What was that Daryl, “financial turmoil in the world”, you say?

Hello Sports Fans!

Did we all just hear Daryl Jones of Ice Edge tie the “real world” into the sports world, specifically the NHL?  Did Jones really mention that global financial issues might affect the financing and sale of the Coyotes? What’s that you say?

For Ice Edge, that would be arranging what could be tightening credit.

The good people of Phoenix (and the rest of the U.S.)  know the problem with getting credit, which is the reason many had to leave their homes. That was the housing crisis.

The bailout funds to the banks, including Goldman Sachs were to free up mortgages, but Tim Geithner, the day after the funds were advanced changed that game, and would no longer tell anyone where the money was going, but it wasn’t to the poor homeowners in the U.S.

As you may have wondered how a blogger on makeiteigheh could seemingly and suddenly change gears into politics, please know that the road was set before me – the path had little choice. I didn’t ask for this to become a political, let alone “global” issue, but I am thankful for Daryl Jones’ comments to Canoe.ca to back it up:

“It’s hard to gauge the probability of this deal closing. One thing that everyone has to be realistic about is there has been a great deal of financial turmoil in the world over the last 45 days, which is going to make it harder for us or any group to close this transaction though we do remain optimistic and feel good about our chances.”

Ice Edge has pledged to keep the Coyotes in Arizona and under the terms of the MOU, they are committed to staying for at least five years.

There is so much turmoil that the original idea of committing to Glendale forever has now also been replaced by five years. And, the group expects to be sold Jobing.com arena should things sour too, no doubt to take advantage of one of the hottest concert venues in the U.S.. In short, Ice Edge are no dummies.

Hockey and the Coyotes has almost become a sub-issue at this point. It was a great ride that began with the exciting possibility that Hamilton and Canada could be honoured with more of the sport we call our own. Fitting really, that a political battle for Canada would be fought as a result of the uncovering of many truths regarding our rights as hockey citizens, and more importantly as global citizens.

Regardless of how Ice Edge fairs in this battle, I wish them well. They have been put in a rather unenviable position I believe, to be the salvagers, not the scavengers. To do a few favours in hopes of collecting at some point.

But as Daryl Jones has mentioned, these boys have some worldly business smarts that are looking at the bigger, global picture and perhaps seeing the very real threat of war with Iran. That would further cripple a U.S. economy already ravaged by the likes of the criminal minds of Bilderberg.

As we mentioned, Charlie Skelton of the Guardian in the UK had been giving us eyewitness accounts of the current 2010 Bilderberg convention in Spain. He called the troupe of brave reporters as guerilla reporters, frequently being detained and left to return to the trenches of real journalism.

While mainstream media in North America turn a blind eye to the real power brokers of Bilderberg, there are tremendous signs in Europe that this group is being reported on from Spain, Germany, and Russia, and more. North America may report on the G20 and leave us wondering why we have a high security cost. If you knew about the seedy side of politics, the underbelly of the beast, you would see why there is a growing need to keep things this ugly in the dark. Yes, it is an ugly agenda indeed.

We have an unsung, potential hero here in Canada by the name of Stephen Harper.

Unsung Canadian heroes?

You may not have noticed, but he seems to have seen the light (at least it looks that way), and is battling the demons of Crime, Incorporated head on.

While the attack of Canada by the corrupt of the world is after our money in the form of bank tax and climate legislation, Harper is resisting with all his being.

But you won’t read about this in the mainstream North American media.

Don’t worry though, we are just getting warmed up. We are ready to follow the global story of good vs. evil to its conclusion, all the while hoping you will join in on the awareness campaign.

What may just seem a distant thought as reflected by Daryl Jones, is a tip of the iceberg hint that all is not well on this planet.

And, our problems have nothing to do with the climate. It has everything to do with the money and control it represents.

Harper knows it. It’s time you did too.


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