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Will Beck join the biggest dot?

On yesterday’s Alex Jones Show,  there was an extremely philosophical moment for Jones as he discussed the “digesting of truth” that must inevitably be done. Words cannot substitute one’s own realization of the truth. Jones admits he feels powerless and a failure for not being able to convey the magnitude of the reality in which we live.

For some, it is argued, that accepting the big picture means accepting that the entire world as you know it is “wrong”, a lie, and for that reason people are not willing to look at the big picture. It is hard to allow the truth that has always been there to be accepted. It is difficult for some to take the time to watch video after video, repeatedly of the WTC buildings collapsing, and coming to the realization that there is only one logical reason.

It is also hard to accept the fact that the Oklahoma bombing could also be the work of the criminal and corrupt, working in conspiracy.

But those like Jones and others have done the research and the soul-searching, and they have positioned themselves to accept a reality that must inevitably come from within.

The homework must be done!

The events of 9/11 must be digested. They must be watched over and over and over if necessary, and the “truth” will sink into the psyche. It is interesting that ” psyche” is actually a word that means the “soul”. Which brings us to the partial teachings of Glenn Beck.

The litmus test for Glenn Beck is fast approaching.

Will he take all the information on the current (police) state in the United States (after discussing two instances of prison camps over the last 100 years), and inform the public how the Patriot Act has stripped today’s rights? Will he do it?

If Beck does “do it” he will have effectively gone against his own grain, as he had repeatedly in the past criticized all people that he claims are 9/11 truthers.

Beck, not long ago, discussed how the station and his show has recently done the investigation, where a woman who was investigating came to tears after realizing what she had uncovered – the unmasking of World Governance, Crime Inc. (the current Federal Government), the bogus nature of climate change, etc. In short, Beck is bringing to light everything Alex Jones has been discussing for years less the biggest piece of the puzzle – 9/11 and the act that justified the biggest means – the Patriot Act and loss of Miranda rights in the United States.

We can all recall Naomi Wolf’s book, “The End of America”, where she describes with horror the steps that a fascist government undergoes to effect a police state.

Again, it is odd to have Beck now call out “global governance” as  a newly discovered idea, that he would give credit to his network for unmasking. According to Beck, “nobody else is reporting this”. We all know better now don’t we?

While Beck states you do not need to look at the Bilderbergers to explain this, we all know that we do.

Not long ago, we reported on Beck’s apparent skirting around the issue of the New World Order and its agenda. He even went so far as to challenge Damon Vickers on bringing it up on CNBC, and he argued with Vickers that it could all be explained away by Cloward, Piven, and the Progressive agenda.

In 2008, Beck interviewed Ron Paul (while Beck was working for CNN), and Beck agreed with Paul on issues of the North American Union as a means to effect World Government. That was 2008! How are we supposed to believe that in 2010 this revelation was suddenly made out of the blue?

Regardless of the circumstances, not too many can argue with Beck’s current awareness campaign, but he needs to go the distance. While Fox is advertising Greta Van Sustern’s interview with Laura Bush, and the trials of her husband’s presidency, this is the beginning of Beck’s litmus test.

Will Glenn Beck show the true means by which the Patriot Act came into being? Will he show how 9/11 was an inside job? Will he expose the false left-right paradigm of American politics, or will he stop short of getting beyond the neo-con agenda?

Stay tuned mes amis, we might soon see how he pulls this one off.

And if you are a watcher of Glenn Beck, ask yourself if the “ends justify the means”, could the same criminal government justify 9/11 as necessary to strip away the rights of the American people? You already know the answer. The real question is, will you allow yourself to believe it?


First comes Sachs (love), then comes Mubadala (marriage), then comes the United Nations (that would be the baby in the baby carriage)

The debt that will not allow us to part!


For better or worse, this baby seems to be Glendale's

Bear with me for a moment, won’t you?

These are strange days indeed aren’t they? And our Phoenix Coyotes hockey drama is no exception.

As you know, we have been following the Coyotes case for several months, and we have been bombarded with evidence of “special interests” that have come around to see what’s being said, by who and why.

There have been visits to this site over time from some very key players in my opinion (no not hockey players) that have helped paint an albeit circumstantial but thought-provoking case to suggest there is a story to tell of who is pulling the strings in the battle of this NHL franchise.

So, again, please bear with me on this one a bit longer. Something has occurred to me based on recent and past activity that might shed some interesting light on the circumstances and reason we are still talking about Glendale and their ability to hold onto this team.

This case we have argued has transcended sport and has touched on the political realm in many ways.

