Will McGuinty or Campbell become our Obama?

I don’t like what I see. And I haven’t liked the developments in Canada over the past while. The news has painted a picture to suggest we could be heading down the great Liberal divide, in parallel to the change we saw in the U.S..

George W. Bush left office as a Republican to be replaced by the great, messianic Democrat, Barack H. Obama.

There is plenty of fact to support that Barack Obama is really a man named Barry Soetoro. According to Phil Berg, a lawyer who is legally challenging Obama’s regime, “The crucial issues regarding Obama, the “IMPOSTOR”, continue to grow.  However, the most important issue is Obama not being Constitutionally eligible to be President: 1) not being “natural born” being born in Mombasa, Kenya; and 2) even more important the fact that Obama was “adopted” or “acknowledged” by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, and his school record in Indonesia indicates the “Impostor’s” name as “Barry Soetoro” and his nationality being “Indonesia”.  Obama, the Impostor’s legal name is “Barry Soetoro”.  Obama must be stopped ! “

The argument is Obama is an imposter brought in by the globalist push for World Government. Obama has stomped on the U.S. Constitution and the result has been devastating to the United States, so much so, that many States are joining Arizona in fighting to impose the laws that the Feds should be upholding. Obama has defied Arizona to such a degree, that he actually handed a National Park over to the Mexico, and travelling the highways in the area are becoming risky, in fact dangerous. Obama, while making life dangerous for Arizonans, had the nerve to suggest their upholding  of the laws were “misdirected”. 

We could go on and on about Obama and his trampling of the Constitution, including his handling of the Gulf Oil Crisis, gun confiscation violations, the Healthcare Bill, the banker bailout and his ties to Goldman Sachs, the address he made to the United Nations as the World Leader (holding two offices), secret meetings including the 2008 dodge of reporters to visit the Bilderberg meetings in Virginia, and on and on. Just about everything the man has touched has been a violation or mockery of the U.S. Constitution and the rights of its citizens.

And, the game appears to be revving up here in Canada.

The recent G20 meetings in Toronto late June could just be the back-breaker of Stephen Harper. While there is plenty to suggest that the McGuinty government had their hand in the propulsion of the “public works law” that saw 1000 arrests and abuse of police power, he now refuses a public enquiry, and the explanation at best is described as a “confusion over expanded police powers”.

Arrogantly, McGuinty appears ready to challenge his Federal counterpart, and become the people’s choice – the counter-Harper as the defender of human rights for those Canadians traumatized by the invasion on our liberties.

Sounding like Obama?

 Brownie points to Mr. McGuinty. After all, it’s all about providing the alternative political choice when one party “screws up”. Sounds like a future campaign, selling feature does it not?

McGuinty has also recently hit the world stage, and if that does not seem strange unto itself, we must remember he supports more globalist strategy, when he attempted to bring in the all day kindergarten for three-year olds. That’s right, you read that correctly, because according to McGuinty, the influence of the state (schools) on your young is more important than the bonding time with mom and dad, and I’d like to know where the study is to support his claim that the children will progress better in school as a result. It wouldn’t have anything to do with “shaping” children to accept the New World way of change, as alluded to in Obama’s famous, but now sick, twisted campaign promise of Hope and Change. I think we can see where there is no Hope, and can only imagine how far from the family dynamic the change aspect will destroy.

And, then, we had rumour of McGuinty entertaining the possibility of selling water supply rightsand privatizing public corporations to foreign interests, displacing more university spots to foreign students who pay more, and significantly, tripping over himself to pamper the globalist supporting Queen of England. Could that be Mr. McGuinty drooling at the Queen, and saying “pick me, pick me?!”.

So, the summary on McGuinty: global visits as an “Ontario” politician, privatization of industry that was province owned, changing the family dynamic by getting to the kids really young, appearing to be taking on the Federal government as far as human rights violations during the G20, and sucking up to the Queen who has to okay everything this country does. And where was Mr. Harper – behind McGuinty in queenly posture? I’d a kicked Mr. McGuinty to “his place” if I was Mr. Harper.

Now, for our British Columbia, Liberal Premier, Mr. Campbell. He attended this year’s Bilderberg meeting. Need we say more?

So, with the butt-kissing of McGuinty, perhaps he is trying to oust his west-coast rival. The only problem is, he wasn’t in on the new, world agenda as Campbell was.

The false left-right paradigm is ready to bring in the Liberals as the fake choice we Canadians will need to think we have a say. Maybe they need to destroy Harper a little more first. I just hope Harper is true to Harper for his own sake.

Perhaps Harper is resistant to the New World Order agenda, and is resisting. God knows only he can answer if his government’s Christian influence is real or a show.



One response to “Will McGuinty or Campbell become our Obama?

  1. Harper is a mason

    if you think he is standing against the new world order

    YOUR not very bright

    just like the rest of them

    just try to get our guns
    just try to make us slaves

    MILLIONS OF CANADIANS will not stand for it
    and MILLIONS and MILLIONS OF americans WILL BE shutting it down
    come NOVEMBER
    bye bye obama that liar

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