Oh, Canada! Did we have to pay for Gord and Pete’s Bilderberg excursion?

We as Canadians must fight the influence of Bilderberg with all we have. Or, it’s the North American Union, here we come!

The Guardian in the UK has a contest. It’s called name the Bilderberg Delegate for the 2010 “Conference”. Well, here is one of the pictures from the Guardian (thanks!).

Could it be? Gordon Campbell and Peter Mansbridge at Bilderberg 2010?

I think we can safely identify Peter Mansbridge from the taxpayer-owned  CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and would that be Gordon Campbell in the background to the right of Mansbridge  with the glasses and distinguished hair?

Well, let’s have a look at a comparison picture:

Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia

Certainly looks familiar doesn’t he? I think we found our British Columbia Premier in Bilderberg company.

Now, how were their expenses paid for? The Vancouver Sun reports the fine taxpayers of B.C. paid for it. How nice of them. Were they aware of the expense? Did they okay it?

Would it form part of the $ 1 Billion we are wasting at this year’s Toronto G20 meeting? No folks, that’s a whole other expense.

Don’t both Gord and Peter owe the Canadian people a little “what up with the meeting” and to let us know how it will affect our sovereignty and freedom?

Last year, the meeting was in Greece. Now, Greece is burning.

This year Spain. And they are looking at cutbacks and austerity measures now. Maybe the Bilderbergers get a strange, sick satisfaction to exploit the countries they are ready to implode. Nice folks, wouldn’t you say?

And, since getting caught, Premier Campbell is now coming clean with a well tailored “answer” to explain the whole thing.  Campbell gave a tidbit of what should sound really good:

“We talked about the economy, we talked about trade, we talked about health care and the challenges that health care presents to all economies with the changing demographic,” Campbell said Monday, not going into detail about what was discussed.

“We talked about how is it possible to feed the world and what are the barriers that are in the way of us actually accomplishing that goal.

“Everybody is connected now with international trade. Everyone will be affected by what happens with the European currencies and that’s a significant issue everyone is concerned about.”

In the old days, they would call anyone that said the Bilderberg Group exists a “nutjob” conspiracy theorist. Since the the inside sources of Jim Tucker and others are able to acquire the sheepish list of delegates, it’s reported as a cover as no big deal. Believe me, if the list of participants didn’t get leaked, Campbell would not have volunteered his participation in the media.

Some believe it treasonous to have Provincial and Federal representatives in secret cabal meetings that have nothing to do with the business and interests of their own country. Many would argue it is. There is a huge opportunity to use a given, elected office to benefit others outside the country, thereby profiting those involved. It is a breech of trust.

Campbell, in his explanation does not go into detail, but gives a vague, ‘we care about the world’ oversight. If he is there representing Canada he should be on the grill to tell all he knows.

Anything and anyone working in the dark cannot be doing what is best for mankind.

Or, as Charlie Skelton of the Guardian says, they should not be cowering in the back of darkly tinted limousines in shame. It’s not a pow-wow!

Should we be surprised the Vancouver Sun writes a puff piece to cover a serious issue? Heck no. Remember, Gerald Schwartz, the founder of Onex (as in, the mention a million times with regard to the Phoenix Coyotes, remember?) has strong ties to business in the U.S., where this charade is in full Bilderbergian swing.

He owns CanWest. CanWest owns the Vancouver Sun. Get the picture? So, a shock the reporting is a matter of fact? Not at all! Is it any wonder there is talk in the U.S. to tax online blog reporting to bail out the failing mainstream news? If they reported things honestly, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. People are fed up with the lies and cover ups being spewed, let alone being asked to pay for it!

Getting back to what’s real…

As reported by a true Journalist, Josh Steffler (Times Columnist), he sees the HST as a move to the Bilderberg agenda for the NAU:

We are facing a harmonized sales tax, and some, including myself, believe that the HST is a step toward a North American union.

A North American union is one of the goals of the Bilderberg Group, which has claimed credit for the euro and the European Union.

A lot of controversy surrounds this group. Full disclosure by Campbell would put many people’s fears to rest.

It is our right to know why or if he was invited, and whether he attended in an official capacity or as a private citizen.

When our government meets in secret to make secret plans, we should be casting the light of truth on the meetings and see if they really are in the public good.

What does he have to hide?

Read more: http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/light+shine+Bilderberg+Group/3126044/story.html#ixzz0qNgwcKXH

With all due respect Mr. Campbell, take direction from Stephen Harper and fight the New World Order. I certainly hope Mr. Harper has seen the dark side, and is running to the light!

The Bilderbergers  are not your friend, and they are not Canada’s. Don’t buy the nice guy stories they may tell you. Their history and intent is far from concerned, and involves forced vaccinations, eugenics, and how to remove most inhabitants from the planet. “How they will feed the people” is their concern. But the truth is they want less of us to worry about.


A little interest from BC has recently graced our humble site. Keep looking, you might find more interesting news!

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5 responses to “Oh, Canada! Did we have to pay for Gord and Pete’s Bilderberg excursion?

  1. BC citizens were shocked to see, Mansbridge associating with Gordon Campbell, at the Bilderberg meeting. I had simply, not believed the sites which said, the CBC, should not be trusted. There were newspapers also on the list, that were said to be not trustworthy. I am a senior now, we gathered around the radio, to listen to the CBC, as did my parents, before I was even born. So, I feel very let down. Is there anything sacred, in this country, that can be, relied upon to be honest?

    • benefitsontario

      I think it is up to us to stand and make sure our fellow Canadians are aware of the forces that be that are selling our nation down the river.
      But, having said this, I also have seen firsthand in my business travels that Canadians are really understanding something is not right. They may not know why – some do, some don’t. It is these folks that have an open ear to learn what we know, and it will spread. God bless you!

  2. Pig, Traitor, all of these Canadian Bilderbergers should be hanged by the neck until dead!

    For High Treason!

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