Is the Queen making peace with God?

It’s never too late to repent. Let that absorb for  a moment won’t you?

No matter what one has done in one’s lifetime, it is never too late to ask forgiveness from God the Father in Heaven. And, please take another moment for that to absorb.

That is what makes God, God.

I’m no preacher but that much I know. I’m not big on organized religion, but  do communicate with God on a fairly regular basis – and he has been communicating a whole lot lately. How about  you? Is it politically correct to talk about this? Probably as correct as handing out the Gospel of John on the streets and getting arrested. Sick (and not in the way some teenagers view the word “sick” as meaning cool or gnarly).

The world is getting rough. There have been terrible tragedies occurring, and it seems of late, there has been an acceleration of events to make the world a visibly shaken place to be. People the world over know something is not right, but are finding it hard to put a finger on the feeling in the pit of their stomachs. And what of those directly involved in the scandals? How are they coping with their responsibilities and involvement?

Why is it that if you watch the news, it is as if there is a cover up of how bad “everything is”? It’s almost as if there is a stall tactic being employed while a deep, dark agenda is unfolding beneath the surface. You can feel it, can’t you?

The Gulf oil spill’s latest victim is the conveyance of truth, as reporting and filming the region is now a crime.  It is the nation’s largest environmental disaster that the people are forbidden from seeing for themselves. The people don’t count or matter.  Stories are leaking from those in Louisiana  and Florida to suggest it is far worse than anything that is even close to being reported. Is it any wonder, when reporting is not allowed? Is there an agenda? And the Gulf situation is part of a very real pattern of cover ups, lies, and supports the the bigger fear – the hidden agenda to which  the world’s top leaders are incredibly involved. And if the big picture is as incredible as it is shaping up to support, there will be guilt and souls seeking forgiveness.

For the riot police acting unethically at the G20 in Toronto -are there some that might feel remorse?  Are they fully proud of their involvement, with  clear conscience? Is there any remorse felt for actions taken that were less than ethical, or for partaking in crowd control that took several steps beyond humanity by all accounts – complete with reports of torture, humiliation,  even rape ?  The makeshift detention zone cleverly compared to it’s long unknown Cuban cousin, appropriately described as Torontonomo BaySurely there must be some remorse. Are there police officers seeking repentance  in the aftermath? Did our Queen mention the mark it left on our Country’s image?

Simply, twisted and sick is the only way to describe the goings on in the world – sick and twisted.

And of course we have the symptoms of the stages of awareness and acceptance in full play. Apparently, the new Canadian way of coping with the world’s trouble is to put it in perspective. “We are good and strong. Thank God our country isn’t in debt like the rest of the world. We are strong, and will remain strong. Yeah Canada!”

And as the world looks to make sense of it all, and people hunger to get some semblance of normalcy in their view of the world, the Queen of England appears as she has in the past. At 84 years old, there must be a lot of wisdom in her yet. She doesn’t look too bad for someone 84, complete with busy agenda. She must be eating well.

 “Hello Queen! We are ready to celebrate your “coming home”, now more than ever! We are proud Canadians. Thanks for being harmless and insignificant even if the Governor General tells you everything major we want, and you have to okay it. You are insignificant, but a welcome, mysterious charm of our country’s heritage.”

 Meanwhile, we conveniently have overlooked that our Queen of Canada is also the Queen of England, and they don’t have it so good. But, don’t tell the Brits because it might spoil their memory of dancing and mocking Americans on the streets of England on the fourth of July. They can mock because they are better off. It’s kind of like the hospital patient’s rationale – ” At least I don’t have cancer like that guy!” Oh yeah you do, they just haven’t told you yet.

