They “fiddled” while Toronto burned

I don’t know Stephen Harper, but I hope he is on Canada’s side. 

Obama, Cameron, and a Prime Minister in `calculated`thought


Not long ago, with the help of Jim Flaherty, Finance Minister, Harper and Flaherty fought the more concrete attack on our banking system by battling the proposed global bank tax. That would have taken Canada’s freedom to regulate its own system effectively, and raised ultimate bank costs, whether in fees or interest. And, we could not trust where the “wealth would disappear to”. 

I suppose the proof of if Harper is “for real” or not will be found in the pudding. The results of this weekends G8/G20 Summits – one peaceful, one not, may or may not be our Prime Minister dodging a bullet of pressure, or simply proving he is a player in the global game.  The game to create the matrix  that will continue to conform the masses to accept grave austerity  measures en route to a one world government and little to no human rights. So which is it?
Outside, Toronto burned, and upwards of 600 arrested by police that looked more like para-military. Even peaceful protesters were being carefully guarded by police and journalists were not treated any differently. Basically, if you were there as a demonstrator, you were guilty, as reported by Reuters

“Police are continuing to arrest people who engage in criminal activity,” said police spokeswoman Jenn Geary. “Media are treated just the way anyone else is. If they breach security they’re going to be arrested.” 

A group known as the Black Bloc arrived at the protest, and where police were seen everywhere, suddenly there were no men in black (police) to be found on Queen St., where a police car was left unattended – an easy target for the violent group. The result – the police car was set ablaze, as some would argue a video op to justify the massive debt undertaken for the event, which has topped $1.2 billion. 

Jokingly or not, French President Nikolas Sarkozy told Harper he would spend “ten times less” on security for next year’s G8 Summit, in Nice, France. To that, I say “nice”. 

There is concern among many that the violence was staged as allowed so many times before. The RCMP were caught in Ottawa not long ago, dressing their own officers in street clothes provoking violence. Apparently, their “boots” gave them away. 

Dan Dicks, of Press for Truth (.ca), effectively captures the overview of the “banksters” that are behind the rape and pillage of our finances. Check this out: 

Dicks was reporting over the weekend on the G20 protests, and according to him, he was being followed closely by a group of approximately 20 police from the time he left his apartment. As the saying goes, the police state is here. 

More on the circus inside the fence….. 

I am hoping Harper’s jump at the chance to come to the aid of women and children worldwide was a tactic of the best defence is a good offence. Show them that we are serious on issues that will be harmless to Canadians, and give vague promises to issues of bank reform, austerity, and climate (carbon reduction). 

We must also accept the very real possibility that we could have a Prime Minister that is looking to appear that he is fighting the globalists but really on their side. The $64,000 question – Which is it? 

So, as Toronto burned during the G20 protests outside, the relative calm of the G20 meetings going on inside the fenced-in area created a weird parallel. The leaders choosing our immediate fate while all citizens were losing their rights for assembly and free speech. 

While the leaders discussed what is reported as effecting what is good for mankind, the protesters voices and concerns were not heard. The question has and will remain – why treat the people so poorly if you are designing policy to make life better for the inhabitants of the world? Something just doesn’t seem to fit. The pictures and video of police beating up the concerned, and the costly security necessary for the policy-makers. 

But, this should be expected. 

As unemployment in the U.S. continues to rise, and industry fails, Barack Obama stated that jobs are a priority for his country. Meanwhile, Obama continues to effect flagrant spending, increasing jobs of a temporary nature for government positions, while attempting to effect carbon, cap-and-trade legislation that will further cripple the economy. 

The lip service is not matching reality. 

There is little sense to talk further about what measures they are taking globally to effect the change they want to – but we will. 

There is a hint in the reporting in this Hamilton Spectator article. They are asking the Chinese to loosen up on exchange rates and the world would like to see the Chinese become spenders and not savers. That would suggest they want to see them join the rest of the world in becoming at the mercy of bankers. 

And, that is how the world, not just Toronto, has gotten to the point of literal and financial burn.


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