If you are still here despite my apparent losing it, you might fall into one of three categories – one that just picks out the hockey stories. Or, you might have been intrigued by the Global world issues and how it may tie in with sports. Or, you may be interested in  a combination of the two; that either came originally for the hockey discussion, or later when we got into the globalist issues, and  perhaps you decided both had relative merit. Whatever the reason, thank you for being with us.

I may be able to bring more closure to the many questions that remain. Could it be that world powers that have investment in the United States and it’s municipalities are truly running the show? Let’s see what’s old and what’s new.

Jim Balsillie and his team were baffled when  the City of Glendale didn’t take his $50 million offer seriously in court, an offer that would have covered off approximately four years of bond obligations on the arena lease. The Balsillie legal team was  also leaning their case in the direction of pinning hope on the Goldwater case against concessions, and also there was a tremendous emphasis on the Toronto Maple Leafs apparent (no make that “obvious”) veto rights. The NHL Constitution was on the forefront, but there was something very strange by the way Judge Redfield T. Baum disregarded the Veto issue. Could he have been tipped off that it was not going to be a factor? With so much reflection and thought, Baum made an abrupt ruling that I would assume he was not too proud of. I am sure given the circumstances, he would have preferred to send a clear message that the creditors should come first in bankruptcy court, but it would appear there was influences that he was not necessarily in control of. His ruling left us hanging and feeling let down. It just didn’t seem in keeping with his character and his credentials. Politics may have played a role. I believe Baum himself felt disappointed by the direction he had to proceed in. Justice was surely not served to the man who was set up by the colluding parties in this case. The bankruptcy trustee,  Lashinsky came with a bark, but left with no bite.

For Glendale, we must remember that hockey was a means to an end – a way of attracting residents, business, and tax dollars, and it was part of the bigger infrastructure aspirations of the Glendale City Hall. They made the decision, as did Phoenix to go for broke in the method of financing when they took on the very iffy demand for hockey, that did not match the very concrete lease and bond obligations. It would appear by their desperation, they were not being let off the hook by whoever controlled the bonds for the arena. One comment that stands out in memory from the court case, was Glendale’s urgency that if they lost the Coyotes, the would have to replace the loss with another hockey team. There did not seem to be an option.

While Jerry Moyes gave free advice that made sense, which emphasized that concert venues would be more lucrative, he was backed up by the same advice from the experts at Beacon Sports – bring in more concerts in a year. Seemed obvious, no? Obvious to everyone except Glendale. Or maybe it was obvious, just not allowed! Remember the comment that they would have to replace the lost Coyotes with another hockey team. Oh yeah, says who?

 We had Michael Dell investing in land and land deals in Glendale and Phoenix, and famous of these was CityNorth, which was challenged in court for violation of Gift Laws. He shared that space with Related Companies, and in the mix was Mubadala. Mubadala and Dell are no strangers in other areas, with Mubadala suppliers of the AMD chip for Dell Computer, and we can go on from there.

The relationships seemed to intertwine in this case, which shares that space with the Glenn Beck show’s direction these days. Not to say I trust Glenn Beck, but what truth he brings, albeit contrived and in a questionable manner, it remains the truth. His recent tying in of all kinds of lo and behold friends in Crime Inc. reminds me of this hockey story.

So here we are. The NHL has apparently come to terms with Glendale City Hall on keeping the Coyotes in Glendale for one more year, as the City has guaranteed $25 million in losses.

That would not be as big a deal under other circumstances, but it is the timing that is suspect in this case.

Here’s what I am getting at.

Within the last couple of days, I reported on Goldman Sachs visiting the site, checking out Ice Edge. Sachs is implicated in several global issues of corruption and is also implicated in the derivative scandals in Europe. Their reputation – not so good.

Then, we had Mubadala come back to our site, they too interested in Ice Edge. Mubadala, having interest in Phoenix (CityNorth) was suspected by past visits to be a strong candidate to be bond holders for the arena. And equally important, the nature of Mubadala investment is “secretive”, where they do not want to be known as investing anywhere. That is just their nature. Bear this in mind.

Then, we had the “mystery bidders” that have come on the scene that do not want to be disclosed. Coincidence? Could it be our friends Mubadala that all of a sudden have come to the rescue of their investment? Could they have pressured the City of Glendale to ensure that a “hockey team” occupies that arena? Would it explain much?

And if Mubadala was an international influence to the United States, would any court action be dampened by controlling powers within government to ensure they are kept happy?

What of the past visits by Mubadala checking out Ice Edge? Was Ice Edge put in place to be a potential solution?

