Wow, that was fast T.D.!

Was W.Edmund Clark at Bilderberg 2010 for the golf, or is this the Bilderberg Group’s attempt to infiltrate the security of the Canadian Banking system that has to this point saved our Canadian Bacon?

Picture courtesy the Drudge Report

When I learned of some of the new attendees at the 2010 Bilderberg meetings perusing the final list of attendees, it was a bit of a surprise to digest that:

W. Edmund Clark: President and CEO of the TD Bank Financial Group

 was there, as reported by Charlie Skelton of the Guardian in the UK.

Bilderberg needs to get to our banking system to be effective, and this is a red flag that could be a sign of things to come to pressure the Canadian Government.

Can we expect a detailed report from Peter Mansbridge of the CBC, as he was an official attendee too? How about the good people of British Columbia – should they expect their Premier, Gordon Campbell to address the citizens with Canada’s role in the New World Order?

There is an article that I will list below that may be the start of some pressure. But, I didn’t realize it would come before Clark’s visit to Bilderberg.

In this believe it or not, what planet are you from article from Global News, a fellow by the name of Don Drummond, former chief economist for the T.D. criticized our industry for being slow and careful, and we should be more like the industry in the U.S.. Whaaaa? Has he seen the turmoil they are in?

Whew, wow, sorry we here is Canada are a bit conservative. We can see how the U.S. businesses are doing so well in the States, especially considering the fact that 42% of all income derived is from private enterprise. And, that should be read as 58% and growing is the percentage that the public is paying for.

In short, how would an economist predict the future of a country that relies on 42% of income from private corporations to support the income of 100% of its citizens? Gonna wash?

Or, how about a government that wants to tax that same industry and industrial growth (via climate cap-and-trade) and other means to further quell industry? I guess if the industry there needs to be aggressive, their eyes are going to get tuned to how to avoid the issues being imposed upon by those in government that do not appear to be working for the American people.

The same government that bought G.M. and moved the jobs offshore? That can’t fix the BP oil leak?

Where Goldman Sachs exes seem to run the Federal Reserve? Where Goldman dumped a ton of BP shares just before the oil rupture?

That one?

And the focus had better be on the Bilderberg influence that saw Barack Obama in 2006 visit the meeting of the Bilderbergians in Ottawa, later to have him become President in 2008. A relative unknown he was, oh yes! The kiss of success at Bilderberg?

So, I am not surprised to see this quote from the T.D. bank, thrashing our good, conservative business-stead, but I wasn’t expecting the trash so fast!:

“It is perplexing that substantive policy reforms moving in the right direction have been met by slowing business sector productivity growth,” said the report, co-authored by the bank’s former chief economist, Don Drummond. “As such, economists must look beyond the typical policy prescriptions, and seek other answers to the country’s productivity shortfalls.”

(Read it on Global News: Canadian business not ‘adventurous’ enough: TD report)

I’ll take slow, honest growth over no growth, thanks!
The bigger news is that this is the kind of thing we should expect when this bank has now been represented at the 2010 Bilderberg meetings.
Perhaps Mr. Clark should explain the reason for his attendance. Perhaps we should demand it.
Keep an eye, Canada! Will the pressure for the bank tax in Canada be next?




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