Real Tyranny: Was Canada ever the Country we thought it was?

Don’t sing Oh Canada on the streets in Canada, or the police, dressed in riot gear will surely get you.

Did you ever think someone would ever tell you that? Pinch yourself – it’s not a dream.

Canada, have we been living in an illusion?  Has our country ever been totally free? Are our politicians really puppets for the Royal Family and the ruling class of the world?

When Stephen Harper commented to David Cameron in Huntsville ( Haliburton) that he had a lot more free time than Harper was allowed, Cameron said you just have to get up really early. That, to explain how he was given the freedom for a dip in the lake. Don’t admire the politicians, we serfs can dip in the lake anytime we choose. At least for now.

For us slaves not in the bondage of  elected office our fight for freedom continues…..

A man named Charlie Veitch was one of those 900 or so arrested in the G20 protests/assemblies in Toronto.

Here is the video of him in discussion with Alex Jones on his experience, and a little extra thrown in:

For a while now, I have been following the reports of Alex Jones on and could not fully believe or appreciate what Jones was discussing. I felt sorry for our American cousins. They seem to have it real bad. Thank God, I remember telling myself over and over, that we live in Canada, and these things never happen here.

Jones, show after show would tell the world that, for whatever reason, police, seething with petty power were going on rampages the world over. Why? Because they could I guess. To say that all police are of this mindset is ridiculous. There are many veteran police officers that can attest to the change that seems to be occurring throughout the U.S., and the thugs seem to be taking the jobs with authority.

The true peace officers, perhaps are deciding to get out, because they remembered the job when it was to truly serve the people – to serve and protect. Now, this thought may be exiting, and the us vs. them mentality is being instilled. This, no doubt is a dangerous combination.

What the police must understand is that they too are citizens. Their controlled power, if this is turning into a tyrannical, police state will be short-lived. And more importantly, it will serve to effect the agenda of the elite, not the free.

 If the citizenry must be taken care of and stripped of rights as a first step, it will not be long before the globalists will look to take the rights and freedoms away from the police themselves. In short, the system will begin to feed off itself.

It is the economy and the people who the forces chose to abuse that pay the police force salaries. If we, the people are reduced to rubble, where will the money come from for police salaries, let alone the municipal pension plans? Yeah, you got it – bye-bye lucrative job, and forget that nice pension you had your heart set on.

In order for the global elite to effect total control, they really need the police and military ready and at wait to serve the elite and not their neighbours. And make no mistake, the elite are not living in your neighbourhood, Mr. Policeman, just those terrible demonstrators that might have been in Toronto for the G20.

Could you imagine a worse case scenario? A policeman in full riot gear, attacking a member of the demonstrating group, and looking into the man’s eyes only to realize it’s the guy down the street he bowls with on Friday nights.

Could you imagine the police officer’s dilemma in an effort to make it  up  to the man, for the huge welt on his body he imposed with his billy club?

 Or worse, how would it affect the family of the man who is never coming home to his family because the adrenaline of the moment led to the baton slipping upside his skull. Where will the elite bankers be then? Will they help the policeman explain to his superiors or the victim’s family why “daddy is never coming home again”? Welcome to hell in a handbasket.

Man’s inhumanity to man.

By design, the system of mind control will have gotten the better of the authorities that were fed a story.

Perhaps they were told that there is a likely chance that there would be a terrorist attack – be on guard. Perhaps they were all forced into adrenaline-pumping hyper mode because they were told as a force that INTERPOL expected a lot of trouble, and they had better contain the people or it would get ugly.

Or, they could have known all about Alex Jones and Charlie Veitch, and Dan Dicks, and all the people who don’t like what is happening to their countries.

So, when Veitch told Alex Jones that the police mentioned Jones, and told Veitch they had a real live celebrity dissident in their hands, this would imply what the show on Saturday June 26th was all about. It was to draw out, humiliate and scare anyone that would not want to be put in bondage. To shock those that might stand up to the New World Order.

All it really did, was have those awake realize that Canada was never free.

The Queen can call for World Peace, and visit Canada in the aftermath of the holocaust that woke us up to our slavery.

Canada’s birthday will never have the same level of pride for this Canadian.

I’ll drop my head in shame, in the realization what happened last weekend, when man showed his inhumanity to man, yet again.


10 responses to “Real Tyranny: Was Canada ever the Country we thought it was?

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  2. the facist pigs here in new zealand have the same attitude… and they get free macdonalds- all they can eat. i’ve seen three squad cars hogging the drive-thru. greedy, greedy pigs. their brains addled by high-fructose corn syrup, and their deep-seated anxiety over having a tiny penis is a dangerous combination.

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  4. A powerful and poignant post! I’m a fellow Canadian who has also recently “awoken” and have viewed the events in Toronto from a completely different than I would have previously.

    Before I would have cheered the police and agreed the (so called) anarchists got what they deserve. Now it’s a completely different. It’s so obvious that the provocateurs were just plants to enable the police and private security contractor’s attacks on innocent protesters. Police cars left unattended and no response to their attack or looting of shops?

    It’s madness that everyone is swallowing the government misinformation whole. I wonder if it’s really in the Canadian character to question the government and accept the possibility they are merely globalist proxies intent on making serfs of us all. As a former member of the con/lib orthodox its hard to accept they are all on the same team, just different shades of grey. I now believe its a black and white issue – good vs. evil; individuals vs. corporate globalists, freedom vs. serfdom. Easy choices if only we see them in front of us.

    Welcome to the new reality and fight the good fight!

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  6. The real agenda was to militarize the police. The Philadelphia G20 cost 100 million. Toronto’s was 10x that cause they used it as a pretext to buy weapons to use on citizens.

    The Queen’s visit to Canada and a chat with Ignatief is to distract from the G20 disgust we feel and move the news cycle forward and for her to tell us who will be the next Prime Minister and pretty quickly too. Harper was our Bush. Ignatief will be like Obama. The agenda is the same.

  7. Great article!

    I always thought Canada was some bastion of peace until the G20 stories surfaced. I’ll be including your article on the website with sources.

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  10. Don’t give Harper a majority government. Vote.

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