“Doing what’s right with zero Compromise” – Charlie Veitch

Charlie Veitch is the unofficial adopted son of Canadian Liberty. He took one for the team over the G20 protests on the weekend of June 26, 2010. Sacrificed he was, not once but twice.

(Oh why, as I watch my fingers typing do I want to label myself one of the types that must have been present during the wars, as the realization of secret police and arrest haunted the people of the day?)

The question is less becoming are we entering a police state, but more, why and how fast?

If this is what it is, and believe us, it is, then we as a people and society, and a world are heading headlong into the same economic, social, and spiritual abyss.

If you are one of those that is trying to lead by some semblance of example, you may notice yourself evermore slipping away from the things that you used to amuse yourself with, and more into seeking what you know as the truth; as the people around you resent the reminder, and justify your thinking as crazy. Yet, you may too, find yourself taking opportunity to explain things, as you see them hungering to learn amidst their fear, so you break it to them gently in a way that will meet the least resistance and objection –  with the intent of slowly bringing those to your thinking –  You hope.

 Believe me, they already  know what you are all about, and what you represent, whether you speak or not. Your interests have given you away. After all, everyone is trying to sell his neighbour something these days, aren’t they?

So, the dance  continues….

Charlie Veitch is one of those people who is a hero to the cause of exposing the reality of his day. Taking his humourous bullhorn to the streets, greeted with laughs from some, while jeers may come from others. Who is this wacko jaunting behind us? Another big city activist.

YouTube videos will pan the crowd, and you can see the celebrity of Veitch on the faces of those taking his picture or a video. He is famous after all. He is challenging the status quo. Thinking the Beatles? How about Rush, for our Canadian friends, as the song goes…”conform or be cast out”.

The trauma is visible on Veitch’s face – a far cry from the more human treatment he has had in his home town, and interaction with police there. Hugs for everyone!

 InVeitch’s humour, one cannot help but be reminded that there is an underlying truth that tickles the psyche, making fun of what must, according to the powers of the world, be taken seriously – like breathing out nasty C02, terrorism from cave dwellers half a world away, television, spending on junk, and ensuring we listen to all accounts of reality from the power-broker controlled media. After all, if it’s in the paper, we have been conditioned, it must be reality. I never thought I’d hear myself say, welcome to the matrix.

Many of us learned of this mystery man, Charlie Veitch, for the first time this past weekend. Some of us had seen him before on YouTube or elsewhere. He’s a man who took a trip from London to help the cause of awareness in Canada. And this Charlie is not to be confused with another Charlie, who has the surname Skelton (Charlie Skelton), who will continue to be admired for his bravery enduring perhaps a less harsher arrest in Spain during the Bilderberg meetings. The police there, like England have had a better experience with the fallout of the police state than our rookies here in Canada. In Canada, the consequences of police action have not yet been felt in the laying off of buddies. Nor, have the pension plans been reduced or removed as they have elsewhere. Here in Canada, the petty power is new, and fresh, and exciting.

Charlie Veitch is no doubt realizing what he meant on May 20th, as he was interviewed by Alex Jones, when he said he was “doing what’s right with zero compromise”. What Charlie no doubt experienced this past weekend was a taste of the cost of what that meant.

But, what’s more important for us to understand is what Charlie did wrong.

He came from London to protest his view of the world. This view is shared by a growing number of people, and it would appear it represents a threat to the establishment. It is a threat, no doubt because it is real, it is bang-on, and it cannot be challenged successfully.

Imagine yourself having something to hide. Would you want an open debate on issues that expose your own corruption? Did Al Gore welcome debate with Lord Christopher Monkton on Climate Change? Did Glenn Beck want to have a go with Governor Jesse Ventura? Did the Queen of England come to Canada and tell us all how horrible the injustice was to those who suffered false arrest, imprisonment, rape and torture in Toronto?  For that, a national day of mourning, lest we forget is in order I would say.

I suppose I am becoming a political dissident.

You, like some of us, as we choose to speak our minds might be realizing that it is a road that has no U-turn-ability. We are heading down a path that we might as well head down full steam. There is no turning back. There is no compromise.

Keep typing. Keep talking. And when they come to get us, then those around us, who know us can wonder what exactly we did wrong. And it might help them to realize this is really happening.

Have you noticed? We voicing our views of the world are the new terrorists. We are worthy of arrest, detention, and torture – anything to suppress the truth from becoming known before it’s time. Theirs is an agenda that has been in the works for a long time.

The bottom line is we can see what Veitch did wrong – nothing! Stating a political point of view is not a crime, but it is becoming one to the world. The big question is why?

Get to know Charlie Veitch a bit better:

Parts: 2, 3, 4, 5


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  1. In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher has many parts to play… He can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation…At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession. — National Education Association Journal, 1946

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