The most expensive hockey stick will never see an arena

WWF, Global Warming and the biggest tax grab in history

If you really came to find out what the most expensive hockey stick is, give your head a shake! Find out about an issue that will make buying that “stick” impossible when they tap all the money you have! Read all about the biggest con this world will ever know……….

It’s business as usual despite the fact that “Climate Change” has been caught “green-handed”

I happened upon the Sunday Toronto Star (March 14,) and lo and behold on the backside of a first section was a full-page ad for “Earth Hour”, which takes place March 27th at 8:30 PM.

I remember this “event” last year, when it came up, and I seriously considered doing my part to turn off as many lights as possible to help the cause.

Well, I have learned a lot  in the last year.

So, you must excuse me for paying attention to the other version of news that we here in Canada and the United States don’t readily get to see – that is, unless we are looking for it; doing a little digging.

More and more of us are catching on. This might explain why mainstream media is losing ground on alternative media as people catch on to the fact that some huge issues just don’t seem to make the news grade.

Take Climate Change (aka Global Warming). There is not enough that can be said about this, trust me. Our beautiful country is my reason for the fight.

I am not talking about the need to reduce CO2 emissions, claimed responsible for trapping greenhouse gases and raising global temperatures. No.

The long and the short of it is this – the idea is hogwash!

The evidence for this is in the leaked ClimateGate emails from researchers involved that “could not take it anymore”, and had to ease their consciences.

Lord Christopher Monkton has been tracking the scam for years

The result is publications that spell it out for us, like this one – “ClimateGate: Caught Green-Handed!”

In the top picture please note the WWF crest. It caught my eye too, and like hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger wish us all seasons greetings in Hamilton (from California) at Christmas, it gave me a sick feeling. What I have been hearing is being supported with real-life events and proof.

You see, WWF is claimed to be a front for the environmentalist movement designed to control everything:

The Club of Rome, a globalist front group created in 1968, immediately began calling for population reduction under the guise of environmentalism. Other fronts like the World Wildlife Fund, managed by the aforementioned Prince Philip, vocally push for population control while seizing large swaths of land for “Mother Earth.” Other pet projects such as the Kyoto Protocol, which would give the UN total control of energy resources, have floundered.

Past WWF board members have included Bilderberg founder Prince Bernhard, Hollinger media gopher and Bilderberg member Conrad Black, Shell chairman John Loudon, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Prince Henrik of Denmark, and accused drug dealer Henry Keswick.

Red flags are soaring..

Let’s be honest, Prime Minister Harper has been under fire partly at least because folks may not be able to put their finger on it but know something is just not right.

And, If you truly feel that way – I suggest it’s time for you to dig a little (preferably a lot).

We are being scammed (and it’s gonna cost ya!)

Demand action alright!: Why we are being scammed!

Continuing on the propaganda, the above ad continues, and the caption below it reads, “Join WWF and people around the world in demanding action on climate change by turning off your lights for an hour.”

Really? I would hope the “demand” for action would be to look into the lies and deceit, and demand answers to why this scam has been rammed down our throats with all the nasty scandle put aside. And, why there is now a media blitz to sell us on the need to conserve energy. High hydro rates are incentive enough, and have driven many to do late night laundry loads – we have all the incentive we need.

No  – a poor PR  job is all this is!

What’s more important is knowing that bad stuff is often  packaged as something good.

Dec 2009: Canadians got a taste of the scam and were not impressed. Where's the continuance of the argument?

They have returned to the sales job, making sure we are not reminded of the overwhelming proof to the contrary.

After Copenhagen, the Montreal Gazette reported how Canadians were not buying it. That was in December (’09).

The angst I feel is like trying to run through Jello – frustrated because I cannot move fast enough to get the word out there. Sharing with other people there is another side to this is imperative, and the issue needs open debate.

Furthering the argument, look at this article from the Daily Mail in the UK.

The data is crucial to the famous ‘hockey stick graph’ used by climate change advocates to support the theory.

Professor Jones also conceded the possibility that the world was warmer in medieval times than nowsuggesting global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon.

And he said that for the past 15 years there has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming.

To leave this topic for a second, ask now why Obama is giving the healthcare bill an up and down vote – on the extras only – the bill itself is not the issue. Obama ramming down the throats of the American people the single largest piece of legislation and he is going to decide it on his own? Just seems to fit the mood here, doesn’t it?

The climate change push is a push for global taxation, and moving wealth from the middle class to the globalists in control. Look at the names involved in the scam and realize it’s all about big money, big payoffs, and big control:

Soros suggested that rich nations to put $100 billion of foreign-exchange reserves towards the financing of emission-reducing projects in less wealthy countries.

Read more:

Back to the issue of bogus hockey sticks.

So what’s the big deal?

So, what is the big deal you might ask? So what if we need to control the temperature that we really can’t control?

So what if China gets all the industry and we lose jobs all over the world?

So what if they say it will help the poorer countries even though it will ensure more die (by the multi-millions)?

So what to it all – it hasn’t affected me, right?

If you are willing to turn off your lights for an hour, buying this scam, why not take that hour by candlelight and read what the other side has to say. What if all the “so whats” above are true?  Can you really continue to say it does not concern you?

In closing, have a look at this article  on comments  from Maurice Strong, with the headline:

The Globalist Push to Crush the Rich Nations in Preparation for Global Carbon Tax and New World Order

Maury Strong joined many of the priviledged that have helped the globalists further their cause of global control. It is no wonder he rose to the top, with much favor with world leaders in the United Nations.

There is lots of money and title if you are willing to sell out to the powerful.

It is important to note that the “green movement” will destroy industry, and will make food prices soar. When that happens the third world will starve in epidemic proportions. Millions if not billions will die as a result.

And, since  Al Gore praised Strong in 1990, that should be reason enough for concern:

In the 1990s, Al Gore heaped praise on a company called Molten Metal Technology, Inc. This company, a hazardous waste management firm, claimed to have a new technology, “a promising adaptation of steelmaking chemistry to create a closed-loop system for turning industrial wastes into chemical feedstocks.”Gore’s hype helped the company’s stock jump to $35 a share. After receiving over $25 million dollars in federal grant money from the Department of Energy, the DoE figured out that the techonology was a bust. It simply didn’t work.

Maurice Strong ran Molten Metals, and when the federal government decided to stop handing out grants, he and the other corporate officers sold off $15.3 million in personal shares of stock. The stock dropped to $5 soon afterward, but Strong had already made his money

These guys are all in the same ship; all working for the same people. It’s easy to make money when handed the priviledge and the government money.

Things aren’t always what they seem. Twisting what seems good at the peril of mankind.

Again, at what point will you want to check this out? At what stage will you question our government and its leaders, their motives and from whom they are getting direction?

Before or after it may be too late?

If you have a family don’t you owe it to them to get the information that may shape their future?


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