Canadians heed the warning: Stephen Harper’s true allegiance coming to light

Stephen Harper is under fire in Canada for the prorogue of Parliament until after the Olympics. Protesters and the opposition party are taking full opportunity to voice their displeasure and objection

The issue of contention are the torture allegations in Afghanistan, but the bigger issues should be Harper’s role in selling out Canada to the New World Order…..and yesterday’s visit to the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland in showing his true colors, and the reason climate change legislation and Bill C-6 go hand in hand in the global plan


Harper and Clinton at Davos World Economic Forum

We have said it before: “Who’s your daddy Stephen?”

Torture allegations  in Afghanistan  are mirror symptoms of  the similar issues facing our American cousins. Harper has recently attempted to control the media by allowing his entourage to censor who gets to ask  questions.  This led to journalist walkouts in press conferences, and was a sure sign something is just not right . This kind of thing cannot help but remind us of the visuals of Al Gore refusing to answer the tough questions on climate change, and the removal of reporters at the hand of Gore’s henchmen. Yes, we in Canada are experiencing the beginning of the rude awakening.

 Harper has shown a lack of concern for Canadian political procedures with  the prorogue  of government until after the Olympics. How special it now appears that Harper has been all the while busy at his real job – working the propaganda that is part of the” puppet leadership” and ensuring the  agenda   of the globalists is on track for Canada.

So, in keeping, our Prime Minister was in Davos Switzerland  yesterday to push the agenda. The Canadian Press headlines assuring us there is no question  of  Harper’s true allegiances, ” ‘Enlightened’ foreign policy required, Harper tells world”.

It might as well have read, “Welcome to the belly of the beast Canada”.

Yesterday, as reported in CP, Harper defended his position of short-sightedness on the climate change issue. And in doing so, he slipped up on the issues he faces to get around the Canadian Constitution and the laws surrounding it.

You see, there are little issues like banking regulations and protectionism, not to mention freedoms and liberties, and yes, our nasty little sovereignty.

According to Harper, those countries belonging to the G20 should make sure any discussions are “less about narrow self-interest in sovereignty’s name”.

Oh, that dirty, get in the way of progress thing known as sovereignty. How inconvenient for leaders like Harper in Canada, and Obama in the United States. Ironically, Cass Sunstein was quoted once as saying the real value of Barrack Obama is in his thorough knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. I suppose you need a thorough knowledge of that which you need to “get around”, don’t you?

Stephen Harper claimed there would be “long-term benefits” of globalization, and the “short-term costs” should be ignored, as he is fully aware of the dramatic economic impact it would have on the country.

And so, the sales job begins in Canada – pushing the foreseeable “promised land” at the price of liberty and economic independence. Our Prime Minister is poised to suggest that Canadians should role over,  and throw away our sovereignty and independence in hopes that “they will take care of us” in the new, global world.

 Of course that would be the sales point. The promise of something better at the price of what we have. The two birds in the bush will be given to us, if only we will give up the bird we have in our hands.

Don’t believe it Canada. Don’t fall for the trick of the eugenists that will strip us of our rights, freedoms, and be responsible for deciding who among us lives or dies.

Yesterday we spoke on “critical thinking” and it’s importance. There are no conspiracy theories but rather a series of facts that produce a picture. When looking at evidence, think of it this way. You have just bought a 1000 piece puzzle and dumped it on the table. Start looking for the pieces that fit.

Well, when we hear that there is a “global agenda” we need to look beyond the United States into other countries. Our country, Canada is showing mounting evidence to suggest we are part of that bigger puzzle. When we explore further, we can see evidence in other countries. Look to Iceland and Australia that have been the subjects lately and nurture an ability to be that critical thinker you need to become. 

The New World Order is being disguised as climate change and consumer protection legislation (Bill C-6) in Canada, and we need to expand our protests to include the entire puzzle –  not just the evidence as exposed, in detainee torture and  the prorogue  of parliament.

Mainstream media seems to have issue with expansion on the underlying motives and reason. It’s time to help them along.




3 responses to “Canadians heed the warning: Stephen Harper’s true allegiance coming to light

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  2. You are correct. What you failed to mention is that is started long before Harper took office. Look back at the last two Liberal leaders also. I would guess that the globalists also control who gets to be PM. From there you will find most of the provincial premiers skipping the same rope. With regard to Bill C-6, go to google video or and check out Codex Alimentarius/Dr. Rima Laibow. Then check out Ian Crane on Codex Alimentarius. You’ll find out what is planned for our future. Check out the health dangers of genetically modified organisms at and you’ll see what our rotten governments are allowing to contaminate our food supply and worse yet, our whole eco-system. The World Trade Organization with attachments like Codex is global dictatorship. Bills like C-6 are required to initiate police state authoritarianism and slap Canadians into line. Taking away the law of tresspass and fining people astomonical amounts for not ‘towing the mark’ is just the begining. Wake up Canadians, before it’s too late. Send all independent representatives to Ottawa. (While your at it, check out HAARP and weather/earthquake modifications) Listen to some of the very well informed guests that Alex Jones has on his show. (Also available on youtube). If they get their way, this info won’t be available for long. In the name of stopping child porn, internet control is also on the way.

  3. Craig; I really appreciated your focused, exhaustive research & postings pursuant to the “Debacle in the Desert” over the summer, HOWEVER, this extension into the Jabberwocky Worlds’ of the Glenn Becks’ et al’ has very little to do with this sites primary focus of “Making it Eight”. I dont know which is worse; listening to Gleen or listening to Gary Bettman. A feral, frustrated, shrill & facile recovering alcoholic/drug addict or “plausible deniability expert”. Take your pick. Their both facile lightweights. Bullys’ of the worst type. Our current PM is little different, nor was Chretien, Trudeau, or Diefenbaker, Bush, Cheney, the Clintons, Reagan or Nixon. Thugs. Now, far be it for me to tell you to re-calibrate your scope, but your missing the target here & swinging at air. Pick a target. Globalization, Bildeburg, Al Gore, all footnotes. Get back to the basics. The NHL is entering its Nuclear Winter. You have’ taken your eyes off the puck. Anyone whose ever played Hockey knows that that leads to frustration & defeat.

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