“Scuppering” the one world bank plan (by not allowing the G20 bank tax)

Bank reform like healthcare is a major deception


Did you hear the one about the big insurance companies in the U.S. actually writing the U.S. Healthcare reform bill? 

No, it’s not a joke. It’s actually a sad reality. 

The Democrats may have been misled, evidenced by Nancy Pelosi’s comment that we need to approve the  (healthcare) Bill to “see what’s in it”. 

No, that too actually happened, and unfortunately is not a joke either. 

The rule of the day in world politics, being played out in great measure in the United States is that what appears on the surface may in fact be the complete opposite (hey George from Seinfeld,  here we come again). 

Bring it now to current day, where the argument of the G20 is to instill a “bank tax” that will be used as a fund to bailout the future economic crises as they arise. Oh boy, can we see the pattern here? 

There are predictions on the financial street that the next big financial bubble will be in the film (aka Hollywood) industry, as to date this industry has not been pillaged by the greedy investment bankers. I think we can safely say the bubble will be blown up, financed by the big bank investment houses, and at the same time, be hedged by the same financiers. Call it creating a crisis that the big fellas can bet against and ensure that the failure comes to fruition. 

I love the smell of Goldman Sachs being exposed in the morning, don’t you? 

For more on this prediction, you would be wise to check out a very funny economic predictor by the name of Max Keiser

Max claims the film industry is worth $10 billion per year, which effectively means the bankers can parlay that into a $200 billion derivative bubble. They will carefully and systematically collect all the fees they can before imploding the industry, and in the words of Keiser, leaving the “carcass” to rot. Keiser has a way to bring the heavy news in a way that likely helps him stomach it – with extreme humor. 

Another example – Keiser let us all know that the gods are calling for bankers to be sacrificed to the volcano in Iceland, as a way to revolt against the corruption, greed, and devastation they have caused God’s people! Told ya he was funny. I had to laugh for a long time when he revved that one. I could feel that joke coming, and it was even funnier when delivered. 

Here is a video on the inside scoop on the Greek economy 

Notice the comment from the video that people in Greece need to protect their pensions. 

You see, pensions represent economic freedom and wealth needs to be stripped in order to effect world government. 

The powers that be, hidden by the banner of the G20 are now pushing for bank tax for future bailouts. 

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is working hard to avoid Canada being pulled into this power grab, and he on behalf of our country is fighting this move. 

So today’s Sesame Street word of the day is “scuppers”.Oxfam claims that Canada is looking to scupper the tax

“All eyes are now on the G20 heads of state summit in June,” Oxfam said in a statement. “It would be shameful if rearguard action from Canada scuppers a bank tax after the IMF has given it a stamp of approval.” 

Scuppers meaning to defeat or ruin (the plan), and to that we should all say go Jim go! I must say I am getting very impressed with the government in Canada I still must take with a grain of salt (and magnifying glass), but is showing signs of resisting the global movement of taxation at all levels, where the funds go to a global banking cartel looking to crush economies like Greece and Iceland, and others (hint: us). 

Oxfam claims that climate change must be fought to battle starvation and poverty. Hmmm, quite the opposite to the reality as pointed out by Lord Christopher Monkton, and leads one to question how climate change legislation that will raise food prices will actually make less people starve. Danger Will Robinson! 

The deceptions run deep indeed! 

So, we must continue to scupper these global powers. 

In the words of Webster Tarpley, we must fight the Wall Street Cancer and ban hedge funds

Far from being some arcane or marginal activity, financial derivatives have come to represent the principal business of the financier oligarchy in Wall Street, the City of London, Frankfurt, and other money centers. A concerted effort has been made by politicians and the news media to hide and camouflage the central role played by derivative speculation in the economic disasters of recent years. Journalists and public relations types have done everything possible to avoid even mentioning derivatives, coining phrases like “toxic assets,” “exotic instruments,” and – most notably – “troubled assets,” as in Troubled Assets Relief Program or TARP, aka the monstrous $800 billion bailout of Wall Street speculators which was enacted in October 2008 with the support of Bush, Henry Paulson, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and the Obama Democrats. 

Tarpley says that Obama is a puppet put in power by Wall Street and parodied on Saturday Night Live, there is much evidence to support this allegation

We can thank God for men like Keiser and Tarpley to bring the truth in the current economic crises, and point out who are the enemies of the people, and why they must be exposed.

Because what seemed on the surface to many looking at healthcare reform in the U.S. as a means to control the insurance industry, the opposite was true. The insurers were looking to control and monopolize healthcare, and control the variables of risk and cost, and using the government as their tool to effect their plan. 

And, with tax on the banks, the derivative bubbles can further put the wealth from the people in the hands of the global elites in a two-fold measure – tax that will be passed to consumers by the banks in the form of higher fees, and bailouts on economic bubbles that are rigged to fail. 

This, bringing us closer to putting the smaller financial institutions out of business until we are left with a one world bank, controlled by world government. 

So take your local news with the grain of salt it needs. Look at where the publication comes from and what political side it represents. 

As we get closer to the world economic crisis affecting us all, discernment will be vital. We can all do our part, no matter what walk of life, to spread the word that there are issues of world importance, and we must take compassion for our fellow-man to new levels. 

Jim Flaherty did a good thing, and it did not go unnoticed. 



One response to ““Scuppering” the one world bank plan (by not allowing the G20 bank tax)

  1. Hope no one is reading Oxfam publications cause it sounds useless… better instead to watch about the men who control the money systems on Invisible Empire. The best 2 hours you’ll ever spend. Flaherty did something really really good.

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