Hockey’s political battle: This “howl” would have been over a long time ago without it

So, on friday the Goldwater Group will be back in court to fight the subsidies of the Phoenix Coyotes yet again. Tireless aren’t they?

Goldwater is the republican watchdog group founded by Barry Goldwater, and since then few could argue about the support of Ron Paul, the only republican that can apparently speak politics and common sense at the same time.

Before you challenge the here we go again – off to politics land, let’s look back on the Coyotes battle, recapping some observed facts.

Jim Balsillie waived his money at the NHL some time ago, and for Phoenix… what, 9 months ago? Somewhere around that time, anyhow.

Jerry Moyes knew something was amiss in the NHL the owners were not being treated fairly. We had the vote of 26-0 against Balsillie’s supposed “poor character” by the NHL’s Board of Governors, but later we found comments from the owners (at least one) that it was not about or against Balsillie. Oh really, so why the 26-0 vote?

Goldwater was Balsillie’s only hope in court, because without the “political” battle of the watchdogs against a city that was hanging on to the losing team at all costs, concessions would have been granted 9 months ago, and in the words of a Toronto sports writer, we would have gotten out the salami and cheese, licked our wounds, and like a double play quickly ending the World Series, we would have been left with our mouths hanging open. “That’s it? No more? But, but, but, what about the offer from Balsillie? It was so much more.”

Without the political battle we so direly want as sports fans to avoid, the game would have been short-lived. Yes, Balsillie’s entire case was based on the Goldwater battle against concessions.

Now, we have the Ice Edge boys ready for battle again on Friday this week? And, what’s the issue? Oh yeah, the Goldwater group pit bulls are yet again looking to quell the hope of Glendale to offer concessions. It looks like the disguise is in the parking fees that Ice Edge hopes will yield in the neighbourhood of $15 million per year.

The team’s average attendance, no doubt padded to look better,  like the U.S. economies ”  true” unemployment rate, is reportedly sitting at 11,000. I’d say about 6,000 short of okay. And, without researching, can we safely say they are still baking hotdogs and brewing beer, T-shirts, or Miley Cyrus tickets to attract attendance? Is it the same old same old?

Is it the same, “same old” in Tampa, but with the exception of the NHL meeting the payroll à la, oops, didn’t we see that in Phoenix? Yes, the same pattern.

And how are the owners doing in Tampa? Making money with a half empty arena? Are they still hanging in their pretending that their ownership actually matters? Don’t they get it yet. Voting 26-0 against Balsillie and letting a fellow owner like Moyes hang out to dry in an attempt to ask for it not to happen to them is ridiculous.

The owners really don’t get it?

Who will be the next owner to realize it is just their money that the “system” of sports monopoly wants. When will they get it that there is an infrastructure of sports based on politics and foreign investment so entrenched that they are no different than the average American taxpayer that is footing the bill for the banker bailout scam between the foreign controlled U.S. Federal reserve, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and others.

When will the owners understand why Abu Dhabi remains interested in how the Ice Edge boys “look” going into the next battle?

For that matter, when will hockey fans stop wondering when Gary Bettman is going to “get it”, and move some of the failing teams to Canada? Bettman is carrying out the orders of the foreign bankers. I would show you the Ron McLean video again, but apparently it violated YouTube copyright laws. Gosh, how convenient.

So when we started our investigation we saw quickly that the battle of hockey in the NHL was all about politics. It stated with the obvious Glendale city, extended to the State when we brought Phoenix and CityNorth in, and has extended to the national monopolization of sport.

Wait, let me change that. It has extended to a global monopolization of sport. We touched on this a bit already, and there are some good people out there hockey land, like my friends that can elaborate.

A reliable source that cannot be divulged has brought the word about sports monopolization.

So when the boys from Ice Edge just happened to come on the scene, they brought with them more than memories from White House visits. They brought a history of playing in the club. No, not the hockey club, but the club of political maneuvering.

Ice Edge has a history and connections with military development and spending, sharing that space with some boys from Abu Dhabi.

They are entrenched. They are the chosen ones to keep the “plan” in focus.

So, if you are a sports fan dancing around poor attendance and are still thrashing Gary Bettman, you just don’t get it yet do you?

 If you are looking for logic to eventually slip in to the mindset of an NHL that cares more about strategic locations than profit, think no more. It was never about what made sense from a hockey market perspective. And until we treat the disease the symptoms will not go away.

Politics and hockey. The powers that be had a plan, and hell or high water they have to continue the charade, taking money from whoever is crazy enough to give it to them.


One response to “Hockey’s political battle: This “howl” would have been over a long time ago without it

  1. Excellent article Craig. Nailed it.

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