There may be “Sachs” of cash if the deal is right!


  Don’t worry Arizona, as the illegal immigrants show picket signs that say they will shoot more cops in Phoenix, all is just peachy for the NHL in Glendale!  


Cover $25 million in losses? Sure, why not when money can be borrowed for free!

I understand that Gary Bettman was on with Scott Oake last night. At that point I was watching another program that I was catching up to – the Glenn Beck Show. Yes, I missed Gary to watch Glenn tell us all how bad and strange the U.S. economy is, as he mentioned repeatedly that we are heading for “World Government”, and companies like Goldman Sachs and others, in his opinion were taking the money from the top of the table.  

Could Glenn be breaking the barrier and be discussing Global Government – finally? Could he and his station bosses finally have clued in that the Global Government thing is going to destroy everything, and Beck himself is not immune?

I heard the best quote ever: “There is the global elite and everyone else….and I got news for you, you are everyone else!”

Yes, it would seem there is a crisis, and then they tell us all it is okay, so we invest again, and then another crisis hits – oh yea! Where do we sign up for more of that kind of treatment?   

So excuse me if I missed Gary. But, my son came up and said to me, “you missed it”. Bettman was a bigger _________ than he was the last time!”   

Boy, so glad I missed that. But then, it occurs to me, it doesn’t really matter what Gary Bettman says. He is working for those higher powers, now isn’t he?   

I spend time looking who comes to the site, as clues to who is interested in who or what, when and why. So, the appearance of the following visit yesterday was interesting timing (and yes I do understand it “could be” just a fan):   

11 May 16:26:43 IE 8.0 Win2003 unknown United States New York, United States Goldman Sachs Company (ip removed)
No referring link   

Yeah, it “could be” just a fan, and like all the other key visits I had over time that not only got me thinking, but got me digging, those too could have been just fans too.   

And last year, during the All Star Baseball game, as Barack (or should we say Barry) Obama (or should we say Soetoro) threw out the first pitch, it may have just been a fan of the White Sox as he wore the White Sox warm up jacket. And, he could just have been a fan as Obama came on air to make sure he mentioned his discussions with “Jerry”. I think at that point we are all supposed to say, Barry likes Jerry! Oh, and isn’t that a coincidence that Jerry just happens to be the “favoured” to buy the Phoenix Coyotes? Wow, what a coincidence, eh? Yeah, right! Sure it is.   

And, let me ask this rhetorical question.   

If you could borrow money at zero interest, when would you stop borrowing? Hint: if you could make payments with a part of borrowed money, when would you stop borrowing?  Hint again: what if there was NO ACCOUNTABILITY? When would you stop taking the handouts? Good, the answer is never. That is, until the reshaping of America and the world is finished, and then you simply collapse the dollar in favor of that world currency that is on the horizon. After all, the American dollar is only being propped up because they are ensuring the Euro is so much worse. Eventually, when they have destroyed enough economies in Europe, all eyes will return to the U.S., don’t you worry.   

Let’s digress to the way things are now in the U.S.   

The Federal Reserve is a privately run corporation. The people in the treasury including Time Magazine’s man of the year, Ben Bernanke  who runs the Fed, is an ex- Goldman Sachs man. In fact, the Fed has always been run by Goldman people, who seem to have control of it. Coincidence? Nada chance.  

Yes, and the Fed runs on what is known as “fractional reserve banking”. This is a fancy way of explaining that only a fraction of the amount of money, traditionally, has been needed to actually exist. But wait, it gets better. Now, the reserve requirement is zero,nilch,  nothing, nada!   

Have you put all your gold in that envelope and mailed it to those nice folks on TV that pay cash yet? No? Just ask why there is so much talk of melting old jewelry for gold? Maybe because they all know the U.S. dollar is going to tank as soon as it fulfills it’s remaining job.  

So let me ask you, how big an issue is printing money from thin air, and when would you stop taking it if it were given to you?   

Let me make a powerful suggestion. If you are a “hockey fan” and have come here to see what’s up with the Phoenix Coyotes and the Winnipeg chances, it is high time you start to clue in to the world. No offence. I was there not long ago too.   

Beck mentions repeatedly World Government, Goldman Sachs, free money, and Credit Default swaps . Alex Jones and his troop have been discussing this for years. Time to clue in folks.   

Goldman Sachs is in deep with the whole thing, and they were looking at Ice Edge.   

So, when the U.S. is winging billions and trillions of dollars around, just remember the NHL and Garyworld!   

$25 million if given to a city for next to nothing is “chicken feed” to keep the structure in place for the globalization of sport, and the infrastructure of America.   

Clue in Canada! This is more important than hockey, believe it or not.    



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