As Daryl Jones pointed out it was a “business decision” to come to the rescue of the Coyotes. And, Keith McCullough thought that nobody in Phoenix wanted to go to a game anyways, so what was the attraction to the Coyotes? Where exactly was the “business reason for Ice Edge? Could they have been, as suspected, either a diversion or a prop put into place by the powers that be? After all, lots of government past relationships with this group, wouldn’t you say? Possible at the very least.

And now, the coup de gras, the icing on the cake.

We have said for a while that visits to the site could be a coincidence. That is always possible. It is always possible. The question remains, under the circumstances,are they all just coincidences?

Could this visit by the United Nations beaming to the category of Mubadala also be a fluke? 

21 May 13:19:12 Safari 3.1 MacOSX unknown United States New York,
United States
Ci2/united Nations (IP removed)
No referring link

I suppose we should all make sure they stay happy now!  Would they be the bankers that Gary Bettman alluded to in his interview with Ron McLean that seemed a lifetime ago?

We had asked the question with bad grammer, Who is them?

Perhaps Gary was right all along – don’t get your hopes up Canada. There is more to this than meets the eye. It’s damage control and not personal. The NHL dirty laundry was just the casualty of dashed hopes when a country sells itself out, and anything remotely fair becomes far from  possible. For that,  I can see whyBettman would have wished this  never happened.

It was perhaps the most relative 20 minutes from finding a new owner sports will ever know.

A globalist tips his hand: Bill Clinton addresses Vancouver

Bill Clinton demonstrated to Vancouver his "globalist" agenda!


 Let’s call it what it is – Brainwashing! Bill Clinton, a known Globalist was in Vancouver at the Board of Trade on Thursday, and by his words it was clear the Globalist agenda was forefront in his mission (reported by 24 Hours Vancouver ) Clinton attacked countries with the notion of “preservation over purpose“. :

“ It’s obvious what everybody’s job is,” said President Bill Clinton in his keynote speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade Thursday at the Centre for Performing Arts. “ In the 21st century we have to do what we can to build up the positive forces of our interdependence, the kinds of things that let us come here tonight and do what we can to reduce the negative ones.”

Clinton identified political, economic and psychic instability caused by rapid change in the global sphere as one of the key challenges that must be addressed.

“ You have millions of people in our country and all around the world just screaming for change to stop so the ground doesn’t move under their feet everyday and they can get back to some level of basic control,” he explained.

He added change must also be made to gain economic equality between the rich and poor along with the development of a sustainable energy model.

“ Whatever you’re going to do, however much money you’re going to spend, how do you propose to do it so that your good intentions get turned into real changes in other people’s lives?” Clinton asked. “ The how question is more important than the what question and the how much questions.”

When the globalists are pushing cap-and-trade and other global taxes to be paid to offshore banks, we know what the “how much” amount is. It is the price of freedom, and the stripping of the wealth of all populations to get to the point of complete domination.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that PM Harper is under fire from world leaders corrupted by world government.

In Davos, Harper defended Canada and its banking industry, which now supports Jim Flaherty’s resistence to bank taxation to bail out failing countries. It would appear the more secure nations like Canada are doing their part to resist the criminal element that is applying pressure. Here are words from Harper at Davos:

“ Canada also believes that financial sector regulation must have the right purposes and must not be excessive,” Mr. Harper said in notes for his speech.

“Let me just say, I understand why there are calls for such an approach in some circles,” he said, noting the public anger at bailouts of big banks in some countries.

He added: “Canada will not go down the path of excessive, arbitrary or punitive regulation of its financial sector.”

 Harper has actually been true to his word. He has resisted the bank tax, as mentioned, and is resisting the other Clinton’s attempt at force feeding abortions.

Where do the Clinton’s get off imposing their views on Canadians in Canada?

Moral deficiency is not admired by this writer nor should it be by you.

A suitable phrase, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” comes to rear its ugly head time and again when the man stands up to pretend to have something of a lesson for the next generation, when we can do with less of this globalist rhetoric, and get back to more solid emphasis on national unity, not national succumbing to the world as their “dependents”.

Canada is a solid country and I think we can all now see just how solid we are.

However, having said this, we must all resist ridiculous impositions of a globalist nature, such as the all day kindergarten for three-year olds. As if they do not need their parents, and according to the Ontario Provincial government, it will ensure they advance faster in school, and will be more intelligent. Really?!

Absurd is the word for spending taxpayer money on a ridiculous idea like that when the funding for what is important continues to evaporate – such as health care.