Not long ago we Canadians didn’t have an identity, and the talk on the street was that we were the subsidiary of the U.S. economy, complete with McDonalds, Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, and ” look, “we have a Starbuck’s now!” Time to put away the denial and realize we have all been railroaded down the same track. But that’s okay, the Queen has visited, and she says Canada is like coming home. Just like England, and just like the U.S .. And, could that be why she made a five-hour visit to New York to pay homage to the 9/11 victims? Or was she more concerned perhaps with checking out the damage of the Royal Family controlled BP Oil company? And interest she does have, the harmless 84-year-old Queen of ours:

“The British Crown is franchisor of all corporate entities operating under or out of Britain and The Commonwealth. Legal title to said corporations is held by The Crown with equity operating position of corporations held by agents under corporate charter whose management and stockholders are subject to Crown authorities.

“Thereby all acts or omissions of said corporations are attached to The Crown through license and provably so by taxes collected on operation of said corporations.

“The Crown holds ownership position in BRITISH PETROLEUM in conjunction with partners through interlocking directorates, disclosed and undisclosed.”

The Conspiracy Theorists, who are really just investigators and thinkers,  are quick to realize that Globalists tend to support each other. If they are short on praise, they get support from other Globalists to bolster their image and give more creedence to their message. That would explain  the lead in by Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the U.N. when he introduced our Queen to the assembly with, “In a changing and churning world, you are an anchor for our age.” Of course the Queen supports the taxation of the world for the very iffy austerity that will accompany Global Warming.

With all the talk of World Government, World Governance, Global Taxation, and a new Global Currency (Special Drawing Rights) coming to the forefront, there is concern that what was once dismissed as conspiracy theory, is now mainstream admission and fact.  Which makes this sick feeling beg the bigger question – how much more of what the conspiracy theories have foretold are also true? Dare we go there? Dare we face what has been staring at us all along? Is the Queen really “insignificant” and will a global government make her “insignificant” yet again? Or will she emerge a player, with more power than we were led to believe she ever had?

As conspiracy theory is rapidly being proven to be fact, what other strange evils will become known? Should we ‘go there’ on the supposed harmlessness of our beloved Queen?

In a couple of paragraphs, the Queen mother proved she has more influence than the little old lady, waving her hand to the masses. She has kept abreast, perhaps in there like a dirty shirt, when she justified world events by saying you asked for it, you got it, and like war being waged, peace will come at a price:

“Many of these sweeping advances have come about not because of governments, committee resolutions or central directives — although all these have played a part — but instead because millions of people around the world wanted them,” she said.

Acknowledging that the body faced important new challenges like terrorism and climate change, she said, “It has perhaps always been the case that the waging of peace is the hardest form of leadership of all.”

“The waging of peace”? The last time we heard the expression, the “waging of…” usually was followed by the term “war” not peace. But, in this sick, twisted new version of the world, where everything good is spun to have the opposite affect on the world, it is not surprising to hear the words “waging of peace”. It just seems to fit the way the rest of the world is going. It is no stranger than President Obama saying grandma will be fine, only to learn the death panels in the Healthcare Bill  are real. No conspiracy theory, just fact.  So, waging peace it is then. Why not?!

As the press suppresses and covers up the festering truth, we must ask if the Queen spoke of the events of the world from a point of regret, or as a mission that must be endured. Was she in pain with the rest of us, or was she justifying the events around us? Was she more like Michelle Obama telling the children of the U.S. that hard changes must be endured, or was she trying to preserve the world as she has in the past led us to be comfortable with?

Is the Queen acting like a supporter of those effecting global government and austerity, or as one saddened by its invasion?

She told the world we asked for it. It wasn’t the governments of the world that decided it – we asked for it. I don’t recall asking, do you?

On the question of why an 84-year-old Queen visited the site of 9/11, does she have reason for regret or remorse? She is the only one that can answer that question.

As more and more consiracy theory becomes fact, there will be plenty of opportunity for those guilty to seek forgiveness and redemption.

After 84 years, does the Queen have anything to say to God?


3 responses to “Is the Queen making peace with God?

  1. In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher has many parts to play… He can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation…At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession. — National Education Association Journal, 1946

  2. canadian phd
    people better wake up
    we are being run by the communist manifesto
    LOOK UP Charlotte Iserbyt and wake up

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