The only true question is will there be “Sachs” of cash for Ice Edge?

Sorry, red alert!

How many months have Ice Edge been in the running for the Phoenix Coyotes? Six, eight? And, they are telling us even at this late stage there may be an issue with financing? The turnip truck is to the left, take a number, I hear they turn corners extra sharply these days!

What on earth?

Tonight, the Council of Glendale (pip,  pip cheerio!) will vote on the viability of Ice Edge. Deja vu, didn’t we just see this with Reinsdorf who is yet again sidelined?

The only real explanation for all of this delay and apprehension is those responsible for  dangling  the debt obligation on the arena lease, or those with the investment money are monitoring the grander scheme of the world.  Daryl Jones is right.

I would suspect that  the money and the debt has been the issue for quite some time. Those holding the power over the debt may be deeply entrenched in the U.S. economy, and have influence. A political tie to more than hockey.

In the last article regarding Mubadala and Goldman Sachs, what I did not mention was that at close to 3 AM just as the article was posted, Mubadala was hot on the trail. They are very interested.

But just in case it isn’t a question of preaching to the choir at Goldman Sachs and Mubadala, we have news for the rest of the interested.

The U.S. economy is being imploded on purpose. The money is being tapped out of the country to the offshore (mob) bosses in all forms of taxation, bailouts, the coming healthcare premiums, the coming carbon taxes, etc.

The balance between income from the private corporations and public jobs is getting more and more skewed. Only 42%  comes from private corporations, but isn’t it private industry that funds all income innevitably? It’s no wonder there is going to be an implosion.  The elite are looking to destroy the economy, come hell or high water.

Debt  payment obligations are expected to tap out all GDP in  approximately seven years from now.

The jobs Obama (aka Soetoro) brags about are the rehiring of census workers temporarily. Are they laying them off monthly and rehiring? What a joke! Bilderberg wants more people dependent on the government, and effectively on welfare. The people seem more harmless that way, and much more easily manipulated. The good news is we are on to Bilderberg and their tricks.

Arizona is in crisis. Illegal immigrants are running rampant, and this is also the case in several other States. There are 17 States that have now joined Arizona in effecting law to do what the Feds refuse. And why do the Feds refuse? They want to create infighting in the U.S., and not enforce law upon the illegal immigrants. The illegals will also create a growing voting force against legal citizens. In short, the Federal Government is not working for the people of America.

The 2010 Bilderberg meetings held in Spain also came to the conclusion that war with Iran in in order. Will it happen now that it has the seal of approval of the global elite?

Goldman Sachs may be behind the potential financing of the Ice Edge Group, or it could be at the direction of Mubadala. Heck, we even had the corrupt at the United Nations checking out Ice Edge. Hockey fans? Please!

Everyone has been playing the stall game with this team and the poor fans of Glendale that are unaware of the forces outside of hockey pulling all the strings.

It’s time for all parties to put this fan base out of their misery, don’t you think?

Time to get off the pot.

Are the “Sachs” of money going to be there for Glendale or not?


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