Canada, we are witnessing the attack on our thoughts and our country by the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

On the most recent Glenn Beck episodes, tune in to find out just how intricate their involvement is with what Glenn Beck describes as Crime, Inc. You will not be disappointed.

We need to stand united, not like the display in the United States where the head of Mexico gets a standing ovation for criticizing the Arizona government for imposing immigration laws, that are being ignored by the Feds, in an attempt to have infighting, all the while trying to creat a racial divide. For shame on President Obama and his lack of concern and respect for America and Americans.

We don’t need any more corrupt U.S. political influence affecting and infecting our country. We do need to concentrate on “preservation” of our freedoms, and forget the corrupt “purposes” of globalist criminals the likes of Clinton, both Mr. & Mrs.

“We’ve come to take our government back”: Rand Paul’s comment after winning Senate Primary in Kentucky


“Programs, get your Programs here!”……Global news and events that are rocking the Globalists and creating doubt that they can get this done!

Oh, so much has happened and continues to happen in the quest for the Globalists to take over the globe by financial derivative implosions and corrupt politicians that have been put in place to further the cause.

The world is under hijack by criminals, and in the words of a true Tea Partier and libertarian, Rand Paul’s landslide victory in the Kentucky Primary speaks directly to the President of the United States.

Paul ensured he mentioned Climate Change and the President’s support  and apology to the world that it was wrong to have an Industrial Revolution. Climate Change Legislation is designed for one purpose and one purpose only – to destroy capitalism and effectively the middle class.

The globalists are on the run, claims Alex Jones of, and he would be first to see the “awakening” of the American people, witnessing an audience growth that used to be two million listeners a week, to over one million per day! Everywhere, thanks to so many dedicated people who have been handing out the movies and emailing articles to one another, there has become a growing awareness of the master plan.

Glenn Beck has even changed. Whether he can be trusted is another question, but lately he has brought  the bigger picture that he describes as Crime, Inc.

Accused of pedaling gold for Goldline, Beck on his May 19th broadcast explained that gold keeps its value in hard times. Many believe the U.S. government has suppressed the value of gold, because if it were allowed to adjust to the true market, it may be over $3000 an ounce, that would send shock waves through the easily manipulated stock markets.

In truth, the markets today can not be trusted.

Hedge funds and other derivatives that are outside of government regulation have been allowed to be used as tools of financial terrorism by the big banks and investment firms. The market a rigged casino of sorts with stakes very high.

That is why the stock of Accenture was allowed to plummet from over $45 per share in the 10 minutes of havoc to a penny. Trillions of dollars of wealth was wiped out of existence within the 30 minutes. The culprit – short selling and options trading – one investor hedging the losses of the plunge of the markets to ensure if the number dropped to a trigger amount, they would be able to cover off their obligations. But who suffered the most?

An analogy I think of is the “virtual new car”, that the bankers told you that you bought, but in virtual reality. They would tell you that despite the fact that you didn’t actually get in and physically take possession, you drove it off the lot for all intents and purposes, and now you have turned it back in. At a loss and huge depreciation. The difference in cost is what you owe. There was nothing physical ever having to exist, just a thought. But the debt – that is real!

Reminds me too of the child playing that farm game on Facebook and his mother receiving a bill for “real interest” on a virtual game. Incredible isn’t it?

Well, derivatives and the stripping of nation after nation, Iceland to Greece and beyond have another cousin in Climate Change.

Rand Paul wanted to send a clear and precise message to the White House. The people are on to the scam.

The people in Greece are also on to the scam and have been in riot mode for a while now. It’s interesting, this morning we had this visit to the article on the Prime Minister’s role with Climate Change,

magnify this user 20 May 04:32:32 IE 7.0 WinXP unknown Greece Athens,
Greek Public Administration Network (IP removed)
No referring link

I tried to research who the Greek Public Administration Network was, and I can only surmise it is a government branch. That would be consistent.

Just as consistent as the mystery investors in Abu Dhabi, who have visited numerous times, and today, they came by to check out what the latest was,

magnify this user 20 May 07:05:36 IE 8.0 WinXP unknown United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
Mubadala (IP removed)
No referring link

Still thinking there is a link between past involvement with land development in Phoenix, there is suspicion they have an anchor around the City of Glendale’s neck with respect to sales tax revenues on arena, home of the Phoenix Coyotes. It’s a strange situation, and only getting stranger with the addition of a “mystery bidder”. Hmmm, could the bidders be Mubadala? It would sure be consistent with the secretive nature of how they do business, as we have discussed in the past.

