The giant sucking sound of wealth being stolen, and the girgling of bloated, starving bellies

The words, “you all are making me sick” come to mind and to mouth sometimes when we think of the people who choose not to check out the fraud in the corrupt as all get out Wall Street zombie banks.

The above sentence is a combination of terminology used by three very savvy, in the know people of change and whistle-blowing – Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, and Max Keiser. Those of us that listen to their words of wisdom will be able to pick off who uses what jargon to explain what can only be described as infuriating.

There are many more financial and world-knowledge gurus that have been out there all along, but to many of us, are only becoming known now.

There is a growing number of disgruntled financial experts  flowing from Wall Street and mainstream press to the airwaves and print/blogs that are not readily viewable on North American press/television.

And that’s a drag, because these people are interesting, addictive, and refreshing. They speak the truth, because their predictions of future financial fallout jives with things past and things to come. They are like a magnifying glass on paper to burn the truth, like sunlight on the hidden truth in mainstream articles.

Ask yourself if you’ve heard of some of these people: Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, Webster Tarpley, Michael Hudson, Keiser with Hudson, Bob Chapman, Peter Schiff, Keiser with Schiff, Joe Weisenthal, Keiser with Weisenthal, (don’t miss it Max goes ‘bananas’!), Wayne Madsen, and many more.

Yes, likely the White House masters, Goldman Sachs would tell you these guys and girls, and the growing numbers that can’t take it any more are disgruntled dissidents that should not be trusted. And at this stage we want to trust a bank or a politician because of what exactly?

Well, let’s take a really easy look at what these folks talk about day in and day out. It is really complicated, but not really. It all involves the gambling of financiers on the failure of investments, countries’ bonds, etc.

Simply put, guys like Goldman Sachs will control the financial markets electronically with high volume trading software, that they can simply choose the price they want a stock to be at, hit a button, and trade whichever way they want to effect the stock price they want. If they want the price to go down or up, will depend on their bet.

Bets have many names, and one very popular one is called a credit default swap (CDS). CDS’s are used to “insure” against the failure of a stock or bond (oh yeah, like the borrowing of bonds of Greece? You got it!).

Well, again simply put, Goldman Sachs using market manipulation with high volume trading, can ensure stocks fail, by creating fear in the markets with high volume trades that might drive down a stock’s  (or bond’s) price. As the day traders with home-based, low fee, computer-powered devices are able to react to the markets movements, fear amongst them and other investors will effectively react to the triggers that Sachs and other market manipulators put into effect. The puppet master, Goldman, can ensure the market reacts the way they need them to, by giving a nudge to the market forces to drive prices down.

The big boy investment houses can buy CDS’s from sacrificed firms like AIG, and make all kinds of profit on betting that things will go bad, and making sure they effect it. It’s like being able to see one day in the future before going out to etch the numbers on the lottery ticket like 6/49 here in Canada. Yes, they have worked hard at ensuring there is no way they can lose.

Fast forward to Greece, and other failing countries (all of us), and you will find ex Goldman Sachs influence everywhere.

Now you know why Max Keiser is sitting back and making a joke of the ridiculousness of the situation. The next time an investment suggestion is made to you, nail your advisor with a quiz on what you know, and see if he or she has a clue. If they did, they might be suggesting gold, if not, who’s their daddy?

Keiser is quick to point out that Hollywood is a sure, coming target of the system. At $10 billion a year in revenues, that can be parlayed into a $300 billion derivatives bubble that Goldman will have the pin in hand ready to burst once they have tapped out more wealth.

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Reminds me of Bill Gates asking for half the wealth of his rich friends under some good cause guise I can’t even recall. The names change, but the theme is the same. It’s called “calling in all wealth, everywhere, so we can get you at our mercy”.

And finally, how low can Goldman Sachs go? What drove me to write this article?

The fact that they have bet against food itself as the last bastion of taste and proof they are the scum of the financial earth. Don’t leave here without ‘digesting this truth’.


2 responses to “The giant sucking sound of wealth being stolen, and the girgling of bloated, starving bellies

  1. Once you’ve awakened it’s hard not rage about society’s complicity in the banking cartel’s takeover. The proof is as plain as the nose on your face if you’re willing to see it. Where is the media in reporting this? How can our elected representatives wink and nod as they go along with selling out our sovereignty and freedom?

    The answer is obvious and it’s a popular uprising against those who would oppress us. The weapon is truth and exposure. It’s the people you’ve rightly listed as well as people like you making the decision to spread the information about what is happening to us.

  2. In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher has many parts to play… He can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation…At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession. — National Education Association Journal, 1946 canadian phd american phd

    gmo foods cause cancer and sterility
    sodium floride is used in rat and mice poison germany and russia used it
    to dumb down and CALM their populations
    wake up
    for gods sake wake up

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