A globalist tips his hand: Bill Clinton addresses Vancouver

Bill Clinton demonstrated to Vancouver his "globalist" agenda!


 Let’s call it what it is – Brainwashing! Bill Clinton, a known Globalist was in Vancouver at the Board of Trade on Thursday, and by his words it was clear the Globalist agenda was forefront in his mission (reported by 24 Hours Vancouver ) Clinton attacked countries with the notion of “preservation over purpose“. :

“ It’s obvious what everybody’s job is,” said President Bill Clinton in his keynote speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade Thursday at the Centre for Performing Arts. “ In the 21st century we have to do what we can to build up the positive forces of our interdependence, the kinds of things that let us come here tonight and do what we can to reduce the negative ones.”

Clinton identified political, economic and psychic instability caused by rapid change in the global sphere as one of the key challenges that must be addressed.

“ You have millions of people in our country and all around the world just screaming for change to stop so the ground doesn’t move under their feet everyday and they can get back to some level of basic control,” he explained.

He added change must also be made to gain economic equality between the rich and poor along with the development of a sustainable energy model.

“ Whatever you’re going to do, however much money you’re going to spend, how do you propose to do it so that your good intentions get turned into real changes in other people’s lives?” Clinton asked. “ The how question is more important than the what question and the how much questions.”

When the globalists are pushing cap-and-trade and other global taxes to be paid to offshore banks, we know what the “how much” amount is. It is the price of freedom, and the stripping of the wealth of all populations to get to the point of complete domination.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that PM Harper is under fire from world leaders corrupted by world government.

In Davos, Harper defended Canada and its banking industry, which now supports Jim Flaherty’s resistence to bank taxation to bail out failing countries. It would appear the more secure nations like Canada are doing their part to resist the criminal element that is applying pressure. Here are words from Harper at Davos:

“ Canada also believes that financial sector regulation must have the right purposes and must not be excessive,” Mr. Harper said in notes for his speech.

“Let me just say, I understand why there are calls for such an approach in some circles,” he said, noting the public anger at bailouts of big banks in some countries.

He added: “Canada will not go down the path of excessive, arbitrary or punitive regulation of its financial sector.”

 Harper has actually been true to his word. He has resisted the bank tax, as mentioned, and is resisting the other Clinton’s attempt at force feeding abortions.

Where do the Clinton’s get off imposing their views on Canadians in Canada?

Moral deficiency is not admired by this writer nor should it be by you.

A suitable phrase, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” comes to rear its ugly head time and again when the man stands up to pretend to have something of a lesson for the next generation, when we can do with less of this globalist rhetoric, and get back to more solid emphasis on national unity, not national succumbing to the world as their “dependents”.

Canada is a solid country and I think we can all now see just how solid we are.

However, having said this, we must all resist ridiculous impositions of a globalist nature, such as the all day kindergarten for three-year olds. As if they do not need their parents, and according to the Ontario Provincial government, it will ensure they advance faster in school, and will be more intelligent. Really?!

Absurd is the word for spending taxpayer money on a ridiculous idea like that when the funding for what is important continues to evaporate – such as health care.

Canada, we are witnessing the attack on our thoughts and our country by the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

On the most recent Glenn Beck episodes, tune in to find out just how intricate their involvement is with what Glenn Beck describes as Crime, Inc. You will not be disappointed.

We need to stand united, not like the display in the United States where the head of Mexico gets a standing ovation for criticizing the Arizona government for imposing immigration laws, that are being ignored by the Feds, in an attempt to have infighting, all the while trying to creat a racial divide. For shame on President Obama and his lack of concern and respect for America and Americans.

We don’t need any more corrupt U.S. political influence affecting and infecting our country. We do need to concentrate on “preservation” of our freedoms, and forget the corrupt “purposes” of globalist criminals the likes of Clinton, both Mr. & Mrs.


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