The facts and security don’t add up for the “harmlessness” of Bilderberg

Suddenly Canada, we are being dragged into the world’s trouble

In keeping with Bilderberg tradition, will we see Campbell looking to be the future Prime Minister?

It took a while for this information to digest.

As we in Canada, and especially in the Toronto area reflect on the upcoming G20 meeting, we cannot help but wonder what in the world is going on with Gordon Campbell, Premier of B.C. , and his trivialized trip to Bilderberg 2010.

Campbell was a matter of fact as he mentioned he was there to learn of the good things that Bilderberg talks about – like feeding the world, and the economic crisis.

If that is the case, why the “past” secrecy, and only the new Bilderberg website when it is now obvious their mission is out in the open.

As Charles Skelton of the Guardian (UK) reported so well, the agenda of Bilderberg is expected to be implemented. All talk of being a harmless group of concerned citizens flies out the window when people of this magnitude and stature step to the plate to tell us the truth:

….the former Nato secretary general, Willy Claes (Bilderberg 1994), said on Belgian radio that at Bilderberg each participant is given a report and they are “considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect”. This remark is revealing of the Bilderberg dynamic: the flowing of policy out from Bilderberg and into the world, from power towards political implementation. From the steering committee to the guest members.

But never mind what the agenda of Bilderberg might be (and when one says “Bilderberg”, one is really talking about its steering committee of 33 people). Never mind where you stand on the project for a united Europe. Or the usefulness of a global currency. Never mind what they’re talking about. Never mind when the attack on Iran is scheduled. Simply understand that a very important, seriously managed conference has just taken place.

Are we to believe the extreme security this group demands is because they are a group of concerned pipe smokers, reflecting like a country club on the trials of the world? Are they like trekkies at their annual convention? I don’t think even Spock would be able to justify this kind of treatment.

The only true explanation for secrecy and security and darkness is there is something going on.

When Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton ditch reporters to scurry to the meeting in 2008, this doesn’t sound like an informal gathering.

When the taxpayers of British Columbia are told after the fact that they paid for their Premier’s visit to Bilderberg 2010, they are owed a full explanation. Why should Campbell be able to keep the information personal at the price of the taxpayers?

Obama and other world leaders first visited Bilderberg, and then became the heads of their countries.

Is it a coincidence Campbell was there? Remember, he was invited.

Is he being groomed to take over leadership of Canada, and further effect the Bilderberg agenda?

I think for those of us awake, we know the answer already.

The question is, will the people of Canada wake up to a reality that is hard to swallow?

I certainly hope so.

Perhaps the G20 will inspire the jolt of reality direly needed.

As Skelton so eloquently continues:

No one spends €10m policing a ping pong tournament. Not even Robert Zoellick. Of course, bear in mind €10m is small batatas compared with what Canada is about to spend on policing the G8/G20 circus later this month. A very uncool $1bn. (You read that correctly.) At least the press are invited. Lanyards for everyone!


One response to “The facts and security don’t add up for the “harmlessness” of Bilderberg

  1. I read, some time back, the NWO, has been worked on for decades and decades. Campbell would make a good candidate, for any clandestine movement the NWO will need. Campbell, is full of, hate, spite, vendetta’s, lies, deceit, broken promises, arrogance, criminal acts, a dictator, he forces himself onto citizens, that despise him, fraud, the theft of, the BC peoples assets and natural resources. China owns much of BC, as does the USA. BC has massive natural resources, that are being plundered and sold out by Campbell. Our rivers are sold, our clean drinking water, is going to, the USA and Mexico. Dirty oil being piped to BC, where China’s dirty oil tankers, will pick the dirty oil up, and take it back to China. Our beautiful, pristine coast will be gone forever. With the off shore drilling and the dirty tankers, in our coast’s inlets , a major spill is only a matter of time. BC is a gutted, financial morass.

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