When corrupt bankers team up with corrupt government: Countries in ‘fire sale’

Athens under siege as residents fight austerity measures

The housing bubble in the U.S. was a Wall Street designed bubble, that just like chewing gum, if it were to be pumped enough, it would be bound to pop. The resultant goo on the face the reflection of  TARP money, and the debt imposed on the innocent in America.

The bankers bought the “gum” on the backsides of poor people buying toxic waste (assets),with Goldman Sachs making money as a result . They knew the bubble would burst, and that  the assets were junk, so while  they sold the crud paper, they short sold the housing market. This was a planned, deliberate sabotage.

And, when the TARP came into play, they paid themselves bonuses for their incredible scam. The little Ponzi schemes you read about in the papers these days can’t hold a candle to the ravages of  these bankers owning politicians, and destroying the very essence of economies. It’s no wonder as the American government looks to remove guns from the people they allow the Goldman Sachs executives to arm themselves.

Now we know what Obama meant when he said Goldman Sachs will make money whether you laugh or not. They will make the most money when you cry in a heap of financial ruin. It is a sick, criminal conspiracy that is bankrupting nation, after nation after nation, and it must be put to a stop.

Let’s look at Greece on the weekend.

Protests and riots abounded, as the people fought back.

Junk derivatives were the culprit in Greece too, and the innocent people are being forced the bill.

According to financial, common sense man, Max Keiser, the people should get rid of their corrupt government in collusion with the corrupt bankers, and refuse to pay the interest on the bonds. Let the capitalists absorb the cost, Keiser points out. That’s capitalism. Sorry about your luck. It’s not time to bring the taxpayer into the mess. Check out this video:

As Keiser pointed out, Goldman Sachs pays less than 1% tax every year themselves, but the people of Greece are supposed to have their taxes increased, salaries and pensions slashed, to pay them for a scam. Hello, anyone listening?

We showed Police State 4 in the last post. Greece is looking like a police state. Is America next?


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