A question for ‘Professor’ Beck: How would Cloward and Piven justify global taxation of carbon emissions?

There just isn’t the same spark in Glenn Beck’s message these days. There seems to be a loss of twinkle in his eyes.

After all, the man who professes to have it all figured out –  the teacher –  seems to  continue to bring a confusing message that must be getting harder and harder to get psyched to deliver. Bluntly, it must suck to be exposed.

It must be tough  for Glenn Beck to be the cleanup man with a seemingly impossible mission to twist and spin the facts as delivered by another man. It must be getting impossible to take the bigger truth and sweep it under the rug.  It’s no wonder Beck gets paid the big bucks, spinning truth and sweeping up after Alex Jones’ tireless sharing of understanding. Can it really be worth it?

If you happened upon the Infowars.com site yesterday in anticipation of the radio show, you might have noticed that the caption for the show read:

No guests scheduled today. Alex covers the latest news, including recent revelations that there has been no global warming since 1995 and the infamous “hockey stick graph” Al Gore used in his propaganda movie has gone missing. Alex also takes your calls.

Nothing unusual right? Well, maybe there was actually. Did you catch it?

If you listened to the show, Jones mentioned ClimateGate but not to the degree that might be suggested in the above show caption. That’s okay, Jones is entitled to take his thoughts and can change direction to anywhere he chooses. By admission, Jones does not read from a teleprompter and in that capacity I would argue he represents a free agent that brings a consistent and refreshing message. I kind of like that. And, even if the news is sometimes hard to swallow, I am sure the mounting numbers of listeners are having a hard time staying away. Perhaps this explains Jones’ ability to have survived 16 years in the business. Con artists tend to dwindle where truth seekers thrive.

I had to laugh as I took note of the Glenn Beck show yesterday, as Beck threw Al Gore under the Climate change bus, complete with mention of the bogus hockey stick graph. I caught the subtlety in the message, and the spidey senses were tingling on that one. Can you hear Jones laughing, perhaps by himself as he realizes he has yet again proven Beck’s mission is to crawl where no man should crawl? Can Jones hear the little pitter- patter of Beck’s feet walking behind him hoping to catch a hint of where he will go next? Sad really.

Mercifully, why doesn’t Beck ask Jones to write his shows? It would certainly save him a lot of last minute angst. Well, wouldn’t it?

It reminds me of a YouTube video I recently watched, where Jones and Jason Bermas were laughing out loud as they watched a clip of Beck discussing FEMA camps. Apparently, Jones had intentionally fed news about a bogus camp location or two and in a familiar pattern Beck apparently chomped at the bit. I suppose in hindsight we should forgive Jones and Bermas for their moment of unprofessionalism –  we likely would have taken the opportunity too. Let’s call it a well deserved ‘release’ – a primal scream if you will. A sanity keeper!

Yes, it would seem the spin doctor is in, and like watching a lamb go to slaughter, we can all now witness Beck, night in, night out show his quiet desperation to keep up with the man, and deflect blame and attention away from his true bosses.

Yes, no doubt we will see the familiar pattern of guests that, surprise, surprise, surprise have appeared on the Alex Jones show. And, we will likely see the spin doctor doing his thing on their messages too.

Take Damon Vickers as an example. On November 17/09 (sorry for the typo on Infowars.com) , Beck interviewed Vickers after an appearance on CNBC. Vickers, with vast experience in forecasting the true economic climate and ‘where the world is going’, mentioned the one world government and the New World Order. We can’t have that now can we? Vickers mentioned he was on the Alex Jones show earlier (for shame), and that tidbit seemed to cheese off our humble host. Rumor has it the taped show omitted the ‘Alex Jones’ mention. My word, wouldn’t want to give away the agenda now would we?

Enter Beck who thought he’d better have Vickers on the show, because, according to Beck, those CNBC guys are not real news people. No, not like the good guys at Fox. The guys at Fox  have thrown the other so-called news jockies under the bus, and are now the superstars of ‘truth’. The Fox guys  are now looked on with disdain by the White House, but that’s okay with President Obama – he can handle it. Did Fox thank the President for that plug? I would certainly hope so. The public duping must be on a sweet roll as a result. I can hear it now, “Let’s all give it to the President together people”.  “What a dumb president – he drew attention to us. Silly, silly man.” That must have boosted the network’s ratings a ton If one didn’t know better you might think the President was on the same side as Fox. Now that would be nasty – to be fooled to believe the White House doesn’t want Mr. Beck around, but really are working with him. And we felt sorry for Mr. Beck when he wasn’t invited to the party like Bill O’Reilly. My goodness.

 Sorry, I digress yet again – back to Beck’s lesson for Damon Vickers.

So, when Beck asked Vickers what he was getting at making the huge leap from Great Depression to a One World Government, and the New World Order, Vickers gave his consistent, professional explanation. Oh, for shame Damon. Mr. Beck set him straight though. He asked Vickers if he had ever heard of Cloward and Piven and their model. Vickers said he had not, and Beck told him he would “understand it”. Lucky Mr. Vickers. I wondered how he enjoyed that lesson from Professor Beck.

Forget credibility. Forget about the fact that Vickers can turn bad times into opportunity. No, the Cloward & Piven economic model is what those darn Progressives are using. It has nothing to do with the global elites. Because, according to Beck, you “don’t need a conspiracy theory” to explain the current nutty economic crisis – just Cloward, Piven, and the “progressive” agenda. Okay? Stay away from the global issues, the conspiracy theories. Stay away from the New World Order, even though it gets mentioned just about as often as a politician heads to a podium these days. It doesn’t exist, okay? No dag nabbit, it’s a “Made in America” problem, and Mr. Beck is going to make sure we all “get it”.

But for Vickers it didn’t stop there. No, Beck had Damon on his show again on February 11/10. And, when Vickers mentioned the very real possibility that the dollar will collapse, Beck interjected. Better discredit this man, yet again. He probably didn’t do his homework. He probably didn’t read the Cloward/Piven method as prescribed by Beck. And for that I am sure, he deserved to hear that it is a surprise he can stay in business. Yes, professor Beck put that student in his place again. I wonder if he will have him back on the show when needed…hmmmm.

Yes, in likely anticipation to the caption for the Jones radio show, Beck was ready to gain some credibility. The elites knew full well the global taxation issue exposed by ClimateGate would not serve them, so they likely had no other recourse than to use it to repair the failing reputation of Mr. Beck. But, as Alex Jones has pointed out, it likely will not work either.

There is too much to explain. There is too much exposed. The people are not falling for the “homegrown” reasoning as being fed by Glenn Beck.

But if you want to catch Mr. Beck, he is showing up in a town near you for “full day” sessions. Perhaps over time he can wear you down, ensure you read the prescribed books on his book list, and forget about that nasty world government thing.

I suppose we shouldn’t ask the professor to explain how Hillary Clinton’s promise to give the global government a $100 billion gift in good faith of climate change fits the Cloward-Piven model. Or why President Obama will use the EPA to bi-pass Congress and effect carbon taxation.

No. We’d better not take away from Beck’s train of thought. It might confuse the message. It might upset the same people that felt it was okay to sacrifice Al Gore. That wouldn’t be good for Glenn. He might be the next one thrown under the New World Express.


One response to “A question for ‘Professor’ Beck: How would Cloward and Piven justify global taxation of carbon emissions?

  1. Ummmm….. Did it ever occur to you that Jones and Beck have access to the same websites/news?

    All you proved here is that they both read the same newspapers, etc…

    Hardly an indictment.

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