G’oh Canada!

“LU, LU, LU, LU, LU”

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!

Let’s all cheer on our team folks!

But, the question is, “which team will show up today?”

The team that made mince meat of the Russians, working hard from the initial puck drop never easing the pressure? Or, will we see the team that was never truly in it the last time they met the United States?

Lethargic they were then. It is time to correct that problem and put on the Rusky heat!

So, Go Canada Go! Make us proud!

And at the end of the game, pull out the Molson Canadian and celebrate where hockey originated from .

Despite the fact that Gary Bettman and his NHL continues to suggest we in Canada are “lucky” all the teams haven’t gone south, let’s use this as a reminder of who rules the hockey roost.

And to the players’ union, it’s time to rise up and tell the NHL you will not take it – you will be playing in the next Olympic Games.

Because, money isn’t everything. Passion, pride, and love of the game has no price.

I hope Mr. Bettman is told how it’s going to be….

So, Go Canada Go!

Make us proud!


4 responses to “G’oh Canada!

  1. Well, their we are Craig, a game for the ages. Canada let the US control the game in the 3rd, sat back & protected a slim lead instead of finishing them off. Damn close thing. Concerns’ me a bit the Luongo was outplayed by Miller. Being “good” is not being “great” so one wonders how far the Canucks’ll go in the playoffs’, however, lets just bask in the afterglow huh?. Nothing much to report on the NHL/Ice Edge dealeo’ as your no doubt aware. The NHL’s followed through on its’ commitments via the APA in basically “running the numbers” with IEH, however, it all seems like an almost foregone conclusion that they’ll be moving in June/July. Whats your take on it?…

  2. benefitsontario

    So, you are saying that IEH will move the team in June/July?

    All I know is like becoming a rep hockey coach, you need “connections”, and these guys have ’em in spades.

    Sad too though, that proof positive that this sport is a business first – but more sad that it is so entrenched in the political arena.

  3. No, think you misunderstood or I wasn’t clear enough; I don’t think IceEdge has a snowballs chance in closing the deal & keeping the team in Phoenix; nor will they buy the team & move it. I have contended all along that their nothing more than a Strawman Bidder allowing the NHL to “run the numbers” in compliance with the APA approved by Baum & agreed to by the COG. Indeed, it wouldnt look at all Kosher for IEH to buy & move the team after June 30 as a case for collusion could be made by the COG if such a scenario were to transpire. No, I was wondering, absent IEH, where you think the Coyotes might wind up, if anywhere (suspending the franchise for a year is a possibility)?…

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