‘Radical’ Mainstream Media: A front for more war and an answer for the ‘confused’?

Would we be led to believe that mainstream media is ‘challenging’ the federal government  in the U.S. and stepping on their toes?

Is Glenn Beck and the media disguising the truth in an attempt to hijack the threat of the grassroots Tea Party Movement?

What is the common denominator and what are the facts?

In yesterday’s article posted on PrisonPlanet.com, we discussed the Glenn Beck program and wondered why we are not seeing Beck discuss all issues pertinent to the true state of the union. Beck continues to provide ad nauseum amounts of discussion on the evils of the Progressive Movement  and the sinister actions of the  evil dictators throughout history, but stops short of discussion of the possibility those same evils could be conveyed upon the people of America. Remember Mao and Hitler, genocide and the terror they reigned on their own people? Yes, Glenn Beck is quick to show us all the evils of old in far away lands, but refuses to accept that false flag terror could happen in the U.S.A. At least, that’s his take so far.

 In criticizing the omission of pictures of the Tea Party Movement in the 2009  in Time’s the Year in Pictures, Beck also stressed the need for open debate. That is, as long as the debate is not involving the many unanswered questions that remain about 9/11. This has left many of us wondering why not, and, as a result there is something not quite complete in his argument or his message.

A comment on the article posted on PrisonPlanet suggested that the FCC has set a rule that does not allow discussion of false flag terror – that is, no discussion about the possibility that the government of the United States could be involved in creating terror on its’ own people.

 All of the news agencies have been ordered by the FCC to omit any discussion of 9/11 from their programming.

The odd thing is, is how they ALL attack anyone who mentions it in the context of a conspiracy… Especially FOX NEWS! That’s extremely suspicious – and unorthodox for any REAL news agency to do.

A huge and tragic mark on history, 9/11 has rocked the very foundation of the Union. The Patriot Act was effected, and the invasion of Iraq had it’s justification. Despite securing oil fields the elusive ‘weapons of mass destruction’ were no where to be found.

I am left with the feeling that Beck can give me all the U.S. history he wants, but at least discuss the most important history lesson.

Beck knows about climate change legislation and global government but these issues have been shelved. Why? Is he limited in ability to bring the truth because of FCC guidelines? Perhaps.

 But, what are the other possibilities?

Could there be an intentional confusion being created? Is there reason to stop the true Tea Partiers from changing the scope of the political structure in America if successful?

Is there so much at stake that the powers that be would do anything to fool the people to go along with the facade of the reinvigorated two-party system? Alex Jones seems to have processed the information quickly – so quickly we are left in the dust. How does he know? Has his 16 years experience left him with the ability to process information that efficiently?

What if Beck, Palin, and Fox News have been given permission to give the appearance of going against the establishment, all the while diverting people from the true Tea Party Movement, and corralling them to the “new” Republican party – those Republicans that profess they now see the same light as Beck and Palin, and understand the Tea Partiers concerns?

And, if that is the case, what would be the best way to fool those people quickly becoming confused about the current state of the country, but are unwilling to take the big step to be deemed a ‘conspiracy theorist’? After all, those nasty truthers are violent and demented according to Glenn Beck! Wouldn’t want to become one of those people now would we? Beck would tell you not to, that’s for sure. Forget open debate and discussion on that point. No way.

The truth is, as Alex Jones has said, the “people are waking up to the truth”.  It is a very shocking truth indeed is it not?

If we are to believe the big picture of conspiracy theory, there are groups that for a very long time have been working toward a one world government –  run by one leader, including a one world religion. Forget Christianity. Forget Judaism. Would we all be forced to worship, say, the earth? Who knows. Maybe that’s why the ‘green police’ will have ultimate authority, and those criticizing the climate change science will be looked on with disdain worthy of treason. We will all be striving to be those motorists that the green authorities say are “good to go”. Oh, thank the earth god, we will blurt!

But, we have digressed from the point.

There is a common denominator in radical mainstream media. The fact that they can criticize the current administration of the government, put down politicians at will, including the President, and stay open for business.

Strange? Perhaps not. For if the motive is the give the appearance of radical, “we’ll show him who’s boss” while at the same time sucking in the confused masses, the real truth can be diffused.

If we are to listen to Glenn Beck, the Tea Partiers will be sold the new, improved Republican Party, endorsed by the war loving Sarah Palin, and the real issue of world government will have been averted.

9/11 remains the smoking gun that has effected the means for the ultimate agenda against the people of America. The Patriot Act and false flag terror serving to further strip any remaining rights of the people.

The real censorship is in discussion of  false flag terror and reporting war protests.

The goal of the globalists is to effect more war in an attempt to secure the world for the World Government being imposed. And, the Patriot Act is designed to control the people of America as the process moves forward. With such serious issues taking place the last thing people need is more confusion and deception.

Beck has failed to put the pieces together on Climate Change, 9/11, the setting up of the World Government. He is fixated on ‘progressivism and has tunnel vision to it’s attack on America. By doing so he does not pose a threat to the global elite. He won’t be getting that phone to ring as he has his followers hoping.

Perhaps Beck does see it, but he sure isn’t showing it. Until Glenn Beck gets to the real  issues, looking at the disease and not the symptom, his message can only serve to distract.

Can we trust him? Not until he brings real truth. At this point there are more questions about his loyalty than answers. There is more suspicion of his motives than assurances he is genuine.

 But there is one thing we can be sure of. There is a war on. It is the war of opinion, perception, and allegiance.

The war is for your mind.

Go the the third in the series – Beck, ‘Question with Boldness’, yeah right!


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