Don’t worry Mr. Suzuki, PM Harper is a New World carbon tax supporter

In October 2009, David Suzuki criticized PM Harper for not supporting the Global Warming mission.

I  wonder if Mr. Suzuki’s position has altered at all considering the support that Harper has for the G20, and  Global Governance. After all, the carbon scam is all about crippling industry disguised as something wonderful.

And I  wonder if his opinion has changed since the ClimateGate emails came out. Does he agree with Al Gore and President Obama that “science” is settled on Climate Change?

I for one would love to see a debate on his television show with an argument for both sides.

Perhaps someone is aware of his current position on this and can shed light….the comments section awaits.

It seems to me to find an honest opinion is rare these days. There are alterior motives and hidden agendas around every corner.


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