A note to the globalists: Susan Boyle is an example of why “every life” is precious

What's it all about Barry?

I won’t be long-winded here, but suffice it to say, if you can watch the Susan Boyle video and not be moved, you are closer to being a “globalist” than you know.

And in case you do not know, being a globalist means being willing to act like God, and deciding who gets to win and lose, eat and not eat, and yes, who gets to live, and who must be sacrificed to what they explain is the bigger good.

If you are religious, you will no doubt realize that what the Bible has been teaching us, is indeed true. Evil rules this world at this time, and until Jesus Christ comes back, it will continue to ‘have it’s day’.

For some reason, the Susan Boyle story brings it all home. How we can judge someone or some people unfairly, and lose feeling.

This is not cruel. What I am saying is we all would judge the “Susan Boyles” of the world and come to the arrogant conclusion that she would not serve much purpose. She has proven to us that she, like all other beings on this planet have worth, have purpose, and yes, have a dream.

One human or a group of humans are not in the position to say otherwise.

Whether it is George Bush jokingly saying he cannot find the weapons of mass destruction “over here”; oops, and “not over here”, and makes fun of the very invasion that cost millions of lives. As if those lives were not all precious. They were.

Or, for Barry Soetoro (aka Barack H. Obama) to gets laughs from the remark that his popularity is up there in the country of his birth (see pdf of The Independent – Obama proves a hit with comedy routine), admitting the fact that he is an illegitimate person to be the President of the United States. A joke it is not. That is called in your face, blatant mockery – telling the truth that nobody would believe you actually would, thus hiding it in plain view (as Alex Jones would say).

And then there are the liberals who view all so-called conspiracy theorists as conservatives, or tea partiers gone nuts (see: National Post – May 5, 2010 – Obama and Birthers). Perhaps the National Post knows better than Obama’s wife?

Nor is it a joke for Obama to mock the people on the issue of health care, that will effectively put the government between the patient and his or her doctor. That is not funny. That is an invasion of rights, and a shrewd, uncaring display of how the globalists view the individual in this world – as not worthy; as not equal.

Yes, Goldman Sachs, as Obama will say, make money whether we “laugh or not”.

For those of us that don’t think the in your face arrogance is funny, we too are not laughing.

Why are we seeing increased attack of government on its own people? Perhaps the movie below can shed some light:

But, we can take comfort in the fact that the Bible tells us many things. One – the globalists will not be victorious in the twisting of this world, and in the ultimate taking over of it. And by the looks of things, those Americans are not going to allow the plan for desolation to be effected. Yes, the antichrist will be defeated in America – I can feel it coming.

This blog posting might not be popular with some readers, and I am willing to accept that.

Some things that must be said are not always popular.

That’s just the way it is.

I’d be more concerned with the way it’s becoming, if I were you.


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