Glendale writes a ‘rat-a-phewie’ piece courtesy of PR reporter, Rebekah Sanders

Better not drop the 'cheese' this time, right?


It’s cover all the angles time in Glendale, as the city is making sure they do things right this time……   

The last time we reported on Rebekah Sander’s  reporting was way back when, as she was able to produce the $48,000 charge to Glendale awarded to Michael Reinsdorf’s buddy Alan Leventhal (Beacon Sports).   

Yes, she was able to come up with dollar amounts when the City of Glendale was in the process of ‘magic markering’ as many emails as they could get their hands on before turning them over to the Goldwater Group. It would seem Sanders is the PR reporter for the City of Glendale, and is privy to the goods when needed.   

Enter Part II…   

So, this morning, 10 AM our time, 7 AM Glendale time someone from the city of Glendale visited our articles section. They just might have seen the Winnipeg Free Press piece that we commented on about Winnipeg smelling that rat, and the mention that seems to have assumed a lot. Sure enough, that was a taboo.   

And, this afternoon, the Winnipeg Free Press came-a-calling too.  Humourously, everyone seems to be looking over their shoulders, checking everyone else’s take on the situation. Time to have a laugh! Come on, after all this time, don’t you think we all deserve to see the soap opera quality of this charade?   

The result –  this clarification from Sanders on behalf of the beleaguered city. After all, since the City may have learned their lesson, they are actually going to chance the vote at a public meeting,  and not tell the people what’s good for them as they mistakenly have done in the past. I suppose they will take the opportunity to ride the wave of success of the Coyotes and hope that the original popularity of 25% or less of the citizens has changed. After all, like Reinsdorf the senior, everyone loves a winner.   

But the council must vote at a public meeting to finalize any changes to the current Arena lease so that taxpayers can see what is being offered. The next regularly scheduled public meeting is April 13. It is unclear whether the council will vote on a lease then.    

During a lawsuit to obtain records from the city on Coyotes negotiations, the Goldwater Institute questioned whether Glendale would give the public adequate time to comment on any new lease arrangement. The city has the authority to call a special meeting on emergency measures with 24 hours’ notice.   

And, can we safely assume Mr. Reinsdorf will bail out with this little ‘biggie’?:  

Councilman Phil Lieberman agreed that the city would not forfeit revenue and would require a new owner to carry out the remaining 24 years on the lease.  

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in Gary Bettman’s office when he learns a corporation with lots of promise but no underlying personal wealth is the last men standing. The tap’s runneth dry methinks.  

So, with the City of Glendale looking to stop the economic-blood tsunami, they must be wondering how this one will work.
They blew it before, will their desperation and arrogance cost the City of Glendale again? One can only imagine the buzz on the City Hall switchboard during this take ya for granted tax grab over the last year or so.
Well, the big question for the council will be what is the new lease?
I’m kind of hoping Mr. Moyes decides to show up to question the apparent bending over backwards he was not able to get. I suppose Mr. Moyes is Glendale’s old news. Again, for shame politicians, for shame.
Wanting to sell out to who you think will give you the most bang for your tax-collecting, area developing buck is no reason to shun the man who didn’t deserve the lousy treatment.
We all know it, now don’t we? And, no matter what you manage as a city to come away with, those of us following this fiasco, including the good people of Winnipeg, will always smell the rat.

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