Hello Goldwater, bye bye “deal”

The legal troops are doing a fine job in honor of the memory of Barry Goldwater

In keeping with what counts, the Goldwater Group will sue for the arrogance of Glendale taking on $25 million of potential losses of the hockey team that most residents could care less about.

Interestingly, it was the lawyers for Glendale that originally looked inept and insignificant in court. They turned out to be for real, and when the dust settled were powerful enough to flex their muscles.

Now, in the deeper background, the Goldwater Group continues to surface to put roadblocks up to the attempted concessions that the City of Glendale continues to attempt.

And the dance continues, as the City refuses or ignores Goldwater in a similar way they ignored Jerry Moyes.

Something tells me at the end of the day, it will be Goldwater who will have the last laugh.

The only question at this point would seem to be if Gary Bettman will honor the idea of returning the team to Winnipeg, or is he planning another “fast one”, with Reinsdorf and another location.


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