Out of the bushes pops a head: “I taught I heard concessions again… I did, I did hear concessions again”

Is it the summer of 2009? It must be. I think I just heard the names John Kaites and Jerry Reinsdorf again.

I did, I did hear their names.

According to Kaites, recently (yes, this is recent, check the date):

An alternative plan presented by lobbyist Kaites to state lawmakers hinges on creating special tax districts around sports and other facilities to capture revenue from those zones. Districts could be created around the proposed Cubs spring training facility as well as Westgate City Center and Jobing.com Arena, home to the Coyotes.

Put another way,

"I taught I heard concessions again....I did, I did hear concessions again!"

Thus far, the trio has opposed other funding ideas including some proposed by lobbyist John Kaites, who represents the Chicago White Sox. Kaites has talked about taxes on restaurants, satellite television communications as well as special tax districts. Butler and Mesa lobbyist John MacDonald contend those ideas either won’t raise enough revenue or lack political support.

MLB has talked about special property tax districts around the proposed stadium to capture revenue for various teams, not just the Cubs.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon supports similar sales tax districts that could be used in downtown Phoenix. Arizona Rep. Jerry Weiers, R-Glendale, proposed a special tax district bill that could have been used to help the Phoenix Coyotes at Jobing.com Arena, as well as US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix, but that bill has gone nowhere.

Yes, was the Phoenix Mayor also in favour of those CityNorth parking spots at the tune of close to half a million bucks a spot? Yeah, I think so. What’s the rub Mr. Mayor? A little grease to go with that palm? Just asking.

No. I think the timing of more taxes is a little “off” especially with the whole Healthcare Reform scam and all. You know, the folks in the U.S. that will have to now pay in the neighbourhood of $500 bucks per family per month for inferior, government controlled care. The same government that will be stepping in between the doctor and the patient, and forcing many to retire, or head to who knows where to practice.

And, with the banker bailout that was supposed to free up money to free up mortgages of those caught in the housing bubble, it is way more important to loosen credit for a hockey team over a family’s home. Yep, I think I get it now.

Let’s not forget the taxes the folks would pay, for the most part, would be for the hockey team they don’t really want. Talk about fair.

And we thought the tag teaming was finished with Ice Edge. Wow, what a turnaround.

So I suppose Ice Edge just kept the puck cycling in the corner, and like the checking line were there to wear down the opposition and wait for the power line to get back on the ice.

Let’s all wait until Goldwater lets their guard down and try it in a different way I suppose.

So, a special tax district of “tax” revenue in Glendale and this is not Glendale’s revenue? So, if Glendale turned around and handed it to the Reinsdorf /Kaites  contingent that would not be a concession? Really?

Don’t think so boys. Back to the drawing board with ya.

I gotta say when the NHL picks their man they don’t give up do they? Persistent to a fault.

So the White Knight is coming out of the bushes where he and the boys have hid all these months.

Something for nothing. No risk. No, not like Jerry Moyes had to take.

Moyes gets sued by the NHL and Reinsdorf continues to look at all the angles that will guarantee success. Tax revenues turned into concessions, and a better lease deal.

Maybe the financiers in Abu Dhabi are getting tired of being flogged on oil prices, and are looking to recoup some losses.

Whichever way this turns out in the end, it will always stink of favoritism and lack of compassion.

They can have it, lock, stock and barrel.

Don’t worry Tweety, the puddy tat won’t bother trying to get you this time.

Note: Don’t we have to laugh that the automated “possibly related” post below is from Mr. Kaites…..we have come full circle indeed.


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