to allow a society to grow and innovate while under the wonderful inspiration of the Constitution.

  2. Insightful Joan.

    Sadly, it seems the quest to abolish freedom, and to give government control and policing rights is an attempt tp supersede constitutions the world over.

    And they call that the new world order.

    According to George Bush Sr, they will be successful in it’s implementation.

    Civil unrest and austerity are all part of the plan. Rioting and looting as allowed to go on in England designed to bring in more police state tactics.

    Awareness and bringing the truth counters their plan.

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