Waking up to “cyber-veillance” and the “weapons of mass disruption”

Is it wrong for people to share information and ideas in quest of truth? Would a government with hidden agendas want to disguise national security concerns in an attempt to censor and control our ability to discuss the issues of our day?

Could the message embodying the President’s speech of  May 29th, 2009 be the underlying precursor when an agenda reaches critical mass?


It was 6:30 AM this morning, and this site was visited by a cyber security company from Washington, D.C.. For “privacy reasons” I will not disclose the name of the company, but I googled the company name that had a very official, “cyber-security” flare to it. Put it this way – it got my attention. According to their site, they are the “World Leader in Cyber Intelligence”.

I am concerned but not intimidated; that an innocent little blog site  like mine would be of interest of cyber-security issues. Here is the actual search by this company that was used to investigate my site.

Again, the company doing the search is based in Washington, D.C., and I have had visits to this site in the past from the CIA, the Justice Department, and the Executive Office of the President. Those visits occurred on the heels of our investigation of potential corruption  in hockey. Now, how would discussion of hockey bring in the dogs?

Remember, there was an investigation and a sharing of information on this blog – not phishing, hacking, or tapping credit card information. Certainly not  a cyber threat by definition, and not warranting a visit from the CIA. Wouldn’t you agree?

Strangely, the hockey investigation led me to discover that for years, Alex Jones was conducting a similar “corruption investigation” on a much broader scale, with greater consequences. My search for truth was Jones’ search on a micro scale, but with striking similarities. Corruption in any form, it would seem, has similar qualities.

But, back to this “cyber security firm” checking us out this morning…

I, in turn, googled this “invader of my space”, and on their website I came across the document of the speech delivered by the President in May, that is linked here (or the video here). Could there be a link between this company and the government of the United States?  Well upon looking a little closer, there is evidence available to suggest the taxpayers of America are paying to have the government keep an eye on them by this very same company. So, why would this company make a special visit to a little blog like makeiteighteh.com, wasting the taxpayers money?

And more importantly, should it dissuade a blogger from investigating and sharing honest information as we have done on this site?  Heck no!

And, should it stop others from sharing information of vital interest in the same way? Again, not a chance!

In the speech  of May 29, 2009, Obama  made some very interesting comments, none moreso than this:

Let me also be clear about what we will not do.  Our pursuit of cybersecurity will not — I repeat, will not include — monitoring private sector networks or Internet traffic.  We will preserve and protect the personal privacy and civil liberties that we cherish as Americans.  Indeed, I remain firmly committed to net neutrality so we can keep the Internet as it should be — open and free.


Was this “promise” before or after the arrival of Cass Sunstein?

I would consider the use of my blogging rights as “internet traffic” and my right to convey opinion and  share any facts as they surface. In short, the “information superhighway” as it was once known can link up opinion and allow people of the world to view small issues or large issues alike. And when the current issues are on a global scale, and of global concern, we can help each other compare notes.

It is up to us, the free on the internet to ensure the President of the United States, and the Prime Minister of Canada continue to allow our liberties to flourish. We must continue to speak strong and loud, and refuse to be intimidated.

We must refuse to allow the twisting of truth; where those expressing opinion and sharing ideas can be viewed as bringing “weapons of mass disruption”. And, it is time we remind President Obama of his promise to allow free speech in every form to continue.

For this war is about knowledge, and the seeking of truth! If our governments  have nothing to hide, they should have no reason or interest in censoring  honest people  simply because they choose to hold their governments accountable.

And we must wake up to the reality that we are  the ones under watch. We, the people with the ability to think for ourselves.






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