“We’ve come to take our government back”: Rand Paul’s comment after winning Senate Primary in Kentucky


“Programs, get your Programs here!”……Global news and events that are rocking the Globalists and creating doubt that they can get this done!

Oh, so much has happened and continues to happen in the quest for the Globalists to take over the globe by financial derivative implosions and corrupt politicians that have been put in place to further the cause.

The world is under hijack by criminals, and in the words of a true Tea Partier and libertarian, Rand Paul’s landslide victory in the Kentucky Primary speaks directly to the President of the United States.

Paul ensured he mentioned Climate Change and the President’s support  and apology to the world that it was wrong to have an Industrial Revolution. Climate Change Legislation is designed for one purpose and one purpose only – to destroy capitalism and effectively the middle class.

The globalists are on the run, claims Alex Jones of Infowars.com, and he would be first to see the “awakening” of the American people, witnessing an audience growth that used to be two million listeners a week, to over one million per day! Everywhere, thanks to so many dedicated people who have been handing out the movies and emailing articles to one another, there has become a growing awareness of the master plan.

Glenn Beck has even changed. Whether he can be trusted is another question, but lately he has brought  the bigger picture that he describes as Crime, Inc.

Accused of pedaling gold for Goldline, Beck on his May 19th broadcast explained that gold keeps its value in hard times. Many believe the U.S. government has suppressed the value of gold, because if it were allowed to adjust to the true market, it may be over $3000 an ounce, that would send shock waves through the easily manipulated stock markets.

In truth, the markets today can not be trusted.

Hedge funds and other derivatives that are outside of government regulation have been allowed to be used as tools of financial terrorism by the big banks and investment firms. The market a rigged casino of sorts with stakes very high.

That is why the stock of Accenture was allowed to plummet from over $45 per share in the 10 minutes of havoc to a penny. Trillions of dollars of wealth was wiped out of existence within the 30 minutes. The culprit – short selling and options trading – one investor hedging the losses of the plunge of the markets to ensure if the number dropped to a trigger amount, they would be able to cover off their obligations. But who suffered the most?

An analogy I think of is the “virtual new car”, that the bankers told you that you bought, but in virtual reality. They would tell you that despite the fact that you didn’t actually get in and physically take possession, you drove it off the lot for all intents and purposes, and now you have turned it back in. At a loss and huge depreciation. The difference in cost is what you owe. There was nothing physical ever having to exist, just a thought. But the debt – that is real!

Reminds me too of the child playing that farm game on Facebook and his mother receiving a bill for “real interest” on a virtual game. Incredible isn’t it?

Well, derivatives and the stripping of nation after nation, Iceland to Greece and beyond have another cousin in Climate Change.

Rand Paul wanted to send a clear and precise message to the White House. The people are on to the scam.

The people in Greece are also on to the scam and have been in riot mode for a while now. It’s interesting, this morning we had this visit to the article on the Prime Minister’s role with Climate Change,

magnify this user 20 May 04:32:32 IE 7.0 WinXP unknown Greece Athens,
Greek Public Administration Network (IP removed) makeiteighteh.com/2010/05/08/why-doesnt-the-greek-government-stop-the-corruption-pm-papandreou-is-a-bilderberg-member-thats-why/
No referring link

I tried to research who the Greek Public Administration Network was, and I can only surmise it is a government branch. That would be consistent.

Just as consistent as the mystery investors in Abu Dhabi, who have visited numerous times, and today, they came by to check out what the latest was,

magnify this user 20 May 07:05:36 IE 8.0 WinXP unknown United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
Mubadala (IP removed)
No referring link

Still thinking there is a link between past involvement with land development in Phoenix, there is suspicion they have an anchor around the City of Glendale’s neck with respect to sales tax revenues on Jobing.com arena, home of the Phoenix Coyotes. It’s a strange situation, and only getting stranger with the addition of a “mystery bidder”. Hmmm, could the bidders be Mubadala? It would sure be consistent with the secretive nature of how they do business, as we have discussed in the past.

An interjection about our state of being in Canada. Could it be PM Harper is smiling nice to the G20, all the while wondering how to get the nutjobs off our case? Just remember, we are with you boys!  The pressure is on to effect the NAU (North American Union), and the Harper Government must be under intense fire. Hang in there PM, the world is waking up!

Where Rand Paul states they want to take their government back, Harper must be wondering how he can keep his country sovereign.

Flaherty fights what some might miss: The further transfer of middle class wealth

From Hillary Clinton telling us to allow abortions (back off woman!) to Ban Ki-moon of the U.N. telling us to get back to the Kyoto agreement, and Flaherty fighting the G20 bank tax (grab), there really is some signs that the Conservatives are in Globalist – awareness – fight mode. And, can we thank a renewed, Christian revival or Saul-like revelation on Harper’s part? Could it be the Christian influence in the Government in Canada?

All I can say is Go boys go! Crime Inc. wants our money, and I say no way Jose!

Fitting, I will close with this thought. John McCain had better ramp up his campaign, because as Alex Jones has pointed out, he is going to have one heck of a time keeping his Senate seat.

Arizona passed immigration laws, and where does McCain stand in support? Illegals threatening to kill more Arizona police?

This charade and using illegals as a weapon against the American people must stop too. See www.alipac.us for more info.

As far as States’ rights, I can only think of the Paul Simon tune, “50 ways to leave your lover“.  And, all of them are “States”.

The Climate Change dupers and globalists are going to have a hard time with the U.S., now aren’t they?

An obvious hit with the audience, yeah, sorry, Miss Oklahoma was not favoured by the judges. Rah rah U.N., eh?

From Canada, God Bless America!


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