Constitutional expert, and ex-judge, Andrew Napolitano speaks out on U.S. Healthcare and loss of liberty

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Book: "Lies the Government told you" (Currently #13 on the NY Times Bestseller list)

Judge Napolitano is the legal analyst and Constitutional expert for FOX News. In this interview of March 25, 2010 with Alex Jones, Napolitano talks on the lies the government tells you, why you can expect them, and how we know they lie.

Regarding votes in the House and Senate, Napolitano has the support of Ron Paul, who has the foreword in his book.

According to the judge on politicians and the need to know how they vote on issues:

If we want to vote the bums out, at least we will know who the bums are

Napolitano sees the U.S. heading into a police state, with warrantless arrest. He sees the healthcare system as a means of : a) control; b) a means to know where we are and what we are doing; and  c) to develop a “permanent underclass” dependent on the government.

He also sees elections in the future based on this corruption where the votes will go to whoever gives the voter the “biggest piece of the pie”.


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