The World Trade Center discussion you do not want to miss: Ron Avery

It was like flying into a cheese grater

Don’t miss this updated article (May 2, 2011)  at this link (Osama is dead!: Mainstream media pulls out all the stops!)

Imagine a fly hitting a fly swatter and forcing the fly swatter to disintegrate! That is what they would want you to believe in the claim that the buildings came down from fire weakening the steel.

Ron Avery joins Alex Jones in this discussion.

Why do we keep bringing this up? Because 9/11 is the smoking gun that brought in the Patriot Act designed to strip rights away from Americans.

Ron Avery, when questioned on his belief the government of the U.S. could be responsible for the attack on the World Trade Centers on 9/11 gives this explanation – It is not the FBI or everyone in government, but there is a military operating within the U.S. that is run by a few that are  corrupt. So it’s not the  government as a whole that was in on this, but a small group within the government.

Avery: I don’t believe the FBI had anything to do with it

Avery: I believe we have a foreign military operating within this country. We need to discover these people and get them out of here.

Jones: And I would guess you are talking about Israeli involvement

Avery: I sure am

So if the sticking point holding you back from having an open mind is that it requires an “all or nothing” belief that the entire government is responsible and that is ridiculous, please note that most believe only a few key people were in control of the events of that horrific day.

This means that most people are good, and could not fathom the idea of some being this evil. It also means that the military of the U.S. would have had no knowledge that the leaders in control were behind this, but it is fair to say there are many questions that demand answers.

Please do not miss this interview in its entirety (please!):


3 responses to “The World Trade Center discussion you do not want to miss: Ron Avery

  1. Now your talking Craig!. Obviously, anyone who watches the news, Discovery Channel or any other form of traditional media will have heard about the controversy swirling around 9-11. For those who dig deeper, the internet & chat rooms are filled to busting with everyday people who have concluded this was indeed an inside job, myself included. First time I’ve heard the Israeli-Mossad theory, which I personally find somewhat far fetched, though not improbable. What I do find completely & utterly improbable & impossible is the precision with which the buildings collapsed, including the WTC building that wasnt even hit blocks away; the reports of maintanence crews in the buildings just days before the attacks; testimony from controlled demolition experts & structural engineers declaring loudly that this was a controlled explosion; the complete impossibility of the hijackers ability to pull off a stunt like this without some very, very, very sophisticated cover & training; the expeditious repatriations of numerous Arab Nationals and members of the Bin Laden family just hours after the buildings came down; the famous Bush reaction of stonefaced resignation while reading to grade schoolers; the trampling & toxic destruction of Constitutional rights that followed & on & on. Frankly, I very nearly weep, and many do, in concluding, quite correctly with all available evidence, that this diabolical event was orchestrated by Americans, upon Americans & free people all over the World under false flags, and only served to give rise to further violence in Paris, Holland, London, Bali etc. As the arms race & industrial military complex wound down, new enemies are created & identified. You cant wipe-out an idea nor an ideal with armed force. In dignifying this massive lie with an armed response what has been achieved, LONG TERM, to “win over the hearts & minds of Afghani & Iraqi’ Citizens”?. Nothing but more & endless bloodshed, a thriving opium business, criminal activities & 13th century thuggery, illegal arms dealing & nuclear threats. Im gonna stop now, crack open a bottle of wine or maybe 3 & try & think about something else for awhile.

  2. benefitsontario

    Bravo Steve! Nicely said…you brought a tear to my eye…it is a sad reality indeed.
    But, I will continue to do my part to bring “sports” fans to the awareness you and I have. It is easy to turn that blind eye, falling into our comfortable existence. We, collectively must wake up, not all needing to take action, but at least become aware.
    Knowledge will kill the ability of these powers to continue.

    Bringing in the biblical element, three shows come to mind – Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” , Faisal Malek’s “Plumbline”, and Jack Van Impe.
    Now, Van Impe has great points but fails to see the connection of “homegrown” terror through the foreign military in the U.S..
    Sid Roth has said you must “bring a jew to jeolousy”, and being Jewish he can get away with it. You see, the Bible suggests that Muslims will be coming to Christ in large numbers. Faisal Malek was one of them and he concurs with Roth on the point that at some point it will be shown to non-Messianic Jews that Christ in fact exists. That is the element of “jelousy”.

    It is very interesting indeed to put the grande dots together – from County, to Globe, bringing in Biblical Prophesy, and listening to the Creator on my own terms.

    It proves religious hypocrisy has existed for as long as man has walked this earth, and will not change till Christ returns.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful, intelligent addition and continued support Steve!

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