‘Question with Boldness’ (unless your question relates to 9/11 that is)

“Question with Boldness”?

Are we to believe Glenn  Beck when he tells us this? Can we believe he represents more than mere lip service, not truly supporting the  principles behind the U.S. Constitution? Do his actions match his words? Is there any remaining doubt after today that he is simply a patsy of the Republican Party? I think his true colors have come to light.

The old adage of judge a man by his actions and not his words holds true here.

Words cannot express the remorse I feel for being led down a path of hope by Beck only to realize I had been duped.  Apparently I am not alone.

He was good. Playing on emotion reminiscent of Obama’s “hope and change” promise. I wrote articles in support of him, as I believed he might be the real deal. But, as demonstrated by our article of yesterday on Infowars.com, I had concerns. There is just something not right about Beck I told myself, and yesterday it was put  on paper.

Today came the confirmation. Listening to an excerpt of the Glenn Beck radio program of the interview with Texas Governor hopeful Debra Medina, it was obvious Beck was setting her up.  Disgusted, a Beck fan,  Marie Villalobos, claimed:

“Question with BOLDNESS!” That is Beck’s battle cry everyday. But when someone questions that which he does not question he goes all silly? I am a longtime fan of the Beck but today seemed a little too wierd for me. I mean Van Jones bothered me because he was a communist not because he was a 9/12 Truther, which she said she wasn’t. Beck might find himself in the same trouble he thinks Sarah Palin is in…bad bedfellows.

 Question, question, question, right?  There are people with many questions – people disolusioned by the “government system”. People that have had their questions suppressed. People who have been labelled in order to be discredited so their questions cannot be addressed.

Yes, they even have questions about 9/11. Do those people have a right to question with boldness too? Or is it so much better to put them in the loonie bin, and segregate them into a box? Where is compassion and truth. Where is respect for tragedy’s victims and their families?

There are firefighters fighting for their health as we speak. There are 9/11 victim families that have lost loved ones, and want to have an honest inquiry; they want to ask questions. They want to continue to question with boldness until there is no one left standing with a question. They deserve that level of respect. They certainly don’t deserve being pegged as 9/11 truthers. That, is an insult that words cannot express. Sick.

Rubber always meets the road eventually. You can test a tire all you want, but until you take a test drive, you will never know if it will hold up under real-life conditions. Well, today, Glenn Beck attempted a good ‘ol fashion republican hit job on Debra Medina.

Medina held her own just fine. As for Beck, he served to prove to me that he lacks compassion, and his true agenda and allegiance has become obvious. He interviewed Medina not to show respect for a true grassroots Tea Partier but to try to find something to discredit her with.

True patriots, whether American or Canadian have likely things in common. We share compassion for those affected by tragedy, and we seek truth. We are the ones truly bold, and the ones that will question boldly until satisfied. We should not be mocked or  feel labelled. Is this what Glenn Beck is all about? Would George Washington hold our right to seek the truth or would he label us too?

When Glenn Beck tells us to question with boldness in one breath, yet lowers himself to name calling and labelling, we must take notice.

For those supporters of Beck that believe he brings truth, you should question him boldly on his childish behaviour, and disheartening lack of compassion for those that are seeking answers to the single most devastatingly emotional event most of us have ever witnessed – the tragedy of 9/11.

I do not need to see anymore. I can see the picture clearly.

Compassion and truth have taken a hit today.

There may be a bright side though. Many of us have learned not to waste anymore precious time, or pin further hope on Glenn Beck.


One response to “‘Question with Boldness’ (unless your question relates to 9/11 that is)

  1. America’s Establishment has set up a wall of obfuscation and denial on the left and on the right to compartmentalize diminish and undermine legitimate inquiry into the events of 9/11. Obviously your right as a Patriotic American Citizen stops short of being able to ask Cheney what he knew in advance about the events of 9/11. There is a reason why some of America’s leading Propagandists are so well paid. Its tough work confusing and distracting the population about what is really going on in America. Once we all figure out, they will shut down the internet so we cannot communicate across state lines—all in the name of National Security of course.

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