I wonder how many oxygen giving trees are mulched each year to bring us the news

The Rich Nations that will pay green tab? That’s us, right?

Last year I went to a Blue Jays game. Being known for a scavenger for freebies, I hunted the booths.

Charge cards, raffle tickets, oh my, the Toronto Star looks like it has some goodies – so there I went.

What was the deal?

Well, I can’t recall the numbers, but if I took Saturday and Sunday delivery I could get a Blue Jay bobble head and one heck of a nice tote bag. Well, er, okay, sign me up.

The subscription seemed to last forever but recently I noticed a charge on my credit card. I suppose I am paying again. The pile of unread news is piling up, so why pay?, I pondered. How many trees am I responsible for killing for my greed for print news?

So, I got on the phone the other day and the nice man asked me if I wanted to claim a “vacation”. I said no, and sheepishly said I don’t have time to read the stacks I have so I am thinking of cancelling.

Well, like calling with a better cell phone deal, suddenly the offer flew – I could get 50% off the going rate for the next four months. That caught me off-guard, and since I had a credit, I took the Saturday only deal that would last me almost the four months.

Moments ago, combing through the old pile of newspaper, I started to see the same promotion of earth hour that is coming next Saturday. This, as reported before, asks us all to turn off our lights for an hour to conserve the planet.

On top of this, I note that the TO Star also has little helpful tips to do our part to help in the daily things we do.

It dawned on me. A pile of newspapers that I might read a little here and a little there, but the dead trees don’t know the difference. The Toronto Star can’t tell what sections are of interest to me, so they send me them all.

Now doesn’t that sound like wasteful damage to the environment? Doesn’t it sound a little hypocritical to ask us to save a pittance of electricity while the corporations spewing spun, politically directed news kill trees and the environment in a much broader and nastier way?

A little ingenuity would suggest there has got to be a better way to get the news we actually want with minimal effect on the earth we so profess to want to save. After all, the Toronto Star is a proud supporter of earth hour let’s not forget.

I have a solution. We should all consider saving trees that use the Co2 and produce oxygen from it, and stop buying as many print news publications. We could look for the news we actually want on the internet.

We could also seek all the pertinent sides to a story, such as the Climate Change issue itself.

Because it seems to me, every news publication has their own slant, their own spin on what news you get, and how you get it.

This is the mainstream media way, and it seems more and more of us prefer to seek alternatives. You are proof of that – you and I, and other people like us can say what’s on our minds.

We have nothing to gain monetarily and no allegiances to support.

If a really juicy piece of news came down the pike to spell out that Global Warming was a complete scam, reading the Toronto Star I would have my doubts if they would tell me the unbiased story.

It’s the whole “we support this” thing that just doesn’t seem that objectivity would remain possible.

And if they ever take away YouTube, we would not be able to question our local newspaper when we watch a clip like this one:

Forget the lights, save a tree! Get your news online and do your part to save the forests.

After all, the “conditioning” you are experiencing from the mainstream media is to get you to accept the scam.

Right now, it’s all free and easy and seems harmless. Oh, but wait. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, baby!

The Star headline above spells it out. The rich nations (that’s us!) are going to foot the bill for the scam!

So, you’d better cut down expenses, with your newspaper subscription the first to go. You will need every penny  to pay these global scam artists. And if you don’t,  the green police will no doubt be at your door to collect.

Now where did we see other “conditioning”? Hmmm…..

Oh Canada, we could be in for much of the same if they ever sneak Bill C-6 past us. May be easy too, we seem to not care much. Give us hockey and forget the rest, eh?


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