An interjection about our state of being in Canada. Could it be PM Harper is smiling nice to the G20, all the while wondering how to get the nutjobs off our case? Just remember, we are with you boys!  The pressure is on to effect the NAU (North American Union), and the Harper Government must be under intense fire. Hang in there PM, the world is waking up!

Where Rand Paul states they want to take their government back, Harper must be wondering how he can keep his country sovereign.

Flaherty fights what some might miss: The further transfer of middle class wealth

From Hillary Clinton telling us to allow abortions (back off woman!) to Ban Ki-moon of the U.N. telling us to get back to the Kyoto agreement, and Flaherty fighting the G20 bank tax (grab), there really is some signs that the Conservatives are in Globalist – awareness – fight mode. And, can we thank a renewed, Christian revival or Saul-like revelation on Harper’s part? Could it be the Christian influence in the Government in Canada?

All I can say is Go boys go! Crime Inc. wants our money, and I say no way Jose!

Fitting, I will close with this thought. John McCain had better ramp up his campaign, because as Alex Jones has pointed out, he is going to have one heck of a time keeping his Senate seat.

Arizona passed immigration laws, and where does McCain stand in support? Illegals threatening to kill more Arizona police?

This charade and using illegals as a weapon against the American people must stop too. See for more info.

As far as States’ rights, I can only think of the Paul Simon tune, “50 ways to leave your lover“.  And, all of them are “States”.

The Climate Change dupers and globalists are going to have a hard time with the U.S., now aren’t they?

An obvious hit with the audience, yeah, sorry, Miss Oklahoma was not favoured by the judges. Rah rah U.N., eh?

From Canada, God Bless America!

Hey Rocky, watch me pull (another) rabbit from my hat!: Third bidder in running for Coyotes (again)?!

The Coyotes are on the road to nowhere: Having to build an exit ramp in Canada at this point is looking good

Short on bidders, even shorter on cash, there appears to be yet another bidder that wishes to remain anonymous in the ongoing, dragged out display of ineptitude known as the search for a buyer for the high in demand, cash cow Phoenix Coyotes.

As Gary Bettman claimed he tried to find help for Winnipeg before he pulled out the Jets, I think we know that he didn’t try very hard at all. The plan was to move teams from Canada to the elusive, strategic U.S. locations to support a TV deal that has not materialized.

He argued with Ron McLean that an “exit ramp” would have to have been built to accommodate a team in Canada. In hindsight, building an exit ramp sounds favourable to the dilemma in Glendale.

First we had the hesitant Jerry Reinsdorf placing the original 11th hour bid so many months ago. Then, Ice Edge joined the fun. Both groups realizing the math didn’t work, so they were looking for deals, anything that might actually help turn a marginal profit. Didn’t work.

Then, Reinsdorf pulled out, leaving Ice Edge to continue to negotiate. The drawback among others, the wish to play in Saskatoon where hockey lives. As Keith McCullough pointed out on Bloomberg TV, who wants to watch a game in Phoenix anyways? Good move Keith! Nice!

Then, Reinsdorf came back.

The negotiations do not appear to be  going well, and lo and behold we have a mystery bidder that might be interested in bidding for the Coyotes. Yeah, and my uncle Bob might want a team, so can we delay the sale to September at a cost to the teams in the league of, oh I don’t know, let’s say $5 million. A pretty big if at a rather large price considering the track record of all bidders to date.

So, the question.

Will Gary Bettman take the chance and delay the deal so the new, anonymous bidders can have a chance to arrange the elusive financing?

There has to be one heck of a good reason why Glendale remains so desperate in this desire to keep hockey in Glendale, despite the fact that a few good concerts could guarantee revenues and reduce the headache.

Is anybody else smelling the fish?

Do you ever get the feeling they are not telling us the true story?

Who has control over whom in this game?

“People in Phoenix don’t want to go to a game anyway” – Keith McCullough (July 2009)

Hint: Don't let Gary know you feel no one in Phoenix wants to go to a game anyhow - not good for marketing your group

It would appear the Bettman way of running sports leagues is rubbing off on Major League Baseball. Keeping the club exclusive seems to be more important than keeping the creditors happy.

Could this be the reason Ice Edge is having trouble? Is Reinsdorf the chosen one, and Ice Edge not?

Or, could it be how Ice Edge views the market in hockey in Glendale?

Thanks to the Globe & Mail for researching this video  (go to the 3:26 mark).

Keith McCullough in July 2009, discussing the Phoenix Coyotes as a “distressed asset”, and like a good hedge man, McCullough figured it was a good time to buy the “distressed asset”, and with tender loving care and ” good marketing” bringing it back to life, with Wayne Gretzky, yada, yada, yada.

