Damien’s tongue must have been firmly inserted in cheek: Coyotes heading back to Canada?

….as the TV commercial suggests ….”You’ve got bankers!”….in the walls, everywhere…

Let’s hope getting back more NHL teams is Canada’s biggest concern in the coming years

I would have liked to have had a webcam last night, as Damien Cox completed his recent article on the Phoenix Coyotes. I could have guessed by the sarcastic tone dressed up for mass consumption, that his tongue was firmly planted in cheek.

Now, the big question is, does Coxy know something we don’t when he says,

U.S. cities like Seattle, Las Vegas and Kansas City interest the league, but if the Coyotes are forced to move there will be heavy pressure to move them to Canada, with the likeliest destinations being Quebec City or Winnipeg.

Of course the thought of the team going back to its Canadian roots would come from a Republican – Jerry Weiers – a State Representative in the Arizona Legislature. Republican as in Goldwater.

"You've got bankers!"

Round and round we go, where this team stops, does Gary Bettman know? After all, he knows it’s those pesky bankers – those greedy investors – and the people surrounding them in the spinoff industry of usury charges  and corruption responsible for the hockey mess (and much more). Corruption in hockey and world politics is being put under the microscope bigtime. It’s time for the average hockey fan to clue in like I did that the world really is a small place.

For those of us in Canada that know about as much about world politics as lawn bowling, we might fail to make the connection why Ice Edge is dragging its heels on buying this “rent-a-turkey franchise” in the desert. Some owners are being sifted like sand for all the wealth they can bring to the table. And once they are tapped out, the call will come – NEXT! Yes, the owners are being used like the rest of us global, carbon-tax paying dupes.

And, if our understanding as to what is going on politically in hockey and how it ties into global politics is a little rusty, we might think that seeing Harper give us the good ‘ol Canadian rah-rah in his interview with Brian Williams was a true sign that Canada is all well and good as ever.

The Prime Minister seems very Canadian, eh?

What worries me is his meeting with the Bilderberg Group in 2003 in France, and his hosting of their meeting in Ottawa in 2006. With worries that the European Union and the not so far off “North American Union” is the work of Bilderberg,  can we trust the patriotic call, and the “business as usual” approach of Harper?

 We would certainly be led to slumber that all is well in Canuckville now wouldn’t we?

 I took note how Canadians became  “hyper-patriotic” over the Olympic stint. We very obviously  regained our passion for hockey in the process. Are we  sensing the world is changing and the Olympics was a chance to make an ‘un-Canadian-like’ bold  statement?

 Where were we nine short months ago when Canada was trying to get back one of it’s lost NHL franchises? Patriotism? Please!

Certainly not enough Canadian pride then.

We  in Canada should be grateful to the political battle in the U.S. with the Goldwater Group, and politicians like Congressman Ron Paul. Perhaps it’s time for us Canadians to do some googling of our own to find out why Ice Edge may not get the necessary sweetheart deal, and the yotes might actually come back to where they belong.

Instead of sports fans wondering why, tongue in cheek, Harper is suddenly making a special patriotic showing at the Olympics, we should hold him and his government accountable.

We should be happy that the Phoenix Coyotes may have a chance to return to Winnipeg where they belong, but as important, we should take this as an opportunity to appreciate that world politics would be responsible for making it happen.

After all it’s the bankers that are in control – both in hockey, and in the world as a whole.  And if you question that, call someone in Iceland. Their news will paint a picture of banker ponzi schemes so large, that Bernie Madoff would be lucky to be a coat-check boy at the Ponzi Bankers Ball. We are ten times the population of Iceland. I wish we had one-tenth their courage.

So, let’s end this insanity. It’s only a game. Leave the game out of this fellas, won’t ya? Canadians are speaking now. We want our country and our country’s game back. Political pressure may just be the beginning.

It’s high-time to take back control of sports – away from political influence, investors, and those greedy bankers.

It’s time for Canadians to clue in. Hockey and politics mix. We need to get active, get vocal, and extend our patriotism beyond the Olympic games.

 It’s for Canada, our sovereignty, and for the fans of Winnipeg .

And I would argue Winnipeg is as Canadian as you can get!


The best deal for Canada is no deal and I hope Environment Minister Jim Prentice and Prime Minister Harper, take that attitude seriously as they will find should they come back after having signed away Canada’s Sovereignty, or our ability to have a quality lifestyle via draconic Carbon Taxes and Cap and Trade, in this “non -Global Warming Country”, that their political careers have ended!


One response to “Damien’s tongue must have been firmly inserted in cheek: Coyotes heading back to Canada?

  1. Like the look & tone of the revamped site Craig. Interesting stuff on Iceland. No comments on the NHL suit against Moyes?. Wicked wicked stuff.

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