CPAC gets taste of Beck’s dreaded Chalkboard

The mission current of Professor Glenn is to bring the Progressive distraction to the masses – even if they should know better!

Believe it or not, some actually applauded the infamous chalkboard of Glenn Beck at the CPAC gathering. I suppose some of the  crowd may not have been sold on the ‘Beckanese’ version of America’s problem. It’s Progressivism don’t you know?

And he is now the prophet for conservatism, claiming the Republicans need to repent.

Yes, according to the L.A. Times reporting, Beck fed the distraction:

According to Beck, the main villain is “progressivism,” a word he wrote in big letters on a large chalkboard and labeled “a cancer” eating away at American ideals.

“Progressivism was designed to press past the Constitution,” Beck said, charging that Republicans aren’t giving Americans much of an alternative.

And we should listen to Glenn, as he seems to wield some power, influence and control. He not only shows up in key places at key times, even as  a keynote speaker, but he has manipulated that evil White House too.

Wasn’t it Glenn Beck that claimed to America that it was he that put the pressure on the White House that led to the ‘removal’ of Van Jones ‘in the night’?


Van Jones apparently complained about Beck, but Van Jones got the toss. And, like the bad taste in your mouth from eating too much spicy food, Van Jones shares the ominous black board space with all the other ‘bad people’ that Beck seems to target.

But, hey, let’s not say anything bad about Glenn. That would be immoral, not nice, and they could use that against us as being petty. The rules are different for the rest of us that are not the chosen ones.

No, I suppose like Beck we need to get a blackboard  and place the people we don’t like that don’t fit into the agenda we have, and give them ominous space on the dreaded forefront. That seems to be the acceptable way to trash and discredit folks.

No Professor Beck, do not humiliate us on that board!!! Please!! It brings back visions of elementary school. We want to be good students not the “dumb, dumb, dummies”you label and put in the corner. Ahhh!!

No, you sure don’t want your picture  put on the blackboard of the dangerous to America. Because, after all, Beck seems to wield power beyond the influence of President Obama.

I suppose Obama must be cowering under his desk, because Glenn might grab that red phone and call him. If the President could dial in, I’m sure the professor could dial out, don’t you?

Are you starting to get the feeling the main agenda of Mr. Beck is to distract us all from the real problem in America? Is his agenda to continue to pull thoughts away with the bigger diesease and make us all look at the smaller, American symptoms.

Cloward and Piven continues to be sold as the method the progressives in the White House are using to collapse the system. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the Fed, private meetings, or the immediate worry of the collapse of the dollar, oh no. All eyes focus on the progressive reason. That goes double for the gang at the CPAC meetings. If you don’t listen, Glenn will visit you personally with his blackboard and put you through hours of training. Put away all thoughts of how the collapsing of the economies of the world are taking place at the same time. This is a history lesson that has nothing to do with a current conspiracy!

Remember that Mr. Beck seems to have the President himself cowering in a corner as he continues to expose his agenda to sell you an expensive health care plan, and his issues with labor unions.

But don’t expect Mr. Beck to bring up the much bigger issue of tapping more wealth out of the country with Obama’s ramming through of carbon taxation. Because that would open the professor up to scrutiny of where the money is going. He wouldn’t want to bring up the whole offshore thing, the IMF Bank, and other issues. And if he does, it will be because someone asked him a question on that.

Then, Mr. Beck would do what he always does, pull out the chalkboard and show he is aware of the issues. Now his supporters can tell us all we are wrong – he is helping us – and he is going to get to those issues soon, don’t worry. In the words of Beck, “really?” “I don’t think so”.

No, Professor Beck will continue to treat his audience as school children, putting the bad people on the chalkboard, and telling us that if we don’t behave and buy the story, we are all “dumb, dumb dummies”.

After all, just like Al Gore invented the Internet, Beck has tremendous influence on the country.

The members of ACORN are getting wise to the issues, and they could help up all in our thinking. ACORN in California, New York, and New England have broken off to go it alone. They see the danger of staying in the clutches of the current system and are protecting themselves.

Unlike much of what Beck professes, that is a lesson worth learning – the States better start to think of their own people against the corrupt machine.


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