That was July 2009.

When asked why five games in Saskatoon, the response was the title.


If folks don’t want to go to a hockey game in Phoenix, how are you supposed to nurture the market exactly? Weird. If I didn’t know better I’d have to say the original thought of real estate as a distressed asset held more merit. You know, that other video we played a long time ago with McCullough talking about the real estate market ready to make a turnaround.

I really wonder what the thinking is now though.

The Globe’s article is all about Gary Bettman really giving Jerry Moyes the gears, and squeezing him for all the money he can. In Bettman’s eye’s, the idea of the team to be in bankruptcy at all was just, yes I will say it again, silly.

And remember Dallas and good ‘ol Tom Hicks? Remember when Bettman gave him extensions and protections as a league when he defaulted on payments, while the MLB was ready to pull the plug?

Well, it would seem this time it is the creditors of the Texas Rangers may be  next to challenge the status quo and challenge a sports league to the rights to sell to the highest bidder. Check this out!

As we reported late last month, the sale of the Rangers from owner Tom Hicks to a group led by Pepper’s Chuck Greenberg and pitching legend Nolan Ryan for somewhere just north of $500 million is in limbo, because creditors holding about $500 million in Hicks debt–on which Hicks has defaulted–don’t support the sale. Why not? We’ve talked to sources on all sides, and the consensus seems to be that the Hicks lenders believe the Rangers could have fetched more value from another bidder–perhaps one of the two finalists the Greenberg/Ryan group beat out for the Rangers.

Imagine that – a buddy of Bettman who at least remains consistent. MLB does not want to sell to the highest bidder, and it would appear it is no skin off Hick’s nose. Perhaps Hicks wouldn’t stand to come out in the same net position as Moyes would have ($100 million plus recouped). Perhaps Hicks owes way more than he would get for the team anyhow, so the sense of wanting to sell to the highest bidder is not as big an issue as it was for Moyes. Obviously, the creditors of Hicks want to get more than pennies on the dollar.

It really is pathetic though, when creditors have to fight with a league. Why is it so important to control who joins the club?

At this rate, like General Motors, we are going to end up with nobody willing to own a team, because at the end of the day, you appear to have the privilege of renting it. The Garyworld turkey no matter what sport or league.

At least this would be in keeping with the Global Government agenda – One world government, one world bank, and state run sports to keep the surfs happy. It would explain the exclusivity of why they would want to control who owns what, now wouldn’t it?

Let’s hope Mr. Hicks doesn’t find himself  in the same shoes as Mr. Moyes. I hear Gary Betttman is a pit bull when it comes time to collect. Don’t get him on your bad side.

Oh so much fun in Garyworld!

As far as ownership of the Coyotes go, would the real Global Government sweeties please stand up!

Are we witnessing a show? Or, are we witnessing how a City can be mistreated along with everyone else who stands to lose in the new version of professional, we don’t care who we screw sports.

Oh, and by the way, kinda hard to try to sell the fans of Glendale on the “we are here for the long haul” idea when you don’t think they really want to watch hockeyanyways.  Keith McCullough had it half right – Saskatoon sure is where the money is. But trying to convince those not interested in watching hockey – I don’t think so.

Where in the marketing guru handbook for hockey is it written to force feed hockey where there is little interest? Wayne Gretzky, market analysis, and anything else you can conjure up will not save the Coyotes in Glendale.

Hello Goldwater, bye bye “deal”

The legal troops are doing a fine job in honor of the memory of Barry Goldwater

In keeping with what counts, the Goldwater Group will sue for the arrogance of Glendale taking on $25 million of potential losses of the hockey team that most residents could care less about.

Interestingly, it was the lawyers for Glendale that originally looked inept and insignificant in court. They turned out to be for real, and when the dust settled were powerful enough to flex their muscles.

Now, in the deeper background, the Goldwater Group continues to surface to put roadblocks up to the attempted concessions that the City of Glendale continues to attempt.

And the dance continues, as the City refuses or ignores Goldwater in a similar way they ignored Jerry Moyes.

Something tells me at the end of the day, it will be Goldwater who will have the last laugh.

The only question at this point would seem to be if Gary Bettman will honor the idea of returning the team to Winnipeg, or is he planning another “fast one”, with Reinsdorf and another location.

There may be “Sachs” of cash if the deal is right!


  Don’t worry Arizona, as the illegal immigrants show picket signs that say they will shoot more cops in Phoenix, all is just peachy for the NHL in Glendale!  


Cover $25 million in losses? Sure, why not when money can be borrowed for free!

