For God’s sake Canada, don’t “look wistfully”; it’s an ‘Obama-nation’ in disguise!

President Obama mocked his critics of healthcare reform by commenting there were no meteorites crashing to earth, and in fact is was a nice day. People, Obama countered, still had their doctor. Sure –  for now.

The U.S. healthcare should not be looked on by Canadians with admiring eyes. Oh contraire – it is a sham designed by the large insurers in the country to monopolize healthcare, provide insignificant benefit, and work with the government to ensure any ‘expensive’ individuals can be carefully and selectively excluded.

Forget insurance contracts that guarantee the conditions that treatment must be given, there will be “death panels” to decide if chronic and critical illnesses are worth covering.

So, we should make a point of telling this to Dr. Brian Day, in B.C., who considers the private model a champion to his quest to allow individuals to move to the front of the queue by paying extra to have treatments performed outside the system.

While Americans can come to Canada and pay for treatment (and get preferential treatment), Canadians, it is argued by Day, cannot.

Dr. Day, a past president of the Canadian Medical Association, readily admits his private clinics are violating the Medicare Protection Act by extra-billing patients. But he said an audit will just delay the constitutional battle he wants heard over whether the law should be tossed out.

“Our whole premise is that the law that prevents people from using their own resources to bypass a wait[ing] list is unconstitutional,” he said.

But to look upon Obama’s new version of healthcare with wishful eyes is a mistake.

What they are getting is a means of control, cost-containment, and otherwise letting a third-party decide if you live or die.

I’ll take a little wait over that idea, thank you very much.

It’s time Dr. Day learned the cold, hard truth.


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