The fate of the Coyotes is clear as mud: Ellman looks to cash in on parking

Round and round we go, where this team stops, nobody knows.

Could the on ice success of the Phoenix Coyotes have anything to do with a constant dose of appreciation for still being in existence?

It kind of reminds me of the saying you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

Although it seems unlikely the team will ever completely disband, I am sure the uncertainty of the situation has kept the players on their toes. As the team looks to do well in the upcoming playoffs, their destiny off ice is still in big question.

The NHL should be thanking Jerry Moyes for putting the team into Chapter 11. We have said it before, but without bankruptcy the question remains whether the albatross lease at arena would ever have had a chance to be broken. Ironically, the NHL is suing Moyes for the trouble. I say, what trouble?

If I didn’t have a chance to judge Mr. Moyes’ good character over all these months I would swear there would be a good opportunity to be part of the charade and help the “team” break the deal at arena. To a sales agent, what would that assistance be worth in dollars and cents?

No, we have had far too much exposure to all kinds of relationships. Moyes just wasn’t in on the party.

Now, his ex-partner Steve Ellman who owns the Westgate shopping district is looking at the opportunity cost of all those taken parking spots and is smelling the “dough ray me” money. But, the boys at Ice Edge would prefer to not have him join the bridal party. After all, they want the parking revenues themselves. Ah, memories of CityNorth. Parking, like gold is getting scarce and commanding great attention in this recession.

And, should things not go well in Glendale, let’s not forget about the Great White Knight of the North.

The man in Canada that is worth several billion dollars in his own right, David Thomson with ties to the Manitoba Moose is looking as the Knight in the wings, ready to bail out the NHL, but don’t ask Bill Daly to confirm that.

You could confirm with Daly that the lease can be broken in late June to July 1 though. That much he will disclose.

Daly said on CJLC 590 AM that under the Coyotes Chapter 11 reorganization a team owner has until June 30 or July 1 to void certain contracts. Daly said the Coyotes long-term arena lease with the city of Glendale is one of those transition contracts. “That contract can be terminated,” Daly said.

Join a few dots and you start to get the picture.

And, no article on the sale of the Coyotes would be complete without mention of Jerry Reinsdorf who seems to like a winner. This might explain why he might be back in the hunt too, with relocation clause and concession demands firmly in hand.

Keep it up fellas. The Coyotes might win the Stanley Cup to take their minds off their troubles.


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