I understand that Gary Bettman was on with Scott Oake last night. At that point I was watching another program that I was catching up to – the Glenn Beck Show. Yes, I missed Gary to watch Glenn tell us all how bad and strange the U.S. economy is, as he mentioned repeatedly that we are heading for “World Government”, and companies like Goldman Sachs and others, in his opinion were taking the money from the top of the table.  

Could Glenn be breaking the barrier and be discussing Global Government – finally? Could he and his station bosses finally have clued in that the Global Government thing is going to destroy everything, and Beck himself is not immune?

I heard the best quote ever: “There is the global elite and everyone else….and I got news for you, you are everyone else!”

Yes, it would seem there is a crisis, and then they tell us all it is okay, so we invest again, and then another crisis hits – oh yea! Where do we sign up for more of that kind of treatment?   

So excuse me if I missed Gary. But, my son came up and said to me, “you missed it”. Bettman was a bigger _________ than he was the last time!”   

Boy, so glad I missed that. But then, it occurs to me, it doesn’t really matter what Gary Bettman says. He is working for those higher powers, now isn’t he?   

I spend time looking who comes to the site, as clues to who is interested in who or what, when and why. So, the appearance of the following visit yesterday was interesting timing (and yes I do understand it “could be” just a fan):   

11 May 16:26:43 IE 8.0 Win2003 unknown United States New York, United States Goldman Sachs Company (ip removed)
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Yeah, it “could be” just a fan, and like all the other key visits I had over time that not only got me thinking, but got me digging, those too could have been just fans too.   

And last year, during the All Star Baseball game, as Barack (or should we say Barry) Obama (or should we say Soetoro) threw out the first pitch, it may have just been a fan of the White Sox as he wore the White Sox warm up jacket. And, he could just have been a fan as Obama came on air to make sure he mentioned his discussions with “Jerry”. I think at that point we are all supposed to say, Barry likes Jerry! Oh, and isn’t that a coincidence that Jerry just happens to be the “favoured” to buy the Phoenix Coyotes? Wow, what a coincidence, eh? Yeah, right! Sure it is.   

And, let me ask this rhetorical question.   

If you could borrow money at zero interest, when would you stop borrowing? Hint: if you could make payments with a part of borrowed money, when would you stop borrowing?  Hint again: what if there was NO ACCOUNTABILITY? When would you stop taking the handouts? Good, the answer is never. That is, until the reshaping of America and the world is finished, and then you simply collapse the dollar in favor of that world currency that is on the horizon. After all, the American dollar is only being propped up because they are ensuring the Euro is so much worse. Eventually, when they have destroyed enough economies in Europe, all eyes will return to the U.S., don’t you worry.   

Let’s digress to the way things are now in the U.S.   

The Federal Reserve is a privately run corporation. The people in the treasury including Time Magazine’s man of the year, Ben Bernanke  who runs the Fed, is an ex- Goldman Sachs man. In fact, the Fed has always been run by Goldman people, who seem to have control of it. Coincidence? Nada chance.  

Yes, and the Fed runs on what is known as “fractional reserve banking”. This is a fancy way of explaining that only a fraction of the amount of money, traditionally, has been needed to actually exist. But wait, it gets better. Now, the reserve requirement is zero,nilch,  nothing, nada!   

Have you put all your gold in that envelope and mailed it to those nice folks on TV that pay cash yet? No? Just ask why there is so much talk of melting old jewelry for gold? Maybe because they all know the U.S. dollar is going to tank as soon as it fulfills it’s remaining job.  

So let me ask you, how big an issue is printing money from thin air, and when would you stop taking it if it were given to you?   

Let me make a powerful suggestion. If you are a “hockey fan” and have come here to see what’s up with the Phoenix Coyotes and the Winnipeg chances, it is high time you start to clue in to the world. No offence. I was there not long ago too.   

Beck mentions repeatedly World Government, Goldman Sachs, free money, and Credit Default swaps . Alex Jones and his troop have been discussing this for years. Time to clue in folks.   

Goldman Sachs is in deep with the whole thing, and they were looking at Ice Edge.   

So, when the U.S. is winging billions and trillions of dollars around, just remember the NHL and Garyworld!   

$25 million if given to a city for next to nothing is “chicken feed” to keep the structure in place for the globalization of sport, and the infrastructure of America.   

Clue in Canada! This is more important than hockey, believe it or not.    


Why doesn’t the Greek Government stop the corruption?: PM Papandreou is a Bilderberg member, that’s why!

