Hey Rocky, watch me pull (another) rabbit from my hat!: Third bidder in running for Coyotes (again)?!

The Coyotes are on the road to nowhere: Having to build an exit ramp in Canada at this point is looking good

Short on bidders, even shorter on cash, there appears to be yet another bidder that wishes to remain anonymous in the ongoing, dragged out display of ineptitude known as the search for a buyer for the high in demand, cash cow Phoenix Coyotes.

As Gary Bettman claimed he tried to find help for Winnipeg before he pulled out the Jets, I think we know that he didn’t try very hard at all. The plan was to move teams from Canada to the elusive, strategic U.S. locations to support a TV deal that has not materialized.

He argued with Ron McLean that an “exit ramp” would have to have been built to accommodate a team in Canada. In hindsight, building an exit ramp sounds favourable to the dilemma in Glendale.

First we had the hesitant Jerry Reinsdorf placing the original 11th hour bid so many months ago. Then, Ice Edge joined the fun. Both groups realizing the math didn’t work, so they were looking for deals, anything that might actually help turn a marginal profit. Didn’t work.

Then, Reinsdorf pulled out, leaving Ice Edge to continue to negotiate. The drawback among others, the wish to play in Saskatoon where hockey lives. As Keith McCullough pointed out on Bloomberg TV, who wants to watch a game in Phoenix anyways? Good move Keith! Nice!

Then, Reinsdorf came back.

The negotiations do not appear to be  going well, and lo and behold we have a mystery bidder that might be interested in bidding for the Coyotes. Yeah, and my uncle Bob might want a team, so can we delay the sale to September at a cost to the teams in the league of, oh I don’t know, let’s say $5 million. A pretty big if at a rather large price considering the track record of all bidders to date.

So, the question.

Will Gary Bettman take the chance and delay the deal so the new, anonymous bidders can have a chance to arrange the elusive financing?

There has to be one heck of a good reason why Glendale remains so desperate in this desire to keep hockey in Glendale, despite the fact that a few good concerts could guarantee revenues and reduce the headache.

Is anybody else smelling the fish?

Do you ever get the feeling they are not telling us the true story?

Who has control over whom in this game?


One response to “Hey Rocky, watch me pull (another) rabbit from my hat!: Third bidder in running for Coyotes (again)?!

  1. Flattering picture of Gary Bettman in the preceding article Craig (LOL!). “Inept” is too kind an adjective to apply to Phil Lieberman & the rest of the COG Council & Mommie Dearest Mayor Elaine Scruggs; Weasley Wascal Beasley & he of the misdirected emails’, Lawyer Tindal. They approve a $25M “guarantee” to the NHL without having the slightest clue as to how their going to go about doing so & in assigning the file to Beasley completely breach just about every statute & protocol they swore to uphold. Next; the NHL doesnt want to wait on the COG to establish a CFD or some other mechanism to cover their losses, no, they want a LOC they can take to the bank in the next availoable cab or “hey, cash is good, like right now”. On & on adnauseum. 3rd Partys’ from Area 51 with plans to move jobing & Westgate into Hangar 13. Garys’ liking the concept.

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