G8, G20:We know what you (did) are doing (last) this summer!

A reporter, Jeremy Grimaldi, for the Hamilton Spectator was taking notes at the site of the G20 meetings in Toronto the other day.

He had a weapon – a pen and a notepad!

Stopped at least six times, the police wanted to know what he was writing about. After all, he could be doing a stake out of the site, looking for vulnerability, and reporting back to his “people” who want to wreak havoc on the summit.

Or, he could simply be the reporter he is and is taking notes. No mini pipe bomb in the pen, that is ignited with the rubbing of ink on paper. No suicide bomber, just a reporter trying to see what all the fuss is about.

It's too bad they are so uptight the leaders cannot relax with Bob and Doug, Canadian hospitality

Thousands of police line the perimeter of the fenced in area around the city core. Someone told me they made a mini, man-made lake, complete with Muskoka chairs. I wonder if Bob and Doug McKenzie are there too, to sing the cu-loo-coo-coo-cu-coo-coo coo theme song of Canada. Perhaps they could bring in a couple of beavers that have of course had security clearance.

Good day, eh?

Oh, those were good times. Maybe, if we took the world leaders to Muskoka and Huntsville more often, Bob and Doug could have won the Peace Prize ahead of Barack Obama, who seems to have  has a mandate to continue the wars in the Middle East with a similar scent to Vietnam. The wars  designed for occupation not victory, to cultivate the poppy fields and ship to the United States the necessary drugs to continue the CIA directed war on drugs. What they don’t tell us is the war on drugs is really to stop the wrong people getting the drugs. As a thug would say, “if anyone is gonna profit from the drug money, it’s gonna be us”.

Geraldo Rivera can come on FOX NEWS all he wants and sell us all on the need to ensure the evil Taliban does not get the drugs (yeah right), to justify the American Armies new-found farming skills. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.

So, reportedly, Toronto looks like a Police State they say? Shocking is it?

Well, for those awake to the agenda of the globalist leaders, and the conspiracy sounding New World Order, the scene in Toronto is nothing of a surprise.

Nor is it a surprise to the corrupt government heads that are pushing the serfs (us) to a world government, controlled by a one world bank, and yes, the New World Order.

Some government heads have had a spiritual revelation, I believe, and are fed up with the duping.

The duping of Al Gore and Climate Change (to be read the air we breath. The stuff trees use to produce oxygen!!). Climate Change used to be Global Warming until that didn’t work. Then, since they could not prove with the good ol Canadian like hockey stick climate graph (should have used a Beaver chart), they changed it to a term that is impossible to put a finger on. Abstract concept with concrete taxation powers. Clever, eh?

And then there are the “parent planning” groups that use that one to justify the murder of unborn babies. That would be supported by the Clintons and other Globalists into Eugenics (the sterilization and reduction of human life on earth).

So, to recap. What is on the agenda for G8 and G20?

The taxation of air so they can de-industrialize the world and create many serfs. The control of the food supply that has already gotten underway, and the further upping of GMO (genetically modified food) as the only choice. And by the way, climate tax and control will remove more private farms increasing food prices as supply decreases and is responsible for millions dying from starvation). Increased energy costs for both electricity and gas, from the evil oil industry. Implementation of IMF (International Monetary Fund) pressure on banks, so consolidation of banking industries can eventually lead to a one world bank.

And yes, eventually we will have a cashless society, microchips, and the mark of the _____ (you know!).

These people need the $1.2 billion in security.

They could have avoided all this if they just relaxed a long time ago with Bob and Doug on a Muskoka chair in Huntsville.

They would have seen the beauty of God, and realized we should all be able to enjoy life.

But, since that didn’t happen, the best they can do is an artificially created version of why Canada wants to keep its sovereignty, and probably why Stephen Harper will tell them all where they can go. That is, in a nice, Canadian way, eh?

You don’t have to believe me, and you can just wait till the next strange thing happens that doesn’t jive with life as you think it is, and makes you scratch your head in wonder. Or, you could clue in!

The security at the G8 and G20 is because some of us know what they did last summer, and we know what they want to do this summer, and we don’t like it!


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