Of course PM of Greece Papandreou is a Bilderberg member

The other day we mentioned that corrupt bankers and industry meeting corrupt government is a toxic recipe for disaster. And, it is also the best way to ensure the global scam carries on, and on, and on.

Only a few months ago, at Copenhagen, Greece’s PM George Papandreou was at the conference saying he was there to support the stoppage of climate change. Perhaps Mr. Papandreou has the answer for tsunamis as they are approaching a shore too. No, the real reason for his support is his presence at Bilderberg. Sold out is more the reason. Climate change – please!

Max Keiser said it right when he advised Greece to get rid of their corrupt government, and they would have a chance to tell the bankers where they can place their bonds.

And Bob Chapman, appearing on the Alex Jones Show yesterday, made it very clear – Greece does not stand a chance when the PM in Greece is a Bilderberger.

There are common denominators when a Bilderberger controls a country. They all support climate change taxation, abortion, big government, austerity measures, heavy taxation and bailouts of the very investment banks that create the economic uncertainties.

Isn’t it strange that the PM of Greece is interested in taxing “climate change” as his country burns?

Where is the priority?

Perhaps Papandreou sees his country as one that will gain as a “poor country” when bailed out by the global governance he strongly supports, as evidenced by his words for Copenhagen:

“This is global governance in the making. But we must agree, and agree to a binding commitment.”

He also admitted he was not there only as Prime Minister of Greece:

“The Socialist International, which I also represent here, has proposed, among other measures, funding through an international carbon tax, green bonds or transaction taxes, transforming foreign debt into equal funds to be used by poor countries for climate change adaptation.”

Papandreou attended the Bilderberg conferences of 1995, 1998, 2000, 2004 and 2005. So it may not come as any surprise that the Papandreou calls for global governance to “stop climate change”- which is of course as absurd as calling for the planet to stop turning. It’s interesting to note here that earlier this year Papandreou authored an article for TheNation titled ‘The Challenge of Global Governance” in which he openly stated: “While I am pleasantly surprised that socialism is back in vogue, I am also mindful that it must be reinvented, too.”

Interestingly, Papandreou wrote the piece for the Nation in April 2009, just a few months before becoming PM. Interesting, because the writing sounds more like those opposed to the Bilderberg agenda than for it. Could these words have been a smokescreen?:

Yet many of the measures taken in both the United States and Europe to bail out failed banks and shore up ailing industries seem designed to perpetuate a global financial system that is both politically corrupt and morally bankrupt. Fixated on saving the banks, governments are paying little attention to the people who are losing their homes and jobs, their savings and their pensions, as a result of financial decisions beyond their control. The failure of governments to enforce effective regulation of the corporate giants and banking elites has undermined the integrity of our democracies. No wonder taxpayers feel outraged: they’ve inherited trillions of dollars of bad debt, while bankers walk away with millions of dollars of personal wealth.

This was really written by George P? Offer the man the PM spot and what changed? Fishy, no?

Perhaps someone had better read his article back to him – now would be a good time!

Can George Papandreou see the fire in his own country? And, more importantly, has this changed his priorities?

Sadly, the answer is likely no on both counts. No, because he is a puppet leader for the global elite.

It’s time for Greece to peacefully take control of their government, and get rid of the corrupt politicians put in place to effect the global agenda.

And, other countries in Europe are soon to follow – UK, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

The blip in the stock market that saw the Dow plunge 1000 points, before the U.S. government prop team came in the buoy the markets are a sign of how easily things can be manipulated.

Reinsdorf out, Ice Edge longshot, and Thomson looking better: How to have the NHL smell like a rose again

Interesting news after all these months. Jerry Reinsdorf has yet again exited stage left with the five-year out clause in his purchase offer.

The Ice Edge deal is contingent on the City of Glendale being able to cover operating losses for the Coyotes next season, which may be the kiss of death with the Goldwater Group no doubt on the “edge” of their seats. The Reinsdorf deal-breaker may end up being the Ice Edge demise – a concession of any kind is a blow that may never be recovered from in Arizona.

How fitting if Winnipeg gets the team they unjustly lost. It is a come full circle story, that began in Winnipeg, and may end up back where it started.

From the point of view of PR the NHL will stand the best chance of changing their image and smell like a rose.

And, with the perilous economy on the brink in the U.S., Canada’s relative stability may be the beginning of bringing home more of what Canada claims is their game.

After all, it is Canada’s game.

And, this was and is Winnipeg’s team!

By the way, I will be behind Jim Balsillie, and will gladly turn this blog address over to him in his campaign to makeiteight, eh? in Hamilton!


See this article from the Hockey Writers from A YEAR AGO 🙂