Jerry Moyes was likely nothing more than a “fill-in” owner

No thanks to the man that filled in and bailed out the league for many years: There is no honor in the NHL

I can’t seem to get the thought out of my head.

Jerry Moyes seemed to be the man available at the time that didn’t quite fit the mold and have the background necessary to take on the responsibility of keeping the home fires burning in the NHL branch in Phoenix. And for that, Moyes presented a threat that came to fruition last year.

It’s kind of like your local minor hockey association with all the politics of the little Gretzkys and their parents that put pressure and influence on the board – eventually shaping the organization into its own breed of corruption, and hush-hush dealings. If you have been involved in minor hockey you know exactly what I’m getting at.

And then there are those times when someone comes along without an alternative – the man who poses the best case scenario at the time – willing to help but not understanding there is a lot more to what he is getting himself into than meets the eye.

This man may have aspirations to be a rep coach, or a board member, but in the case of Jerry Moyes, a man who thought it might be neat to own a hockey team. Was it all about profit to him? Not a chance.

It wouldn’t have taken Moyes long to learn that he was never going to be rich owning the Coyotes – it was really an issue of breaking even. Perhaps doing the community a favor. By the looks of things, the community never deserved his consideration. We to this day are seeing the mockery, including a recent headline from the non-grateful:

The NHL is Now Suing Jerry Moyes, Laughter From Fans Ensues

Further proof that Moyes should have been more like Reinsdorf – make the people pay. It’s a thankless job, so you might as well be cutthroat. Ensure profit and be damned with the masses. They will turn on you I am sure Reinsdorf would agree. If you can’t cut a profit, be gone. There are no white knights willing to help. The last one continues to be roasted.

So, like many months ago, it’s as if we are starting anew. We wanted to help Moyes regain some losses by sale to Balsillie, but now we must turn our assistance, however small, to helping anyone that might happen upon our blogs to gain little pieces of information we might have available.

For my part, I think it prudent to once again stress the nature of the beast. The NHL is like a minor hockey organization but with lots more money, and lots more clout. The nastiness is no different. The politics the same.

It was and will forever be who you know.

But then, the odd misfit comes a calling – unaware of the bigger picture and the problems underlying the operation.

Reinsdorf was a chosen one that could not deliver without the taxpayers footing the bill. Ice Edge may be the same, but they also lack capital – personal wealth that is. Because it is far easier to tap personal wealth dry.

You see, some owners were catching on – lend money to your team so that it can later be recouped. That is not really acceptable.

It must be getting harder and harder to bring in that elusive comrade – the one that will allow the machine of corruption and monopoly to continue to have its day.

For with Ice Edge we brought in past relationships of more than mere coincidence. Just like with Jerry Reinsdorf, who would have known son Michael was already firmly entrenched in the system?

Keith McCullough

For Keith McCullough, having worked at the Carlyle Group as the hedge expert before coming to Research Edge, would it be a coincidence that there is a good chance Mubadala is  involved, having entrenched interest and invesment in the Carlyle Group too?

Would it continue to support why Michael Dell financed the bailout cash under crippling terms to Moyes while at the time also involved, side by side, with Mubadala and Related Companies,in the CityNorth project?

Or, is it strange that Daryl Jones worked for Onex in the past before coming into play, and he shares common interest with Eric Rosen, a partner with Dell at MSD Capital? Rosen a boss at Onex too in the past.

Jones in the past at the White House wined and dined by Barbara Bush – what did he owe the pleasure?

Hmm, Carlyle Group, McCullough ‘the hedge man’, Mubadala,land development and military spending? Sounds like this team plays a global game. Sounds like you need more than money to get into this game.

If one didn’t know better, one would look at the infrastructure of America from the military spending and healthcare influences, and land development connections and come to the conclusion that they are all intertwined.

We have said it before, but since Moyes is building a case it may be worth another mention.

Moyes never did have the necessary background to be anyone but a fill-in.

And that would explain why the friends of the friends of the friends were all looking months in advance to get the misfit out.

It would also explain and better help him in his case that there was a collusion of the nastiest variety.

It might even help him win in civil court.


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