Calling all sports leagues – the time for shunning Canada may be over

Canada may be looking good as a destination to put more teams on the table

While Canada’s economy looks good in comparison, the “Bovine Butt plug” is an example of the “green opportunity” that the world is heading for

Oh yes, the Canadian economy is one of the best in the G-7 (Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom).

And, the dollar is reaching parity with that of the U.S., and the rumour mill is ripe with prediction that the dollar may surpass the $1.10 mark, which it had not seen since 2007. Can anyone remember that?

So, those with large mortgages and variable mortgage rates beware, the prediction is for a move (from zero) of the prime lending (and variable mortgage) rate:

The currency is riding a wave of popularity with investors as oil prices hit 18-month highs, economic releases top forecasts and expectations grow that the Bank of Canada will hike its key lending rate this summer, well before the U.S. Federal Reserve makes a move. Canada is widely seen as leading economic growth among G7 countries this year.

I will hold back from praising the chutzpah of our Prime Minister, and stop short of worry about his selling out to the G20. Perhaps he has had a change of heart, and is truly Canadian after all? Perhaps even spiritual?

I was a proud Canadian when he told Hillary (pro abortion) Clinton that Canadians will decide the future and the issues for Canadians. And, I was impressed when he refused to succumb to the pressure of environmentalists to tax and control the bejeeslies out of the natural resource industries. Perhaps he has had a change of heart and says world be damned! I certainly hope so, but let’s not get on the bandwagon yet. He must still be under intense pressure that makes Clinton look like a warmup band at the local pub.

But it is not the bouncing around of currency as much as it is the push of a few to destroy the many in this world. That is the issue here.  And Canada needs to stay strong, and reject the pressure. It has made us desireable indeed.

Worth the consideration of  sports leagues and everyone else, the United States has become anything but united. The individual states in large number, are looking to protect their citizens from the ravages of a federal government gone far left of socialist. Dare we say communist?  Arizona, the home of the Coyotes is joining the group and suing the Feds over the healthcare ram-job.

It is making the argument of Gary Bettman several months ago seem trivial and weightless. Mr. B had let those of us in Canada know that had the NHL not fought as hard for some Canadian teams, the only two remaining teams in Canada could very well have been Montreal and Toronto.

Oh how the tides can turn.

Now, we are looking at an America plagued by high debt, ever choking fiscal policy, impossible health law, and a President that will now use the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to deem carbon dioxide (pronounced, the gas used by trees and other plants to produce “oxygen”) as a dangerous gas.

Click here to read the gaseous "truth": Gore would be proud

The cows in the fields, if eating too much grass, may pass this dangerous CO2 and I have a feeling there will be a green movement, environmentally friendly startup company that will take advantage of this opportunity by producing a product called the Bovine Butt Plug.

Laugh if you will, but this CO2 stuff just isn’t very funny. No.

Not only will the world leadership require we all adopt the one child policy as championed in China, but there will likely be key times of the day that you will be allowed to practice. Heavy breathing better not go hand in hand with peak energy use, or we might all see a spike in the global temperature. Oh wait, since they changed that to climate change, I suppose the politically, green way to say this would be that we will see a spike in the “change” in climate. Run, run for cover, the temperature may fluctuate. Oh we have such global trouble.

We have so much global trouble with climate change that it must surpass that of starvation.

As Bill Gates slipped up in a meeting, the elites must work towards reducing the world population.

Sorry, am I missing something here? Is it reduced world population or making the world safer and cleaner for all of us? I guess it’s the idea of making it cleaner for those of us allowed to remain on earth, but we must also strive to get rid of many people who are taking up valuable oxygen. Sounds a little thick to me. Buying it? Me neither.

But getting back to the topic at hand, there is good news for Canada and Canadians.

We are strong –  at least for now.

George Soros: I suppose any bovine butt plugs would be subject to the green police approval too

But, on hockey, let’s start to ask Mr.Gary Bettman if he still looks at Canada’s economic stability as a bad thing. Can he see more teams and opportunity in Canada? He should.

When you have more money than sense, it’s easy to look at ideals, and toy with an idea that is not sensible. But at some point the costs will catch up to you. I think we are seeing this now in the NHL Sunbelt.

It’s like saying, “I’ve goofed around and now it’s time to get serious”. It’s time to find the real market, with true economic stability.

And if the Canadian and American and European players see the strengthening Canuck buck as the currency of future choice, this could change a lot for the NHL and sports leagues in general.

After all,

It now costs Canadian sports teams less to hire U.S. players.


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