The real stars in the ‘Lone Star State’ are not on the ice!: Are the real Tea Partiers being set up?

The devastation to the IRS building in Austin may create worry of which 'group' they will blame

….a plane flies into the IRS building in Austin Texas… is on the heels of  Texas Governors Rick Perry’s concern for the popularity of Debra Medina, and on the heels of Glenn Beck’s attempted hit on Medina on his radio show…. 

Is Glenn Beck the next Globalist’s prophet – a patsy being used to herd the sheep and buy time? 

Are 9/11 truthers and birthers being set up as the next homeland terror threat, in an attempt to derail the true Tea Party Movement?  

And, will this conveneniently justify Glenn Beck’s version of the safe, conservative Tea Party, in an attempt to ensure liberty fails? 

Funny how things happen….. 

Al Gore was to be the climate prophet. That is, until the global agenda of climate taxation was proven fraudulent via ClimateGate. 

Then, Glenn Beck threw Al Gore under the bus paving way for the next prophet – the next in line to fool the people and further the globalist agenda. 

On recent broadcasts, Glenn Beck claimed time and again that 9/11 truthers  are dangerous and fringe, and do not represent the good people of the Tea Party Movement. Beck has talked at great length, sometimes out of the blue to suggest those that simply believe  9/11 is worthy of investigation are dangerous people. 

And today, a man flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin, leaving all but his manifesto on the internet. His name was Joe Stack, and he has left doubt whether his suicide was genuine. 

 Here is the link to the site housing his suicide letter . Joe Stack’s business site was removed where the original was to be found – a suspect start to a suspicious story. 

Apparently Stack had set his house on fire before taking the plane into the building housing the IRS.  His manifesto is filled with, what would seem ‘convenient mentions’ of terms that might give way to accusations and paint a picture that would suggest Stack was disturbed, even influenced by those that question their government. 

Terms included in the manifesto include “totalitarian regime”, “911 nightmare”, and “big brother” – terminology that will remain to be seen if deemed crazy. 

If this man is not soon mentioned on the Glenn Beck program I for one will be surprised. I can hear the I told you so’s now.  After all, Beck infers that these types are fringe, and will only be found on the extreme left and right political realms. 

Ironic or twisted that the weapon of choice was a plane  directed into a government building? Hard to say. It does leave one with a bad taste, doesn’t it? 

And, would it be a coincidence that Texas, the Lone Star State may be the first hub of hope for the Tea Party movement, where Beck had recently attempted to deflate the popularity of Debra Medina, a true Tea Partier that Beck tried to infer was a 9/11 truther? 

 Debra Medina is a very smart, savvy registered nurse  – the only Gubernatorial candidate who poses a threat to the two-party system? She didn’t deserve the hit job. 

Debra Medina, Texas Gubernatorial candidate

Yes, there is a game going on in Texas. 

The Dallas Stars may be on the ice, representing Texas, but I would bet there is a greater fan base growing for a true star.

Medina represents the people. She represents the U.S. Constitution. She represents the first bit of hope for us all, both in the U.S. and Canada.

She is an in the flesh challenge to the corrupt Federal Government and those trying to move the Union into World Government.

Medina is one of many bright stars in Texas fighting the fight for freedom. 

There are those that want to stop freedom and indepedence. They will stop at nothing.

And Joe Stack flying his plane into a building in Austin Texas today is just too much of a coincidence, isn’t it?


2 responses to “The real stars in the ‘Lone Star State’ are not on the ice!: Are the real Tea Partiers being set up?

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    Getting set to open up the restaurant…..but i need to speak to you. Email me and ill shoot you my number.

    This is important for us to toss some ideas together.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot I wanna invite you and your family and or friends to the restaurant for a private tasting and to give me some feedback, should be some political influences there..this is a R.S.V.P only…….right up your alley, LOL.


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