A response to a Beck supporter unhappy with our latest article, “Murdoch’s mouthpiece”

Beck offers the same strategy on his show that is used by the globalists – Problem, Reaction, Solution!

A response to a comment

We can learn a lot from criticism.

Sometimes we learn what we did wrong, and other times we find opportunity to offer someone else an alternative viewpoint.

Please take this comment, made in support of Glenn Beck, from our last post:

This is one of the dumbest smears against Glenn I’ve ever seen. How stupid do you have to be to believe that Rupert Murdoch sits around with Glenn Beck, strategizing his content?

How stupid do you have to be to believe that the dreaded Bilderbergs would spend there time exposing Communists in this government? Wouldn’t that be counter productive…since one world Communist rule is their goal?

But then I remember that this is from the same paranoid delusional who believe that Popular Mechanics is in league with the CIA…and it all makes sense.

It’s really too bad that either you’re all in with each and every Infowars conspiracy…or you’re all in with the Owl Worshippers. I’m sorry, did I mix my IW conspiracy metaphors there? Or are Bilderbergers and Bohemian Grovers one and the same?

I realize there’s only ONE high profile person who rates with your nutty little group…but since you’re all in or all out…why not ask Ron Paul to embrace the 9-11 Truther tale on air sometime…and see how he responds? Surely he wouldn’t deny it…that would make him a neo-con, Trilateral Commissioner of the Bilderberger CFR Grovers, wouldn’t it?

Here was the response:

Pat, thank you for your comments! It explains a lot.

This is not a battle of whose kool-aid we choose to drink. But, there does seem to be a Jones vs. Beck undercurrent that has developed. And, I was like you – Beck is a guy you would like to believe.

Even Jones found himself wanting to like Beck, as Beck turned up the discussion a notch. But what must be understood is the “agenda” behind it.

You must admit that if Murdoch is a Bilderberger, he would be crazy to “expose” his own agenda, right?

My argument is Beck serves his employer’s agenda. He has “followed” Jones and offers an alternative to the “conspiracy theories”, because, as you will recall, “you do not need a conspiracy theory to explain this”. In other words, Beck by this statement could have just as easily said, “you might as well listen to me and not Jones, and you don’t need the conspiracy theory Jones outlines”. Beck in doing so, is providing an alternative direction. Wherever Jones goes, Beck follows with a “spin” on the issues at hand. The “spin”, if I am correct, will always take the viewer away from the Bilderbergers, OR, and this is important, explain an uncovered truth in an alternate way, deflecting away from the bigger issue of the banking cartel families (the Bilderbergers).

Psychologically, the attack and strategy has been clever. As Beck has shown, the communist regime leads to people jumping into pits to be mass murdered. So, Beck has provided the “problem” of where the country will be heading, and he has left his viewers/followers looking for direction to avoid this terrible fate. By doing so, it is like a false flag event  – problem (we will be exterminated), reaction (help us Glenn!), solution (follow me and we can take our country back).

Well, hold on, who is Beck working for again? Murdoch, the Bilderberger, that would prefer you believe it is those nasty Progressives leading the country to Communism as a DIVERSION from the group that is really in charge – the Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, the Royal Families, etc., etc.

I have written several articles on some of these elements.

Interestingly, I came across Aaron Russo’s documentary, From Freedom to Fascism, that you can view on YouTube. It was interesting to see that Woodrow Wilson was humbled in 1919, and admitted that allowing the Federal Reserve and the private bankers to issue the currency, at interest to the people of the United States, as a HUGE mistake.

Isn’t it Glenn who claims he “hates that guy”?

Another piece fits.

In closing, we all need to seek the truth. It isn’t just one man’s opinion and direction that is important – we need to look at many sources.

Once you look to discern Glenn’s content and message in this way, you will pick up the reasoning and the pattern, and understand there is reason he “handles” the truth in the way he does.

And the simplest of all is to ask, who butters the prophet’s bread?


One response to “A response to a Beck supporter unhappy with our latest article, “Murdoch’s mouthpiece”

  1. Interesting debate. I’m an avid Jones listener but I think that his presentation style limits him. Alex is certainly passionate but his more excessive rants can turn those of a milder disposition away from his message. I have no problem with them personally and share his anger much of the time. My own personal criticism is that when he kicks into overdrive he can be prone to hyperbole and plays and gets facts confused.

    An example is that recently he was discussing the police and referenced the shameful incident in Vancouver where the Polish man who was no threat to anyone was tasered to death. In Jones rant mode, this became he was beaten to death by demonic cops. I think this erodes some of Jones’s credibility, much to my sadness because I believe he is the strongest and most unique force in the Patriot (as a Canadian I prefer anti-tyranny) movement.

    As for Beck I am less hard on him than your original article. Yes he focuses events and analysis through the old “left/right” prism, but I don’t think this is an intentional misdirection. I think that he, like many, is unable or unwilling to face up to the true evil at the heart of the New World Order. I understand this because I was exactly in that space until I was bludgeoned with evidence that proved what Jones and others were saying is the truth. It’s a big jump from people who were raised on the idea of the nobility of man to accept the true evil at work in the world and that our cherished institutions are all an illusion.

    Beck has a big audience and a lot of credibility with them. Even if he not focusing on the root cause of the disease he is highlighting symptoms and helping people become aware that there are malignant forces at play in the world. Once they can accept that then they can take the next step which is to look the evil straight in the face and recognize it for what it is. Any “us vs. them” arguments only distract from core of the messages.

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