Canada under pressure from Bilderberg and the G20, G8 heads: Bilderbergers and other strange creatures

Charlie Skelton at the hotel before security lockdown. Click here for the full story.

Have you clued in to the real world yet?

It’s not an insult if the answer is no. But there must be a curious nerve struck at the very least when people who think the world is rosy catch wind of the Canadian Government spending $1 billion on security alone for the upcoming G20 meetings, June 26th in Toronto.

One billion dollars to be spent. And, Toronto Police have reportedly bought four sound cannons (LRAD’s: Long-range acoustic devices).

The “curious nerve” of those thinking the world is in great shape must wonder what those are for. Well, they are for the unruly protesters that are expected to be there. Rowdy and upset that the world seems to be under siege from the big boys. Can Canada be drawn into the fire too? Sure. Why else would they hold their meeting here?

In Spain, on right now, is the Bilderberg meeting. Among these reported in attendance this year is Bill Gates, who is pushing climate change legislation (taxation!). They are looking to destroy the middle class.

Jim Tucker in photo with Alex Jones

Jim Tucker, who has covered Bilderberg meetings for longer than most of us have been alive has reported that the Bilderbergers may be pushing for U.S. war in Iran. Could the very strange aggression of Israel in the last few days be a reflection of stirring the war pot, looking to aid and abet the process? Something is just not right. So, if Tucker’s intel is right a war in Iran may be on the horizon.

That’s right, these guys are responsible for pulling the strings to serve their agenda.

Climate change, even though they are dead in the water is also on the agenda for Bilderberg, and by coincidence, I will eat cow pies if it isn’t on the G20 agenda in Toronto later this month.

The world, “she’s a changing, no?”. Yes, just as many years ago, it was discovered that the “world, she’s a round, no?”

The Global Government has been exposed. Many regulars are not showing up to the Bilderberg meeting this year because of the exposure of the group that would prefer to remain unknown, and the press are now  all over it.

So, it is time for Canada to wakey wakey, and realize our relative economic strength will be under attack. They will attempt to tax us for climate change and tax our banks. They will get to us any chance they get unless we continue to wake up the masses around us that are still scratching their heads over why they need to buy sound cannons and spend $1 billion in security.

Just who are these people that they command such attention and royal treatment? It changes annually with additions, but there are regulars getting very nervous.

It’s time to learn.

Canada is not a country in a bubble. We had better help our world neighbours “just say no” to tyranny.


4 responses to “Canada under pressure from Bilderberg and the G20, G8 heads: Bilderbergers and other strange creatures

  1. At least there are two of us out of 30million

  2. benefitsontario

    More all the time Don. Make no apologies when bringing the facts that support the ‘ugly’ truth. God bless you!

  3. Are the masses rising against the bilderberg group yet , uk has had crowds massing because of education cuts , the government are expected to give millions ,could be a billion to euro union , people are rising there in uk . Come on people dont let the nasties win against us .

    • benefitsontario

      Keep up the spirit of truth! We will be victorious! The lies, deceit and corruption will all be known, and the truth will set us free! God bless you!

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