Reinsdorf out, Ice Edge longshot, and Thomson looking better: How to have the NHL smell like a rose again

Interesting news after all these months. Jerry Reinsdorf has yet again exited stage left with the five-year out clause in his purchase offer.

The Ice Edge deal is contingent on the City of Glendale being able to cover operating losses for the Coyotes next season, which may be the kiss of death with the Goldwater Group no doubt on the “edge” of their seats. The Reinsdorf deal-breaker may end up being the Ice Edge demise – a concession of any kind is a blow that may never be recovered from in Arizona.

How fitting if Winnipeg gets the team they unjustly lost. It is a come full circle story, that began in Winnipeg, and may end up back where it started.

From the point of view of PR the NHL will stand the best chance of changing their image and smell like a rose.

And, with the perilous economy on the brink in the U.S., Canada’s relative stability may be the beginning of bringing home more of what Canada claims is their game.

After all, it is Canada’s game.

And, this was and is Winnipeg’s team!

By the way, I will be behind Jim Balsillie, and will gladly turn this blog address over to him in his campaign to makeiteight, eh? in Hamilton!


See this article from the Hockey Writers from A YEAR AGO 🙂


One response to “Reinsdorf out, Ice Edge longshot, and Thomson looking better: How to have the NHL smell like a rose again

  1. Hi Craig; Well, this situation just keeps’ circling the drain down in Glendale eh?. Couple of points/issues with your article; I dont think Reinsdorf/Kaites are “out” as speculated, though they did back-away from full blown negotiations over the creation of a new AMULA with a “take it or leave it” bye your leave. Reinsdorf “almost” quoted Mark Twain on Friday May the 7th when asked if reports were true that he’d dropped out with (Reports of my death are greatly…) a; “No comment. My MOU speaks for itself”. Why the COG punted IEH from the race last month (likely at Kaites behest) weakening their negotiating strength was inane at best. Having to then go back to IE after waking up to the reality that a fox had gotten into the henhouse. IEH requested “exclusivity” in its negotiations on May 10th, the COG refusing, so they’ve apparently withdrawn having smoked out the COG’s true intentions in trying to use them in an already trashed attempt to leverage itself against JR’s predatory offer & hardball negotiating tactics. Meanwhile, the COG is set to vote tonite on the NHL’s request to guarantee its’ losses should the team remain in Glendale absent the closing of a sale over the next 12mnths. I could go on & on & on but I think we all “get it” here. Winnipeg?. Welcome back your team!…

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